Raddles & Temples

Camilla Valley Farm stocks a wide range of both of these handy weaving tools to meet every weaver's requirements. If you aren't sure what you need, our Weaving Tools Checklist provides a simplified explanation of the Warping and Weaving process and what tools are required.


Also referred to as "Stretchers", Temples are handy tools to help the weaver maintain the warp width as sleyed in the reed and prevent narrowing of the woven cloth.

Each end of the temple has a row of sharp pins that grip the woven fabric at a point between the reed and the loom breast beam. They are constructed using two pieces of metal or wood which can be adjusted to the required width and will pivot to allow them to be easily installed and removed as the fabric is advanced.

Leclerc Temples

Leclerc temples (pictured left) are constructed of a traditional design using hardwood and have a set of horizontal pins that will not damage the shuttle race of jack looms. The company makes 6 sizes that cover fabric widths from 11 to 120 inches.

LECLERC 6146-1000 #1 Temple
11 to 16 inches (28-40 cm)
$56.00 CDN
$52.00 US
6146-2000 #2 Temple
16 to 22 inches (40-56 cm)
$61.00 CDN
$56.00 US
6146-3000 #3 Temple
23 to 38 inches (58-96 cm)
$68.00 CDN
$63.00 US
6146-5000 #5 Temple
36 to 60 inches (90-152 cm)
$86.00 CDN
$79.00 US
6146-6000 #6 Temple
56 to 100 inches (142-250 cm)
$123.00 CDN
$113.00 US
6146-8000 #8 Temple
76 to 120 inches (190-300 cm)
$147.00 CDN
$136.00 US

Toika Temples

Toika temples (pictured left) from Finland are made of metal and have pins that extend on a more aggressive 45 degree angle. Each of the seven different sizes is a painted a different bright colour.

12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm)
$65.95 CDN
$52.95 US
TEMPLE-04 Pink
16 to 24 inches (40 to 61 cm)
$74.95 CDN
$59.95 US
TEMPLE-05 Blue
20 to 28 inches (51 to 71 cm)
$77.50 CDN
$61.95 US
TEMPLE-06 Green
24 to 37 inches (61 to 94 cm)
$83.95 CDN
$66.95 US
TEMPLE-07 Yellow
28 to 41 inches (71 to 104 cm)
$89.95 CDN
TEMPLE-08 Orange
32 to 51 inches (81 to 130 cm)
$95.95 CDN
$76.95 US
TEMPLE-09 Large Red
35 to 59 inches (89 to 150 cm)
$99.95 CDN
$79.95 US

Leclerc Clip Temple System

This adjustable Temple system allows the weaver to replace multiple temples with an adjustable clip system that can be used for any weaving width. The Nylon clips clamp to the fabric without using pins and use weights to apply outward pressure on the warp. They are quickly and easily adjusted as the fabric advances.

The kit consists of two sets of adjustable nylon clips, a pair of Texsolv cords and 3 pairs of weights that can be used alone or in combinations to achieve the desired pressure on the warp. Installation requires the addition of a set of eyescrews on each side of the loom. Instructions on the installation and use of this flexible temple system can be found here and a videe of it showing how easy it is to use can be found here.

Part Number Description Price
6146-0000 Clip Temple System $105.00 CDN
$96.00 US


Raddles are used to assist the weaver when warping the loom from "back to front". The Raddle is mounted at the front of the loom and used to evenly space out the warp threads to the width of the fabric being woven. This ensures that they follow a straight path from the front of the loom to the back when being beamed on, preventing uneven tension across the warp threads.

Leclerc Raddles are made with strong hardwood handles embedded with 2 5/8 inch corrosion resistant metal pins spaced 1/2 inch apart (i.e. 2 dents per inch). The Raddles have an open top and are designed to allow them to be held in place during the warping process by either installing them in the beater assembly (where the Reed goes) or clamping them to the back or front breast beam using the clips included. There are 6 Raddle sizes designed to match the most common Leclerc loom weaving widths.

The Raddle can also be held in various positions using the Leclerc Threading Helpers attached to either Breast Beam or Shaft Frames as shown in the bottom picture to the right.

Note that only the 36", 45" and 60" Raddles come with the metal Raddle Clips pictured that are used to secure the Raddle to the front or back Breast Beam while the loom is being threaded.

6258-1000 Leclerc Raddle #1
15 3/4 inches (40 cm)
(for 15 3/4" Voyageur or Dorothy)
$35.00 CDN
$32.00 US
6258-2000 Leclerc Raddle #2
22 inches (56 cm)
(for 22" Meco, Medico and Minerva)
$57.00 CDN
$53.00 US
6258-9001 Leclerc Raddle #3
24 inches (60 cm)
(for the Compact, 24" Voyageur or 24" Dorothy)
$57.00 CDN
$53.00 US
6258-9027 Leclerc Raddle #4
27 inches (70 cm)
$63.00 CDN
$57.00 US
6258-4000 Leclerc Raddle #5
36 inches (90 cm)
$66.00 CDN
$61.00 US
6258-5000 Leclerc Raddle #6
45 inches (115 cm)
$83.00 CDN
$76.00 US
6258-6000 Leclerc Raddle #7
60 inches (150 cm)
$99.00 CDN
$91.00 US

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