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Camilla Valley Farm occasionally receives previously owned Leclerc weaving looms and accessories. These looms are completely refurbished and any damaged or missing pieces are repaired with genuine Leclerc replacement parts to ensure they are in proper working order. Knowing that the cost of repairs can often exceed the actual purchase price on used looms, we are very picky on which models we offer and what condition they are in.

The listings below show some of the looms and accessories available at the present time. We normally have more items not listed in the store. The price shown includes only what is shown in the picture unless otherwise noted. Also, depending upon your location in Southern Ontario, we may be able to offer delivery and installation services and possible trade-ins for used and new looms. Contact us to discuss this.

These products will often have some wear and scratches as would be expected on pre-owned equipment. All of these are available for store pickup and for some smaller items we may be able to disassemble, pack and ship for an extra charge. For more information on these items contact us with the item you are interested in. (Click on any picture below to see a larger version)

Currently Available Products (partial list):

Table/Floor Looms Other Books

SOLD 22" Leclerc Minerva Floor Loom

The Leclerc Minerva is an 8 shaft Jack loom in good condition. The loom is designed for use in a small space and folds up while warped to an incredibly narrow 15 1/2 inch depth when not in use. The Minerva is a great option to a table loom and it can be transported to workshops easily in a small car. (Click on picture to enlarge)

This loom is available for store pickup only. Contact us for pricing and other information.

SOLD 36" Leclerc Artisat 4 Shaft Floor Loom

The Leclerc Artisat is a light 4 shaft Jack loom that is perfect for those that want a floor loom but are limited in space. the front and back sections fold up when not in use reducing the looms footprint to 14 x 46 inches. The loom is fully refurbished, has a friction brake, and is in good condition with a new cloth beam apron ready to be warped! (Click on pictures to enlarge)

This loom is available for store pickup only. Contact us for pricing and other information.

SOLD 36" Leclerc Weavebird 16 Shaft Computer Dobby Loom

This Leclerc Weavebird is 16 Shaft Computer Dobby loom with a 36 inch Weaving width. It is built using Leclerc's heavy duty frame and Warp/Cloth Beam Warp Advance and Brake Mechanisms. The loom comes complete with everything needed to operate it except for the computer. Our Loom Driver software is included. (Click on picture to enlarge)

This loom is available for store pickup and local delivery and setup may be available. Contact us for pricing and other information.

SOLD 45" Leclerc Nilus 4 Shaft Floor Loom

The Leclerc Nilus is a 4 Shaft Jack loom with a 45 inch weaving width in excellent condition.

The loom has been fully refurbished and has a heavy duty frame and friction brake. Shafts can be easily removed for heddle changes by sliding off the top cover, and the back folds in to reduce the size when not in use. This can be done when the loom is warped. (Click on picture to enlarge)

This loom is available for store pickup only. Contact us for pricing and other information.

SOLD 45" Leclerc Fanny 4 Shaft Floor Loom

The Leclerc Fanny is easily the most popular floor loom in the world. This sturdy 4 shaft counterbalance loom design has been manufactered by Leclerc for almost a century using Maple hardwood and is beautiful as well as highly functional.

This is a newer Fanny and incorporates the latest Leclerc Friction Brake design unlike many older Fanny models that may require an expensive brake upgrade. It also has the adjustable beater height and the newer adjustable upper roller support. The loom is in excellent condition and has a set of brand new canvas aprons on the warp and cloth beam making it ready to weave on. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

This loom is available for store pickup only. Contact us for pricing and other information.

SOLD 36" Sectional Rake Set

This set of 4 Sectional Rakescan be added to the warp beam of a 36 inch Leclerc floor loom to allow the loom to be sectionally warped. The metal dividers are spaced at 1 inch intervals and the screws to attach them to the warp beam are included.(Click on picture to enlarge)

SOLD Raddles

We have a number of Leclerc Raddles in stock in different sizes. They have a Maple wood body with metal rods every 1/2 inch. is made of Maple hardwood and is in great condition. (Click on picture to enlarge)

SOLD Leclerc Tension Box

This Leclerc Tension Box is in very good condition. The current yardage counter, extension and extra combs all fit it as well as the adapter for the Compact loom angled beam. (Click on picture to enlarge)

Mastering Weave Structures

This is a hardcover copy of classic out of print book Mastering Weave Structures in almost new condition. A softcover version was later released but this is the original hardcover book with dustjacket. (click on picture to enlarge)

It is priced at $195 CDN ($165 US) and can be picked up in the store or you can contact us for the shipping cost.

SOLD Jacob Angstadt - His Weavers Patron Book

This set of 2 books published in 1976 by Ruth N. Holroyd is a replica of an 18th Century Pennsylvania Dutch weaver's pattern book. The smaller 96 page volume is the actual pattern book in it's original form and the second larger 254 page book is the weaving draft collection, cleaned up and translated for modern weavers. The drafts are broken up into sections for 4-6 Shafts, 6 Shafts, 8 Shafts, 12 Shafts, 16 Shafts, 20 Shafts, 24 Shafts, 28 Shafts and 32 Shafts. These are both Hardcover volumes with dustjackets in good shape and a valuable addition to any historical weavers collection. (click on picture to enlarge)

SOLD Keep me warm one night

If you are interested in woven coverlets, this 1972 classic by Mary and Harold Burnham is a mandatory addition to your library! This pre-owned hardcover copy in great condition and is only missing the dustjacket. The description can be found here. 387 pages in great condition.

SOLD 10 1/2 Inch Flat Heddles

Flat Metal Heddles are hard to find these days as most vendors have stopped manufacturing them! These are 10 5/8" long and fit standard Leclerc floor looms like the Fanny, Mira and Nilus. The dimension below can be used to determine if they will fit a loom by another vendor. The heddles are pre-owned but are in good condition and may look slightly different than pictured. (Click on Pictures to Enlarge)

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