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Tadpoles & Tiddlers - Thirty Two Knitting Designs for Babies and Children Up to Ten Years

by Rowan
8 3/4" x 11" Hardcover (170 pages)
1995, De Montfort Press
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

This wonderful book of childrens patterns by Kim Hargreaves and Louisa Harding will warm your heart! Wonderful designs beautifully photographed with over 30 pages of beautiful colour prints will inspire the knitter to pick up his/her needles.

Patterns in this book include: "Bobby", "Bonnie Hat", "Busy Lizzie", "Checker", "Cuddle", "Fire Cracker", "Fish Sweater", "Fisherman", "Garden Patchwork", "Gooseberry Hat", "Hamish", "Hearts & Flowers", "Highlander", "How", "Jack Flash", "Jammy Dodger", "Jelly Hat", "Lazy Dazy", "McTavish", "Mary Mary", "Milly Mop", "Mitts", "Moby", "Mr Pepper", "Mr McHugh's Blanket", "Nann", "Odd Job", "Patchwork Blanket", "Pee Wee", "Pie Man", "Piper Scarf", "Primrose", "Queen of Hearts", "Riddler", "Sailor Sam", "Sampler", "Sea Shanty" and "Sweetheart". All include a full set of instructions complete with knitting charts.

Teddy Bear Knits - Book II

by Betty Lampen
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" Softcover (17 pages)
1995, Betty Lampen
$9.95 Canadian ($7.95 US)

24 Knitting Patterns - Sweaters, Dresses, Hats, Shoes, Pants & More for 3 Sizes of Bears & Other Animals

This second in a series of three books from the author is designed to expand your teddy bears wardrobe. Patterns include: Raglan Pullover, Sailor Suit, Cardigan, Sleeveless V-Necked Pullover, Ear-Hole Hat, Stocking Cap, Mittens, Scarves, Boots Slippers, Wavy Ruffled Collars, Pants, Buster Brown Shoes and Mary Jane Party Socks & Shoes. As in Sweaters for Teddy Bears patterns for 3 sizes of bear are included to ensure that it's a perfect fit. The booklet is illustrated with both black and white diagrams of the pattern and stitch charts and includes colour pictures of the finished product. The author also provides knitting tips, measurement information and instruction on making special patterns like stars & stripes, trees, hearts and flowers.

The author's other works include: Best Dressed Teddy Bears, Knitted Bears & Dolls, Miniature Pullovers, Miniature Sweaters, Family Knits, More Miniature Sweaters and Sweaters for Teddy Bears.

Teddy Bears - Twenty-five Irresistible Designs for Knitted Bears

by Debbie Bliss
8 1/2" x 11 1/2" Softcover (80 pages)
1997, St Martin's Griffin
$27.95 Canadian ($22.95 US)

Top-selling author Debbie Bliss presents this book of twenty-five irresistable teddies, from cuddly bedtime bears to delightful characters such as the Aviator and Lumberjack Bears.

The complete list of patterns includes: "Sleepy Bear in Rabbit Suit", "Bear in Nightshirt with Hat", "Schoolboy Bear", "Gardener Bear", "Lumberjack Bear", "Pyjama Bear with Dressing Gown", "Golfing Bear", "Small Tweed Bear in Jacket", "Tweed Bear in Duffle Coat", "Jogging Bear", "Edwardian Bear in Swimsuit", "Floral Bear", "Floral and Gingham Bear", "Aviator Bear", "English Gentleman Bear", "Fisherman Bear", "Small Star Bear", "Stars and Stripes Bear", "French Bear", "Small Bear in Sweater", "Artist Bear", "Ballerina Bear", "Pilgrim Bears" and "Rugby Bear".

Each easy-to-knit pattern is complete with clear instructions, making them suitable for knitters of all levels of skill. Delightful photographs illustrate every bear in this book.

The author's other works include: Baby Knits, The Baby Knits Book, Baby Style, Bright Knits for Kids, Celtic Knits, Classic Knits for Kids, Easy Knits, Essential Knits for Kids, Family Knits, Great Knits for Kids, How to Knit, Kids Country Knits, Kids' Knits for Heads, Hands & Toes, Nautical Knits for Kids, New Baby Knits, Nursery Knits, Quick Baby Knits, Simply Baby and Toy Knits.

Things I Learned from Knitting ... whether I wanted to or not

by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
4 1/2" x 6 1/2" Hardcover (160 pages)
2008, Storey Publishing
$13.95 Canadian ($11.95 US)

The Yarn Harlot strikes again! Best-selling knitting author and humorist Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is back with an irresistible collection of witty observations on how knitting and life wisdom are spun together.

In Things I Learned From Knitting (Whether I Wanted To or Not), Pearl Mc-Phee examines age-old aphorisms in light of knitting. From "Hope Springs Eternal" to "A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed" and "Birds Of A Feather Flock Together," Pearl-McPhee casts a fresh, off-beat light on these sayings. Presented in quick, punchy takes, each entry in this book calls out to be read aloud and shared with anyone who enjoys playing with yarn and needles.

Pick up the needles, grab a skein of yarn, cast on...and let the life lessons to begin! From Patience is a Virtue and Hope Springs Eternal to Look Before You Leap, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee applies her trademark humor and wry insights to reveal the wise (and sometimes unexpected) truths contained within 45 familiar adages, understood as only a knitter could.

These irresistible reflections on life will have you laughing, crying and marveling out loud at how amazingly fortunate you are to be living your life as a knitter.

"Beginning is easy, continuing is hard" takes on special meaning for a knitter faced with five projects already on needles, yet struck by the irresistible urge to start something brand new. Share Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's amazement at the resounding, and even astonishing, truths found in everyday clichés and adages. Babies grow is a hard-learned lesson if you are a knitter who's stayed up nights making a tiny sweater for a special newborn, only to discover that a baby's ability to grow far exceeds your ability to knit. Knowing that you gotta roll with the punches can push an airborne knitter to the extreme of casting on with a couple of coffee stir sticks. After all, as every knitter knows for sure, idle hands are the devil's workshop.

The authors observations are hilarious; the situations she describes strike a familiar, "not you, too?" feeling in the heart of anyone who knits. Interspersed throughout the book are her notes on the things that "Knitting is still trying to teach me. . ." That no matter how well you knit, looking at your work too closely isn't helpful. It's like kissing with your eyes open. Nobody looks good that close up.

Other books by the author include At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much, Casts Off - The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting, Knitting Rules - The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks and Yarn Harlot - The Secret Life of a Knitter.

Think Outside the Sox - 60+ Winning Designs from the Knitter's Magazine Contest

edited by Elaine Rowley
9 1/2" x 10" Softcover (180 pages)
2010, XRX Books
$25.95 Canadian ($22.95 US)

Showcasing more than 60 winning designs from the publisher’s international knitting contest, this collection of innovative, fine socks features patterns from around the world —which include color work, cables, lace, Latvian braids, and toe-up and top-down designs.

Complete with thorough instructions for socks that range from fashionable to traditional, this guide is not only inspirational but also a comprehensive survey of contemporary trends in sock knitting.

Extensive charts and diagrams, illustrated explanations, and detailed photographs all round out this how-to for everything socks.

Three Techniques for More Colorful Knitting

by Nancie M. Wiseman
Video (80 minutes)
1996, Wisewater Productions
$46.95 Canadian ($38.95 US)

Learn Slipped Stitches, Intarsia and Fair Isle knitting from this nationally known teacher, lecturer and author. She has taught these techniques extensively throughout the United States and in her own shop. Each technique is knitted utilizing close-ups for easy viewing as well as being demonstrated in both American and Continental knitting styles. The video shows ow to work slipped stitches and how to use bobbins for Intarsia. In addition, graph reading for Intarsia and Fair Isle is also demonstrated as well as two handed Fair-isle.

Other books by this author include: Classic Knitted Vests, Knitted Shawls, Stoles & Scarves, Knitted Sweaters for Every Season, The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, Knitting with Wire, Lace from the Attic and the videos: Learn to Knit - Basic Knitting and Sweater Finishing, Basic Sock Video, Continental Knitting, and Hand Knitted Lace.

365 Knitting Stitches a Year - Perpetual Calendar

5" x 6" Spiralbound Softcover with easel back (400 pages)
2002, Martingale & Company
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

For the first time ever, knitters can access hundreds of knit stitches in a perpetual-calendar format! With a different knitting stitch for every day of the year, this clever calendar design makes a valuable addition to any knitter's pattern collection.

The calendar includes instructions for 365 easy-to-advanced knitting stitches allowing knitters to refer to their calendars year after year. Each day spotlights a solid-colored swatch in a full-color, close-up photograph. Stitches range from simple knit and purl to ribs, cables, and other textured patterns.

Toe-Up Techniques for Hand Knit Socks

by Janet Rehfeldt
6" x 9" Softcover (64 pages)
2008, Martingale & Company
$18.95 Canadian ($15.95 US)

New Revised Edition!

Are you knitting your socks backwards? Jane Rehfeldt makes a case for knitting socks starting at the toe rather than at the cuff. In this book she shows how there is practically no finishing work, no grafting toes and how custom fitting a sock worked from the top up to the cuff is easier than a sock worked from the cuff downward. In addition, the knitter can try on the socks part way through to ensure good fit and you can make the leg portion length shorter or longer depending on how much yarn there is left.

Projects in this book include: "Basic Toe-Up Socks", "Pebbles and Lace", "A Little Ruched", "Tropical Breeze", "Changing the Playing Field", "Lacy Weaves" and "Pedi Socks".

The author explains unique cast-on methods, and covers the basics, plus the tricky areas and makes toe up sock knitting simple and easy for knitters of all skill levels. She includes multiple ways of casting on, making increases, working with short row wraps and bind-offs. The overall purpose of this book is to make knitting from the toe up a pleasure for sock knitting enthusiasts and lots of step by step illustrations and easy to follow instructions are included to achieve this goal!

Too Cute! - Cotton Knits for Toddlers

by Debby Ware
8" x 9" Softcover (112 pages)
2002, Martingale & Company
$34.95 Canadian ($28.95 US)

Adorable. Delightful. Easy - and completely irresistible! Whimsical designs in bright, cheerful colors are a snap to knit because they're based on simple stitches.

Thge reader can choose from curlicue-topped hats, darling booties with animal faces and tails, a matching sweater and overalls set, a charming onesie, and a Christmas tree cap - 16 projects in all. All are designed to be knit with comfy cotton yarns for easy care and long-lasting wear - durqable enough to pass down from one child to the next. There are no difficult techniques for the knitter to master. Many trims are simply stitched on after you've knitted the basic shape.

Patterns in this book include: "Baby Boy Argyle Cardigan", "Circles Cardigan", "Chicken Cardigan", "Reindeer Sweater-Coat", "Seed-Stitch Sweater and Overalls Set", "Pastel Onesie and Button-on Booties", "Swirl Skirt with Bib", "Sweet Smock", "Four-Point Berets", "Bobble Beanie", "Christmas Tree Hats", "Basic Booties", "Sweet Booties", "Flower Booties", "Mary Janes" and "Animal Booties".

This book is beautifully illustrated with full colour photagraphs of all the designs. Complete clear instructions including stitch diagrams are also provided. Bring out the kid in you with designs that are simply Too Cute!

Top Dog Knits - 12 QuickKnit Fashions for your Big Best Friend

by Jil Eaton
8" x 9" Softcover (160 pages)
2006, Breckling Press
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

Top Dog Knits offers a dozen fun and colorful confections to dress today's top dogs in style.

Showing off a dog's distinctive attitude is easy and stylish with this collection of colorful and upbeat knitwear designs for medium to large dogs. Patterns for classy, special-occasion knits, warm coats and hats, felted jackets, pill-box hats, a neck warmer, a stylish dog pillow and adorable everyday sweaters blend simple shapes and sumptuous yarn with high-energy colors to create sophisticated canine apparel.

A photo gallery of the designs contains a profile for each of the "top dog" models - including Hugo, a firehouse Dalmatian and Rheinhard, a German-Setter rescue dog. A measuring chart for mid- to large-size breeds, knit-to-fit instructions, and a primer on basic stitches make this an all-in-one guide in a fun, portable format. The patterns are done using a quick and simple felting technique to make the garments rainproof.

Other books by this author include After Dark, Big Fish, Little Fish, Minnies, Minnowknits, Minnowknits Too and Puppy Knits.

Tops with a Twist - 17 Fun and Funky Hats to Knit and 1 to Crochet

by Spin-Off magazine
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (80 pages)
1999, Interweave Press

Spin-Off magazine sponsored a contest that tapped its readers' creativity. We sent out a challenge to Spin-Off readers asking for hats. The hats had to be made from handspun yarn and the designs had to be original. We called the contest "Tops with a Twist". When judging day arrived, 132 "tops with a twist" were unveiled. Here are 18 of the best, complete with step-by-step instructions, charts, and illustrated techniques.

The editors begin the book by including a list of Abbreviations and then illustrate the basic knitting techniques used. Detailed knitting instructions for each knitting project is provided along with colour pictures showing the item both on the head of the wearer as well as laid flat in a close-up picture. The projects in this book have imaginative names like: "Shaded Lattice Hat", "Big Mac Crochet Beret", Circles with a Spark", "Maybelline Hat", "Acorn Hat", "Rainbow Lamb's Tails Cap", "Turkish Braid Hat", "Beaded Wonder", "Bon-Bon Bowler", "Jewels", "Pearls Squared", "Turkish Infant Hat", "Twisted Tail Top", "Fair Isle Tam", "Highway Woman's Hat", "Fool's Hat", "Dreaming of the Garden" and "The Trickster's Hat". This is a special publication from Spin-Off magazine.

Traditional Aran Knitting

by Shelagh Hollingworth
8" x 10 1/2" Softcover (144 pages)
2006, Dover Publications
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

Known and prized around the world in the form of the "Irish fisherman's sweater", Aran knitting features distinctive, highly textured patterns of cables and ropes. Suitable for novices to the Aran style as well as for experienced knitters, this guide offers start-to-finish advice. More than 20 patterns, illustrated by 117 close-up photographs, include: traditional fisherman's sweater, family sweater, with round, polo, or V-neck, cardigans, jackets and coats, hat, mittens, scarf sets and even cushion covers.

Traditional Aran Knitting also explains the history of the craft and the meaning behind the coded "messages" woven into the unique Aran patterns.

the author also wrote Traditional Victorian White Work.

Traditional Fair Isle Knitting

by Sheila McGregor
8 1/4" x 11" Softcover (141 pages)
2003, Dover Publications
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

Situated far to the north of the Scottish mainland, the Shetlands are famous for the dampness of their climate and the excellence of their wool - a pair of distinctions that fostered the development of a vibrant form of patterned knitting. Fair Isle's unusual technique employs two colors in each row; the wool not in use is stranded along the back in short loops, resulting in an extremely warm and weatherproof double fabric.

In this definitive guide, the author shows how any circular-method knitting technique can yield the popular Fair Isle patterns. Its treasury of designs features more than 70 pages of patterns that can be used for mittens, jerseys, jackets, and hats. In addition, its practical advice on designing garments and the use of color offers valuable assistance to knitters who wish to create their own patterns and seek the inspiration for an endless array of variations and adaptations.

Long out of print, this volume is well known as the best source of authentic Fair Isle patterns. Its republication offers a new generation of knitters a reliable resource for projects in the traditional and much-loved style. Not only history and technical information, but 900 different Fair Isle charts, usefully arranged according to height. This book includes 31 halftone and 17 full colour illustrations and is a wonderfully priced book for any knitter who likes to knit Fair-Isle designs.

The author's other books include Traditional Scandinavian Knitting.

Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls

by Martha Waterman
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (119 pages)
1998, Interweave Press
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

The Revised Edition of Traditional Knitted & Lace Shawls combines the best of the classic text with an updated design. This book will teach you everything you need to know to design and knit your own shawl. Shapes include triangles, squares, circles, and half-circles, with openwork, textured stitches and lace edgings to combine as you choose. Also included are detailed instructions for eight shawls, stunningly rendered in all-new photography.

Traditional Scandinavian Knitting

by Sheila McGregor
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (170 pages)
1984, Dover Publications
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

An expert on traditional Scandinavian knitting explains the distinctive craft's origins, various types, and knitting techniques in this classic guide to the styles of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and the Faeroe Islands.

Vibrant patterns for an array of garments include jerseys, gloves and mittens, stockings, and caps. Illustrated with 191 black-and-white and 20 color pictures, this volume is well known and prized among longtime practitioners of the craft. Its return to print will delight a new generation of knitting enthusiasts.

The author's other books include Traditional Fair Isle Knitting.

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

by Barbara G. Walker
8" x 9 1/4" Softcover (301 pages)
1998, Schoolhouse Press
$36.95 Canadian ($30.95 US)

Knitters Rejoice! Barbara G. Walker's classic trilogy of indispensable stitch-pattern books is back in print. This first book contains 500 different charted designs, including: Knit-Purl Combinations, Ribbings, Colour-Change patterns, Slip-Stitch patterns, Twist Stitch patterns, Fancy Texture patterns, Yarn-Over Stitch patterns, Eyelet patterns, Lace, Cables and Cable-Stitch patterns.

The author's other books include the three other "Treasury" volumes: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns and Charted Knitting Designs: A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns, A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns as well as Mosaic Knitting, Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book and Knitting from the Top.

A Treasury of Magical Knitting

by Cat Bordhi
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (112 pages)
2004, Passing Paws Press

In response to the overwhelming enthusiasm of her Magical Knitting Workshop students, who told her that "this has to be your next book," Cat spent months leaping out of bed in the middle of the night with sudden realizations of new ways to stretch the magic of Moebius-derived knitted forms.

All 33 projects start out as a Moebius scarf, which begin with a unique cast-on so simple that it can be done behind your back. After that, every stitch is set to rotate into place, ready to be knit, on and on until the scarf is ready to bind off. There are no wrong turns to take in the land of Magical Knitting, so you are home safe.

The book begins with scarves, which lead naturally into hats, then into felted fringed boots with Moebius bootstraps, and finally into capes. Cat's trademark clarity, thoroughness, and sense of humor make this book perfect for new knitters as well as the most experienced.

The collection of designs in this book include: "Simplest-of-All Moebius Scarf", "The Snuggler", "Fringed Cedar Bark", "Swinging Mikado", "Moebius Purl Ridge Scarf", "Merging Stripes", "Color Shift Moebius", "Honey Lane Alpaca", "Hay Bale Moebius", "Moguls Moebius", "Cloud Stream Edged in Blue Sky", "Sandstone and Sky Felted Stripes", "Moth Eaten Moebius", "Mohair Moebius Scarf-Shawl", Mercurial Moebius Wraps", "Scottish Wave Scarf", "Arrow Lace Pathways", "Mulberry Silk Pathways Scarf", "Beaded Tresses Arrow Scarf", "Sage Rhythm Wrap", "White Lacy Shoulder Wrap", "Reversible Lotus Blossom Hat", "Jeweled Merino Cap", "Beaded Tresses Hat", "Felted Moebius Boots", "Sophie's Mermaid Feet", "Enchanted Forest Christmas Stocking", "Buckskin Boot", "Child's Woodland Boots", "Seven Stockings Necklace", "Rimrock Cape", "Lost Trail Cape", "Windy Blue Sky Scarf" and "Undulating Autumn Scarf".

The author's other books include New Pathways for Sock Knitters - Book One, Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters, Second Treasury of Magical Knitting and Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles - A Manual of Elegant Knitting Patterns and Techniques.

Tudor Roses

by Alice Starmore
11" x 13" Hardcover (176 pages)
2013, Calla Editions
$47.95 Canadian ($39.95 US)

Back in Print in New revised Hardcover Version! Note that the description below is for the original book as is the note about the yarn used. The patterns in the new book have been modified to use a new yarn weight and some have been deleted while a few new patterns have been added.

This book is a collection of works in hand knitwear from the Alice Starmore studio inspired by diverse members of the Tudor Dynasty that ruled England from 1485 to 1603.

This beautiful colour portfolio includes 13 sweater patterns pictured against the backdrop of stately Heaver Castle. In matching her knitwear designs to prominent members of the Tudor Family Alice Starmore provides information into the fascinating history of the family's legacy and insight into the roles Henry VII, Elizabeth of York, Margaret Tudor, Henry VIII, Mary Tudor, Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Katherine Howard, Catherine Parr and Elizabeth I played in the history of England.

NOTE: For information on substituting Jamieson's Shetland Wool for the discontinued Alice Starmore yarn used in projects in the original version of the book, please Click Here.

The author's other works include: Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting, Aran Knitting, Celtic Collection, Children's Collection, Fisherman's Sweaters, In the Hebrides, Pacific Coast Highway and Stillwater.

25 Gorgeous Sweaters for the Brand New Knitter

by Catherine Ham
8 3/4" x 10 1/4" Hardcover (127 pages)
2000, Lark Books

No one will ever know that you're not a seasoned knitter! You don't need any experience at all to make these 25 terrific sweaters, which include cardigans, jackets, cropped tops, vests and more. Feel confident and comfortable right away - the patterns are designed especially for new knitters without complicated stitches, charts and colour changes to stress you out. Another bonus: you'll use specialty yarns, which are readily available and very forgiving of the typical beginner's eneven guage, but add an elegant, polished look to the designs. And the best news? Every sweater is absolutely gorgeous.

The techniques are simple to learn - it's as if an expert is holding your hand as you learn how to seam, assemble and block knitted garments. Dozens of tips give you a head start on the types of things that take novices years to discover on their own. (To prevent pockets from sagging, for example, knit them with needles that are one size smaller than those used for the sweater.)

Easily accomplish features that most beginners assume they could never make, such as knit-in bands and hoods. Try any of the dozens of creative ways to personalize your sweater with unique buttons, closures and embroidery. Choose one of the interesting variations that come with some of the patterns. Change the edging and ribbing finishes, or turn a jacket into a coat. That's one of the great advantages of knitting something yourself - you can create something custom-designed for you or for the person you're giving it to.

As an example of what this book has to offer, the "Pointed Hem Top" is a lovely wardrobe staple. It's formed by knitting individual triangles in garter stitch and then joining them together. Once all the triangles have been joined, both sides are identical and either side can be worn to the front. Your favorite little girl will look adorable in the "V-Neck Cardigan". The simple ridged pattern is a terrific frame for fun buttons or bobbles. Want to take your knitting with you on the go? The "Patchwork Jacket", with its quick-to-knit rectangles, is the perfect project. Don't limit yourself to making a jacket from these rectangles - pockets, cuffs, hats and scarves are other super choices.

Other projects in this book include: "A Simple First Sweater", "Shawl Collar Jacket", "Cozy Cardigan", "Cardigan with Knit-in Front Bands", "Loose Line Garter Stitch Jacket", "Basic Vest", "Indian Vest", "Textured Vest", "Shawl Collar Vest", "Extra Quick Rolled-Hem Top", "Super Easy Tank Top", "Easy Flap-Front Top", "Great Tunics", "Colour-Blocked Jacket with Choice of Detachable Hoods", "Short Sleeve Crew-Neck Sweater", "Pointed Hem Vest" and "Long Sleeve Crew-Neck Sweater".

This book is extensively illustrated with colour photographs showing each design as well as detailed pictures of the stitch work, design variations and alternate colours. There is a large "Knitting Basics" section at the beginning as well as a section on "Embellishment" at the end. Don't wait any longer - start your first project and marvel at the results!

The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook

by Lynne Vogel
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (92 pages)
2002, Interweave Press
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

Sisterhood, sharing, crafting, giving, laughing - that's what this book is about.

It's also about spinning yarn and knitting socks. Not just any old yarn or any old socks, but glorious, zany, wildly colourful yarn for perfect-fitting socks of character and personality. Dip-dyeing, pour-dyeing, and hand-painting yarns or wool rovings is as easy as making homemade soup, whether you use commercial dyes or Kool Aid. If you like starting from scratch, spinning one-of-a-kind yarns is easier than you think. But you don't need to dye or spin to make your own well-crafted, perfectly-fitting socks - you can simply knit your own pair of life's true luxuries.

The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook has it all - techniques, patterns, invaluable tips for creating authentic, perfect, made-to-order footwear. Even socks for new babies or socks with ten toes. This wonderful book is packed full of information about sock knitting machines, wool dyeing instructions and recipes, spinning tips, sock patterns with many variations, knitting stitch instuctions and handy hints and advice about a wide range of topics.

And who are the Twisted Sisters? A hospice nurse, post-doc scholar, organic farmer, assistant attorney general for the state of Oregon, high school teacher, finance and operations manager, touch therapist, mom and more!

The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters - A Knit-to-Fit Workshop

by Lynne Vogel
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (143 pages)
2007, Interweave Press
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Yearning to use your handspun yarn in commercial knitting patterns? Need to resize a sweater pattern because it doesn't fit? Say hello to The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters, a step-by-step workshop that teaches any knitter to easily adapt sweater patterns to his or her own measurements and chosen yarn.

The Twisted Sisters, a group of women in Oregon and Tennessee who delight in dyeing, spinning, knitting, and crocheting, illustrate how to adapt the same basic sweater pattern to many different styles, and introduce the elements of sweater design through increasingly challenging projects. These 10 projects, from sweaters, coats, and vests to pullovers and jackets, give the knitter confidence to alter commercially available patterns to their needs, even when they aren't offered in their size. Learn to change yarns, proportions, neckline styles, sleeve length, color and stitch patterns, add collars and edgings, and much more.

Patterns in this book include: "Boucle Boat Neck", Alina's Basketweave Coat", "Linda's One-Piece Turtleneck", "Lori's Jacob's Windows Sweater", "Rectangle Vest", "Rose-to-Blue V-Necked Pullover", "Sandy's Cardigan for Zylie", "Gail's Red Aran", "Angel Wing Lace Float", "Laurie's Panel Jacket", Debbie's Tunic", "Crystal's Wild Thing", "Lori's Lavender Fields", "Mary Kaiser's Daisy Stitch Vests", "Autumn Vest", "Friendship Sweater", "Beach Sweater", "Chinese Tree of Life" and "Four Corners".

Full of schematics, illustrations, and beautiful photography, this book will change the way you look at knitting sweaters!

Twisted Stitch Knitting - Traditional Patterns & Garments from the Styrian Enns Valley

by Maria Erlbacher
9" x 9" Softcover (203 pages)
2009, Schoolhouse Press
$34.95 Canadian ($28.95 US)

A classic trio of Austrian books (originally titled, Uberlieferte Strickmuster) is now in English and amalgamated into one volume.

In 1975, to further the work originated by Thekla Zeiler, Maria Erlbacher began to teach and write about the indigenous folk knitting of Austria. The castle at Trautenfels in the Styrian Enns Valley (south of Salzburg) published the original three booklets shown on the front cover and hosted Maria's Twisted-Stitch Knitting classes.

This book includes all 174 intriguing twisted-stitch designs plus instructions for a number of jackets/cardigans, vests and elegant stockings with separate motifs in the calf-shaping.

This is not just a reproduction of the original booklets. Meg Swansen and Amy Detjen have augmented the technique section, explaining more fully things that had stymied them in the original texts.

2-At-A-Time Socks - The Secret of Knitting Two at Once on One Circular Needle

by Melissa Morgan-Oakes
7 1/2" x 9 1/4" Spiralbound Hardcover (144 pages)
2007, Storey Publishing
$21.95 Canadian ($17.95 US)

Say goodbye forever to Second Sock Syndrome!

Knitting one sock is fun and rewarding, but finishing the second one can be boring. Now an easy-to-learn new technique enables sock stitchers to work on two socks at one time, finishing both parts of the pair on the same day.

Step-by-step photographs illustrate how to cast on and knit two socks together on one long circular needle. Best of all, any sock pattern can be adapted to this innovative 2-at-a-time technique, so the fun doesn't end with the 15 original patterns in this book.

Patterns in this book include: "Berry Season", "Spice", "Be Mine", "Varsity", "Belle Epoque", "Frolic", "Coquette", "Socks for Aidan", "Twilight", "Sugar Maple", "H Sock", "Athena", "Emily's Socks", "Pittr Patter", "The Classic Sock" and "Ragg Hiker".

Lonely, abandoned single socks are now a thing of the past!

Two-End Knitting - A Traditional Scandinavian Technique

by Anne-Maj Ling
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (104 pages)
2004, Schoolhouse Press

Two-end knitting, also called "Twined Knitting", is a unique Scandinavian knitting technique which is well worth preserving and developing. As the words two-end knitting suggests, one knits with two ends of the yarn; both strands are held in the right hand and twisted around each other in the same direction between every stitch. This twisting gives a particularly firm yet flexible character to the finished garment.

At first glance, two-end knitting does not seem very different from regular knitting because the knit stitches look almost alike. If you look more closely, you will see that the stitches are a little skewed. On the wrong side, the difference is more apparent because the twist between the stitches makes rows of horizontal lines. The stitches so typical of two-end knitting and which form lovely surface patterns are called curled (krus) stitches and are made by alternating purl and knit stitches.

The technique was probably close to falling into extinction when an archeological find of a glove was made in Falun in 1974. Given the circumstances of the find, the glove can certainly be dated to before 1680. From the old records, we know that the slag heap under which the glove was found was in place then. The find awakened such a great interest that knowledge of the technique spread over the country and it can now be considered as rescued.

This book explores the technique, from basics to new refinements and designs. With the aid of line drawings showing the hand positioning at each stage, the reader is taught the techniques involved. After sections on planning a project, a series of instructions to knit Sweaters (Loose fit, Fitted and Yoke Model), a Cardigan/Jacket, a Fake Turtleneck or Dickey, Vest, Silk Blouse, Skirts (Straight, Fitted, Very Full and A-Line), Mittens (5 designs), Stockings, and a selection of Caps (Regular, Skullcap and Pillbox) are presented. The book is well illustrated with line drawings, charts and photos of finished garments.

200 Knitted Blocks - Traditional and Contemporary Designs to Mix and Match

by Jan Eaton
8 3/4" x 8 3/4" Softcover (128 pages)
2005, Martingale & Co.

Create gorgeous afghans and accessories with 200 knitted blocks to mix and match! A kaleidoscope of colourful contemporary and traditional designs range from easy to advanced. Knit 200 blocks, from simple knit-and-purl patterns to cable, lace, and bobble blocks. Combine blocks in any arrangement; all blocks will finish to the same size when worked in the same yarn weight. Finish any project in style with patterns for fringes, ruffles, and other decorative edgings.

Other books by the author include A Creative Guide to Knitted Lace.

Two Sticks and a String - Knitting Designs Inspired by Nature

by Kerry Ferguson
8 1/4" x 11" Softcover (96 pages)
1999, FiberStudio Press

Capture the creative spirit of knitting, using a designer's most celebrated inspiration - nature. With a simple pair of knitting needles and a skein of yarn - two sticks and a string -you'll create knitted garments with a unique blend of traditional design and rustic style. Based on centuries-old motifs, each pattern has been simplified for today's knitter. Experiment with rich, earthy colors, gorgeous yarns, and beautifully textured designs. Inside, discover 15 distinctive sweaters, vests, jackets and cardigans with names like: Cheyenne Saddle Blanket Jacket, Weather Dancer Cardigan, Puzzlemaker Jacket, Aran Pullover, Aran Cardigan, Hands-Across-the-World Jacket, Wings'n Water Cropped Kimono, Northern Lights Jacket, Easy Mohair Pullover, Canyon Glow Weskit, Bamboo Kimono, Pine Tree Guernsey, Yacht Club Cardigan, Men's Navajo Vest and Fisherman Vest.

The designs incorporate classic knitting textures, enhanced by flattering colours, shapes and proportions. Each project is clearly illustrated with step-by-step instructions including detailed colour charts for all the multi-colour designs.

The Ultimate Knitter's Guide - Patterns and Techniques

by Kate Buller
9 1/4" x 11 1/4" Hardcover (176 pages)
2000, Martingale and Company
$47.95 Canadian ($39.95 US)

The author has combined a sweater pattern book with a book on knitting techniques to produce a wonderful knitting guide which is ideal for beginner, yet is an indispensable resource for experienced knitters. By using a unique split page format the reader can work on one of the 24 sweater patterns in the book and without losing their place, they can flip through the technique guide at the bottom to find help with over 100 stitches described with fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions. This clever design appeals to anyone who has tried to knit while balancing two books on their knee and makes it easier than ever to follow along without error.

The hardcover design of the book is durable with a spiral binding inside to make page turning easy and the book contains clear, precise directions written in plain English, with checkpoints built into each pattern so knitters can track their progress. As well, it provides a comprehensive introduction to a range of knit stitches-from the basic to the complex-plus a helpful troubleshooting guide and glossary.

Patterns in this book are by Kim Hargreaves, except where noted below and are grouped into difficulty categories starting with "Easy" designs like: "Clara" jacket (Erika Knight), "Pee Wee" children's pullover "Tex" knitted denim jacket, "Jewelled Polo" (Kaffe Fassett), "Star" tunic and sweater, "Flighty" camisole, "Dolly" lady's cardigan, and "Sweet" woman's cardigan/sweater. "Intermediate" designs include: "Sailor" children's Guernsey, Milly Mop girl's cardigan, "Alice" ladies lacy vest, "Tizer" children's pullover, "Fisher" ladies cable sweater, "Dales Aran" man's sweater (Martin Storey), "Beaded Cardigan", "Short Raglan" (Amanda Griffiths), "Jules" woman's sweater/jacket (Louisa Harding), "Ring of Roses" child's sweater, "Cheviot Gardens" V-neck cardigan (Kaffe Fassett), "Black and Cream Fairisle", "Daisy" cardigan (Zoe Mellor) and "Primrose Cardigan" (Louisa Harding) while "Advanced" projects include: "Old Tile" cardigan (Brandon Mably) and "Jade" woman's cotton cardigan. The book is wonderfully illustrated throughout with colour pictures of the designs and knitting techniques as well as black and white knitting charts.

Unexpected Knitting

by Debbie New
9 1/2" x 12 1/2" Hardcover (256 pages)
2003, Schoolhouse Press
$48.95 Canadian ($40.95 US)

Debbie New is, arguably, the most inventive knitting designer of this generation. You may have seen her perfectly articulated knitted teacup and saucer, or the swirling garter stitch stockings on the cover of Socks, Socks, Socks, or the huge mosaic portrait of her grandmother comprised of hundreds of different garter stitch blocks, or her seaworthy lace boat(!) in A Gathering of Lace.

Well, here is an entire book's worth of knitting outside the box: Unexpected Knitting. Be not daunted by the seemingly esoteric and abstruse concepts. Yes, the designs emanate from an extraordinary mind, but the author has reined herself in and written out detailed and comprehensive instructions for the rest of us.

After introducing Swatchless, Sculptural, and her own version of freeform knitting, the author outlines several new ways of knitting: Scribble Lace, Swirl knitting with its own graphing and notation, Cellular Automaton, Ouroborus and Labyrinth knitting. Cradled amid Sculptural knittings are Debbie's ingenious Better Mousetrap socks. Other unique ideas appear in the appendix: Super-simple On the-needles Grafting, an original 3-needle bind off on two needles, and working small circles on one, two, three or more circular needles, as well as a special increase for use at mitered corners. For those who like mathematical concepts, her Cellular Automaton knitting embodies a fractal which develops organically as you knit. It also illustrates a hypothesis about cell differentiation. These rule generated patterns are at once elegantly precise and point to the profound. The sheer range and depth of the author's inventiveness take your breath away.

Then there is the audacious artwork which ranges through pictures, sculptures, wall and "floor" hangings, a navigable lace craft, domestic objects, partnerships of yarn with electronics and masks, garments as art, and a large installation forming a spiritual space down to tiny ornaments. There are arresting monochromes as well as exuberant color; and she is equally assured with baroque complexity and classical simplicity. This book is also about the creative process. Debbie lays out, in down-to-earth fashion, the particular sources for individual ideas, forging a miniature string of case studies. She describes her attitude to her work as childlike, not knowing the answers, not predicting the outcomes. She says it with half a smile, so it might be half true. Certainly she has a lively sense of curiosity, observation and wonderment, and these may be childlike qualities. The elements of her notions may come together as she works, but sometimes they incubate for weeks, months, or even years. She puts different disciplines together and marries disparate ideas. Occasionally it is the title itself that suggests a project to her. She knits a pun, a jest, and an optical curiosity. She muses on the nature of being. She stretches and strains the definition of a quilt. She knits observations of life around her and symbolic reflections of patterns remembered. She teases subjects from a theme like being trapped or not trapped by circumstances. She responds to a text, a suggestion or a reading. She seems to believe that you can do almost anything with knitting and everything is grist for knitting's mill.

You can glimpse a wide range of interests in the knittings, from gardening to biology, botany to boating, puzzles and electronics to music. Bits of a life have been rubbed into each creation with quiet passion and humor. Praise for her work has been more than kind, even heady, but you would never know it to meet her. An unpretentious person, she regards glowing opinions of her work as pleasing, friendly exaggeration. She remains the unassuming mother and grandmother of a sprawling family who lives in a modest yarn and book filled house with an ailing husband, quietly pursuing her fiber art and redrawing the possibilities of knitting.

While you read this wonderful book, you may feel your brain creaking as it expands its scope of handknitting possibilities. You may be stunned, enchanted, inspired and encouraged all at the same time. Our advice is that you try to limit yourself to one chapter each week, lest you succumb to Knitter's Overload!

The Urban Knitter - A New Generation of Contemporary Designs and Creative Inspiration

by Lily M. Chin
8" x 8" Softcover (153 pages)
2002, Berkley Books
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

Your Grandmother had no Idea what was Possible ...

It's knitting - satisfying that two-skein-a-day habit, exploring new aesthetic outlets, relieving stress creatively, and turning a centuries-old pastime into a hip and practical hobby for America's young urban professionals. Unravel those preconcieved notions about what you can achieve. In The Urban Knitter, Lily Chin, named a "Master Knitter" by Vogue Knitting, profiles the most inventive, diverse and inspiring young knitters in the country to offer their unique designs and give the craft a fresh new look.

This book includes exciting, fast, totally original and easy-to-master patterns that include a sexy and slinky empire-waist dress, an apron-front halter top, an evening cardi-jacket, a ribbed matched hat/mittens/ascot scarf set, a lace capelet, cabled pullovers, unisex vest, slip-stich pillows and believe it or not, even shoes, bras, handbags and more!

To complete this work, the author has included a complete list of supliers from across the country, a list of on-line resources and magazines, a list of definitive books on the craft, and a guide to organizations to help the reader make contact with the HYUK (that's Hip-Young-Urban-Knitter) nearest them! Full-Colour photographs of all 28 designs are provided along with detailed instructions for each including diagrams and charts where needed.

The author has also written Knit and Crochet with Beads and Power Cables.

Victorian Lace Today

by Jane Sowerby
10" x 11" Softcover (196 pages)
2007, XRX Books
$35.95 Canadian ($29.95 US)

Within this compendium, the very first knitting books have been translated from sketchy, often-inaccurate instructions into richly-colored, exciting patterns for modern-day accessories. This blend of history, mystery, and hands-on technique debunks myths about Victorian life as it inspires beginners and ambitious knitters alike.

Included are instructions for Victorian lace as the Victorians never saw it - in glorious detail, up-close and on location in and around Cambridge, England. The lace patterns progress from the first, most basic, edgings to the sophistication of "real" lace. Forty patterns are included - scarves and shawls, capes, and fichus - with comprehensive information on the tools and techniques of lace knitting for beginners and enough challenges to keep experienced or ambitious knitters engaged. Delicate and decorative, historical lace patterns are within the reach of today's knitters in this book of adventurous ideas with a vintage touch.

Victorian Lace Today transforms sketchy instructions from the world's first knitting books into exciting, modern-day accessories. Forty patterns and comprehensive information on the tools and techniques of lace knitting guide the beginner, challenge the experienced, and inspire the ambitious.

Viking Patterns for Knitting - Inspiration and Projects for Today's Knitter

by Elsebeth Lavold
8" x 11" Hardcover (127 pages)
2000, Trafalger Square Publishing

In Viking Patterns for Knitting, ancient Nordic ornamentation has been translated into an exquisite array of designs for knitters. Featuring 14 projects, clear instructions and charts, inspiring colour photographs, and 60 Viking motifs.

Viking Patterns for Knitting is the result of years of research by Swedish knitwear designer Elsebeth Lavold, who explored patterns of ornamentation found on Viking artifacts, such as swords, buckles, combs, and rune stones. Now, by means of a clever knitting innovation (which makes it possible to start a knitted knot in the middle of a sweater), she has adapted these richly intricate knots and braids into gorgeous, fully modern garment designs. The 14 knitting projects include a hooded sweater with interlaced half-hitches; a cardigan with delicate figure-eight knots; an elegant tunic with serpentine rope-work; and father-and-son pullovers inspired by rune stones. Sixty motifs are clearly presented in pictures, text and charts, including the entire runic alphabet and a striking collection of Viking artifacts. Viking Patterns for Knitting is an adventure in Nordic forms with roots a thousand years deep.

After a brief introduction and explanation of how this book came to be, the author discusses the basics of Viking pattern analysis and then presents the projects with names like: Hermod, Siv, Hervor (shown on the book cover), Ragne and Frode. Each includes a full page, full colour picture of the finished project as well as knitting instructions, charts, close-up pictures of the design and the pictures of the artifacts that inspired the patterns. After this, a guide to reading the charts, instructions on how to use the author's new knitting technique and pages of "Tricks of the Trade" are presented to help the reader with such things as: seams, buttonholes, lining, ribbing and more. The author also includes sections on yarn, care of knitted garments and discusses a number of other subjects to help the knitter with the patterns.

The author has also written Designer's Choice: Book 1 - The Viking Knits Collection.

Vintage Baby Knits - More than 40 Heirloom Paterns from the 1920s to the 1950s

by Kristen Rengren
9 3/4" x 8 3/4" Hardcover (160 pages)
2009, Stewart, Tabori & Chang
$33.95 Canadian ($27.95 US)

While working as a vintage clothing dealer, combing through estate sales and eBay listings, longtime knitter Kristen Rengren amassed hundreds of knitting pattern booklets from 1920 through 1960. Now a knitwear designer, Rengren brings us the result of her combined passions in Vintage Baby Knits, a charming collection of more than 40 contemporary updates of timeless baby patterns.

Projects range from small, quick-to-knit items like hats, booties, and shrugs to larger, more challenging designs for sweaters, onesies, and dresses, including a lace christening gown. Beautiful photographs capture a bevy of adorable babies and toddlers wearing these knitted treasures. Also included are sidebars on baby fashion and knitting culture in this bygone era, and a complete reference section.

Projects in this book include: "Pearl Shrug", "Billie Beret", "Floyd Pullover", "Audrey Hoodie", "Milo Soakers", "Stella Pixie Hat", "Rufus Textured Cardigan", "Louise Cardigan", "Liza Sideways Sacque", "Jasper Diamond Hoodie", "Betty Lou Lace Cardigan", "Violet Sacque", "Rupert the Lion & Elmer the Elephant", "Bunny Blanket", "Horace the Horse", "Dewey Cabled Pullover", "Cleo Kitty Slippers", "Felix Cardigan & Pants Set", "Maude Honeycomb Blanket", "Daisy Soakers", "Otto Short-Sleeved Pullover & Archie Vest", "Hazel Cape", "Bobby Kimono", "Harry Sailor Sweater", "Monty Snowsuit with Cap & Mittens", "Ducky Onsie", "Frankie Striped Socks", "Jackie Cabled Set", "Gladys Fair Isle Bonnet", "Twyla Shoulderette", "Oscar Argyle Sweater", "Avery Christening Gown & Frock" and "Frances Nursing Shawl".

Destined to be a classic itself, Vintage Baby Knits promises family heirlooms for 21st-century babies!

Vintage Knits for Modern Babies

by Hadley Fierlinger
9" x 8" Softcover (89 pages)
2009, Ten Speed Press
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

Vintage Knits for Modern Babies presents twenty-five vintage-inspired patterns from the stylish baby knitwear label,

Owner and designer Hadley Fierlinger shares her lovingly crafted collection of hand-knitted, heirloom-quality garments for infants and toddlers aged six months to three years. From caps, cardigans, and mittens to booties, bonnets, and blankets–each pattern features delicate period details hearkening back to the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s while offering modern comfort and a contemporary preference for natural and organic yarns.

Patterns in this book include: "Layette Cap", "Pom-pom Booties", "Tiny Trousers", "Crossover Jacket", "Matinee Jacket", "Ruby Slippers", "Nana's Bunnies", "Bunny Mobile", "Wavy Cashmere Blanket", "Angora Bolero", "Organic Heirloom Blanket", "Modern Baby Bonnet", "Vintage Pixie Cap", "Wee Mittens", "Anya's Cardigan", "Cabled Booties", "Baby Clothes Hanger Covers", "Apron Dress", "Ballet Blossom Cardigan", "Charming Raglan Pullover", "Double-Breasted Car Coat", "Petite Beret", "Lavender Sachet", "Birdy Cardigan" and "Hooded Capelet".

This is a delightful gift for mothers-to-be, grandmothers, godmothers, aunties, and others, offering a full range of keepsake projects at proficiency levels for beginner, intermediate, and experienced knitters.

Vintage Style - Thirty Knitting Designs from Rowan for Men & Women

edited by Alex Buxton
8 3/4" x 11" Softcover (137 pages)
2004, Rowan Yarns

When we seek comfort and reassurance, we look not to the future with all its uncertainties but to the past. Half a century on, the post-war period f the late 40's, 50's and 60's seems a golden, unhurried age when life was sweetly simple and when time passed with a less hurried beat.

It's to this era, with its mood of renewal, that we look for fashion inspiration. After the frugality of the war years, women rejoiced in wearing swirling skirts, soft knitwear and exuberant prints. Men, back home once more and out of their stifling uniforms, relaxed in roll-necked sweaters and corduroy trousers, rediscovering the pleasures of color.

The book's creators have drawn on old photographs, films (such as Chocolat and Amelie) and archives of knitting patterns to bring this period look alive. While being true to the spirit of the age, they've updated and adapted classic designs to make them easy to wear. In the photographs they've created a look that exults in happy combinations; old and new, floral and stripe, texture and sleek.

The title for the collection, Vintage Style encapsulates the feel for quality materials, for lasting craftsmanship, for classic looks and above all for a real sense of style. The knitwear you will find here won't date in the passing of a season; it will improve with time and become a treasure in its own right.

This wonderful book 31 unique patterns by top knitwear designers. Each is beautifully photographed and full instructions and charts are provided. Designs (and designers) included in this book are: "Laurent" belted jacket (Sharon Peake), "Chinese Basket" man's geometric sweater (Kaffe Fassett), "Suzette" striped cardigan (Kim Hargreaves), "Fluer" elegant feminine cardigan (Kim Hargreaves), "Bridget" cardigan (Martin Storey), "Clark" roll-neck sweater (Kim Hargreaves), "Aimee" fine airy jumper (Kim Hargreaves), "Elise" glamorous top (Kim Hargreaves), "Tyrolean" waist-length, figure-hugging cardigan (Sarah Davis), "Faye" wrap/cardigan (Kim Hargreaves), "Mason" man's roll-neck cabled sweater (Kim Hargreaves), "Jolie" low-fastening cardigan (Kim Hargreaves), "Collette" striped jacket (Louisa Harding), "Chantel" crocheted shawl (Kim Hargreaves), "Magnolia" roll-neck jumper (Kim Hargreaves), "Joy" cardigan with petite collar (Kim Hargreaves), "Piers" man's wrap-over neck sweater (Martin Storey), "Monette" small, floaty scarf (Lucinda Guy), "Cherie" boyish sweater (Kim Hargreaves), "Oriel" ladies jacket (Kim Hargreaves), "Salina" classic jumper (Kim Hargreaves), "Beau" man's jumper with button neckline (Kim Hargreaves), "Agnes" figure-hugging top (Kim Hargreaves), "Demi" Aran inspired jumper with shoulder fastening (Kim Hargreaves), "Touscon Scape" striped jacket (Brandon Mably), "Charlot" cardigan with embroidered decoration (Martin Storey), "Riva" full length jacket (Kim Hargreaves), "Jarrett" men's jacket (Kim Hargreaves), "Origami" eye-catching man's sweater (Kaffe Fassett), "Mili" scalloped neck top (Lucinda Guy) and the "Alouette" feminine top (Sarah Dallas).

Viva Poncho - Twenty Ponchos and Capelets to Knit

by Leslie Barbazette & Christina Stork
8 1/2" x 6" Softcover (133 pages)
2005, Stewart, Tabori and Chang
$21.95 Canadian ($17.95 US)

Easier than a sweater, harder than a scarf, ponchos are the perfect in - between knitting project - they're also incredibly fashionable. That must be the reason why so many of the authors designs look like they could fit right into the pages of today's fashion magazines.

Whether worn as a beach cover-up or donned as an elegant evening wrap, ponchos are everywhere. Now, with Viva Poncho, knitters can make the newest sartorial sensation their own. This fun, fresh book offers 20 poncho designs for every season and in every style-serapes, raglans, wraparounds, semicircles, rectangles, pullovers, capelets, and even a dog poncho.

Take the two-piece rectangular poncho "Sonya" for example; cast loosely with superfine wool in cheery summer colors, it's the perfect accessory for a day at the beach. Need something warmer for winter? Try the one-piece raglan poncho "Eleanor," knit in a bulky alpaca-and-wool blend with a turtleneck and a pretty cable running down the front and back. For fancy nights, there's the one-piece caplet "Eloise" knit in a satiny black "faux fur" wool and tied with a pink ribbon.

Stork, the owner of Article Pract, a "yarn shop for modern knitters" in Oakland, Calif., and Barbazette, founder of the accessories line Citizen Bags, provide plenty of advice for beginners, including tips for knitting with circular needles, dropping stitches on purpose and weaving in the ends as you go. Patterns suitable for both beginners and experienced knitters are included, all accompanied by clear, easy-to-follow explanations. A helpful chart at the beginning of the book also lists the skills needed and taught within each of their designs.

The complete list of designs in this book include: "Sanchez" square seed-stitch serape, "Carson" one-piece serape, "Eleanor" one-piece raglan poncho, "Greta" one-piece poncho, "Mash" one-piece wrap-around poncho, "Desiree" one-piece wrap-around poncho, "Gilda" one-piece poncho, "Tessa" two-piece poncho, "Ginger" two-piece poncho, "Sonya" two-piece rectangular poncho, "Mae" two-piece rectangular poncho, "Amelia" two-piece rectangular poncho, "Lola" two-piece rectangular poncho, "Frida" two-piece rectangular poncho, "Keiran" pullover capelet, "Eloise" one-piece capelet, "Monte" fluted capelet, "Ruby" one-piece capelet with hood, "Eudora" cardigan capelet and the "Duchess" puppy poncho.

Simple to make and give as gifts (since sizing is easy), practical and stylish to wear, and suitable for all sorts of creative adaptations, ponchos are an ideal project for every knitter. In fact, the authors encourage customization, showing how to add a hood or a collar, or devise personalized color schemes. Like the fashionable garments themselves, Viva Poncho will be the perfect impulse buy.

Vogue Knitting American Collection

edited by Trisha Malcolm
9 1/4" x 11 1/2" Hardcover (160 pages)
2000, The Butterick Publishing Company
$35.95 Canadian ($29.95 US)

A fabulous collection of handknit patterns from America's most talented knitwear designers. Featuring over 40 of the best designs from Vogue Knitting magazine. Included are sweaters, accessories, home accents and more, with something for every member of the family. Each project features gorgeous, full-colour photographs and easy-to-follow instructions updated with the latest yarns.

Knitters the world over look toward American designers when they want the very best in handknit patterns. Their creative flair and innovative techniques have moved them to the forefront of the industry. From the grand dame of knitting, Elizabeth Zimmerman, to cutting edge designer, Lily Chin, the creativity of America's knitwear designers stand apart from all others.

Vogue Knitting: American Collection is a stunning anthology of classic and chic handknit creations drawn from Vogue Knittingmagazine's vast archive of fabulous patterns. Here you'll find almost two decade's-worth of garments and accessories from America's top knitting talents. Each of these renowned designers has especially chosen projects that give you the most benefit from their experience. With over 40 projects to choose from, there are sweater, dresses, jackets, hats and much more, with something for men, women and children in styles ranging from casual to dressy. Take a peek inside! Select from intricate colourwork, bold graphics, delicate lace and simple or intricate cables.

This book includes 41 patterns from 10 artists. Artists participating include: Pam Allen (Mother & Daughter Cherry Cardigans, Crazy Quilt Jacket, Ribbed Pullover and Child's Cardigan), Lily Chin (Reversible Rib Shawl, Colorful Caps, Embroidered Cardigan, Mohair Aran and Draped Pullover), Nicky Epstein (Tapestry Afghan & Hat, Diamond Aran, Paper-Doll Sweater and Chenille Leaf Pullover), Norah Gaughan (Cabled Vest, A-Line Tunic, Ribbed Cardigan and Dragonfly Pullover), Kristin Nicholas (His-and-Hers Pullovers, Leaf Pullover, Classic Guernsey and Embroidered Pillow), Deborah Newton (Pleated Pullover with Bows, Cashmere Pullover, Shawl-Collared Cardigan, Pink Pullover and Gauntlet Gloves & Hat), Mari Lynn Patrick (Summer Tunic, Summer Dress, Tailored Jacket, Wrapped Pullover and Cashmere Shawl), Michele Rose (Fair Isle Pullover & Cap, Western Jacket, Patchwork Cardigan and Fair Isle Pullover) and finally the team of Meg Swansen and Elizabeth Zimmermann (First American Aran, Twisted-Stitch Cap, The Moebius Ring, The Tomten Jacket, Garter-Stitch Blanket and Best Baby Sweater). All patterns are graded as suitable for either Intermediate, Experienced or Expert Knitters (with a couple very easy patterns). Each pattern includes a large full cover picture of the finished work being modeled along with complete instructions and knitting charts.

There's a handy section on knitting basics that offers a quick, reliable guide to knitting terms, yarn symbols, and reading the charts in this book. Each pattern is set forth with clear, complete directions that have been carefully updated with the latest yarns. And a complete list of yarn resources is included for your shopping convenience. This book offers a wonderful variety of timeless knitwear patterns that will delight and inspire you for years to come!

Vogue Knitting Designer Knits

edited by Trisha Malcolm
9" x 11 1/4" Softcover (160 pages)
1998, The Butterick Publishing Company
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

The most popular features in are the sweaters created by the world's top fashion designers. Now, for the first time, the best of these designer knits are available in one stunning volume. Included are more than 45 styles from some of the most prestigious names in fashion design - DKNY, Calvin Klein, Adrienne Vittadini, Perry Ellis, The Missonis, Joan Vass, Betty Jackson, Michael Simon, Todd Oldham and Anna Sui.

This is the most complete round-up of designer knits ever published. Styles range from casual to elegant, with something for every season and family member. These sweaters will inspire knitters of every skill level, whether novice or expert.

The patterns in this book are grouped by designer and include from Adrienna Vittadini "Zigzag and Bobble Pullover", "Argyle Cardigan", "Floral Pattern Pullover", "Cable and Garter Pullover", "Diamond Cable Turtleneck", "Cabled Cardigan", "Fur-Trimmed Cabled Cardigan" and "Allover Leaf-Rib Pullover"; from DKNY there is "Enchanted Forest", "Entrelac Pullover", "Interlocking Cable Tunic", "Cable and Leaf Motif V-Neck Pullover", "Openwork Cable Cardigan", "Counterpane Pullover" and "Flared Cable Tunic"; from Missoni there is "Man's Cardigan", "Hooded Cardigan", "Sawtooth Cardigan", "One-Piece T-Shirt Pullover", "Flame Stitch Cardigan", "Summer Cardigan" and "Funnel-Neck Short Pullover"; from Calvin Klein there is "Fitted Cable Sweater", "Stitchwork Cardigan", "Cable V-Neck", "Cable Cardigan" and "Cable Turtleneck"; from Perry Ellis there is "Bubble Sweater", "Stitchwork Turtleneck", "Cable Dart Cardigan", "Zebra Print Pullover", "Man's Aran", "Fair Isle Crew Neck" and "Short Top"; from Joan Vass there is "Eyelash Turtleneck", "Cropped Hooded Sweater", "Diagonal V-Front Sweater", "Tank Top", and "Family Cable Pullovers". In addition, a special section of designs from "The Innovators" includes "Gingerbread Cookie Cardigan" from Michael Simon, "Aran Pullover and Matching Hat" from Cynthia Rowley, "Aran and Bobble Cardigan" from Anna Sui, "Pony Print Pullover" and "Rose Tunic" from Betty Jackson and "Cropped Striped Pullover" from Todd Oldham.

Instructions have been meticulously updated to include the latest yarns, so it is easy to produce garments as stunning as the originals. A complete list of yarn resources is provided. While the suggested yarns can be used, designers encourage knitters to experiment with colors and yarns to create original, one-of-a-kind designs.

Vogue Knitting Quick Knits - Over 50 Fast & Easy Styles

edited by Trisha Malcolm
9 1/2" x 11 1/2" Hardcover (160 pages)
2002, Sixth & Spring Books
$35.95 Canadian ($29.95 US)

For more than twenty years, Vogue Knitting magazine has been a leading authority in knitwear, offering stylish up-to-date looks for fashionable knitting mavens. If you're a knitting enthusiast looking for stylish, no-fuss knits you can wear time and time again, Vogue Knitting Quick Knits is the book for you.

Packed with more than fifty projects by some of today's hottest designers, Quick Knits showcases beautiful knitwear with the modern knitter in mind. By incorporating minimal shaping, simple stitches and decorative embellishments, each design is as stylish as it is quick to knit.

From urban chic to country charm-whatever your lifestyle or individual taste-these designs offer something for everyone. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, there are sweaters, coats, summer halters, accessories and much more.

Novice and expert knitters alike will appreciate the full-page photographs, easy-to-follow instructions and the handy reference chapter, that covers basic stitches and techniques and offers a guideline to selecting yarns and reading charts. All of the patterns have been updated with the latest yarns to maximize the potential of each design. You'll find a complete list of yarn resources in the back of the book as well.

Projects in this book are divided into 6 sections: The Cool and Casual section includes: "Boatneck Pullover", "Rolled-Neck Openwork Top", "Twisted Rib Pullover", "Garter-Stitch Cardigan Set", "Openwork Pullover", "Striped Twin Set", "Racer-Back Tank Top", "Sleeveless Seed-Stitched Top", "Rolled-Neck Pullover", "Cropped Top", "Sleeveless Pullover" and "Summer Twin Set". In Warm and Comfy the designs include: "Sweater with Mobius Collar", "Textured Rib Pullover", "Ribbed Pullover", "Easy Turtleneck Pullover", "Red Pullover and Hat", "Chunky Cabled Pullover", "Raglan-Sleeve Pullover", "Schoolhouse Sweater", "Snowflake Pullover" and "Horseshoe Cable Pullover". In the Terrific Texture section, designs include: "Oversized Seed-Stitch Pullover", "Relaxed Cable Pullover", "Cropped Pullover and Cap", "Funnelneck Pullover", "Mohair Basketweave Pullover" and "Chenille Pullover and Cap". The Chic Coverups chapter contains: "Belted Jacket", "Classic Twin Set", "No-fuss Poncho", "Floor-Length Vest", "Textured Twin Set", "Double-Breasted Mohair Coat", "Easy Hooded Poncho", "Drop-Shoulder Cardigan", "Fringed Turtleneck Poncho" and "Textured Coat". Designs in the Easy Elegance section are: "Bobble-Trimmed Shawl", "Zip-Front Vest", "Ribbon-Trimmed Pullover", "Sleeveless Cowlneck Top", "Short-Sleeved Top", "Pullover with Knitted Roses", "Easy Capelet" and "Surplice Wrap". The final section entitled Something for Everyone includes: "Ribbed Hooded Cowl", "Man's Moss-Stitched Pullover", "Boy's Zip-Neck Pullover", "Man's Basketweave Pullover", "Woman's Basketweave Pullover", "Arrowhead Pullover", "Man's Striped Pullover", "Boy's Rolled Neck Pullover", "Ribbed Drawstring Hat", "Man's Turtleneck Pullover" and "Girl's Cropped Top and Cardigan".

Brimming with inspiration, Vogue Knitting Quick Knits is destined to be an indispensable addition to your knitting library.

Vogue Knitting Vintage Collection - Classic Knits from the 1930s-1960s

edited by Trisha Malcolm
9" x 11 1/4" Softcover (160 pages)
2001, SOHO Publishing Company

Vintage style is right in the mainstream of current fashion trends. Experience the renaissance of vintage knits with this exciting collection of timeless knitting patterns from the original Vogue Knitting Magazine of the 1930s to 1960s. 45 fabulous garments and accessories are included for women, men, children and babies, with something to suit every season and occasion. There are party dresses, pullovers, jackets and wraps, scarves and gloves - even sunsuits for toddlers and baby layettes!

Each project is beautifully illustrated in full colour photographs, with the original fashion shot shown alongside for insight and inspiration. All of the instructions have been updated with the latest yarns, and a complete list of yarn resources is provided in the back of the book for your convenience. While in some cases the proportions have been slightly altered to give the garments a more modern fit, the designs themselves remain the same as when they were originally published.

There's something to please every knitter from beginner to advanced, and skill levels are clearly indicated at the start of each pattern. Readers can choose from a variety of stitches and textures, from simple stockinette to luxurious cables, all in an exciting and varied selection of colors and patterns. A handy reference section is provided at the front of the book, covering the basics from selecting yarns and determining gauge to reading patterns and charts.

The patterns in this book are grouped into 6 sections. In Women's Spring/Summer there is "Short-Sleeved Silk Top", "Tailored Seed-Stitch Top", "Sleeveless Linen Top", "Summer-Style Aran Pullover", "Paillette Dress", "Striped Midriff Top", "Polka-Dot Pullover", "Argyle Short-Sleeved Top", "Cashmere Turtleneck" and "Crocheted Flower Pullover"; in Women's Fall/Winter there is "Nordic Style Ski Sweater", "Tri-Colored Raglan Pullover", "Fair-Isle Cardigan", "Tweedy Cardigan", "Cabled A-Line Dress", "Mohair Turtleneck", "Button-Front Cardigan", "Belted Cardigan", "Woven-Stitch Jacket", "Chunky Aran", "Chunky Turtleneck" and "Chunky Coat"; in Men's Sweaters there is "Chunky Cabled Pullover", "Fair Isle Pullover", "Textured and Cabled Pullover", "Classic Cabled V-Neck" and "Mock Cable Pullover"; in Babies and Children there is: "Boy's Striped Turtleneck", "Girl's Zip-Front Cardigan", "Sailboat Sunsuit", "Embroidered Baby Set", "Girl's Paillette Dress", "Girl's Heart Twinset" and "Lacy Stitch Layette"; in Scarves and Shawls there is "Easy Stockinette Wrap", "Lace Wrap", "Striped Shawl", "Geometric Scarf", "Crocheted Wrap", "Plaid Stole" and "Silk-Lined Stole"; in finally in Accessories there is "Family Socks", "Men's Cashmere Gloves", "Men's Argyle Socks" and "Women's Cabled Gloves".

Vogue Knitting Quick Reference - The Ultimate Portable Knitting Compendium

edited by Trisha Malcolm
8 1/2" x 7 1/2" Spiralbound Softcover (128 pages)
2002, Sixth&Spring Books
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

The best features of Vogue Knitting - The Ultimate Knitting Guide the bible of knitting reference guides - have been collected in this compact resource, perfect for the busy lifestyle of today's knitter. All the information you'll need to take a project from beginning to end is offered in an easy-to-use, portable format.

Sections and chapters in this book include: "Basic Techniques" where Holding Yarn and Needles, Casting On, The Basic Knit Stitch, The Basic Purl Stitch, Basic Stitch Patterns, Increases, Decreases and Binding Off are covered; "Understanding Knitting Instructions" with Gauge, Abbreviations Explained, Knitting Terminology and Symbolcraft; "Correcting Errors"; "Circular and Double-Pointed Knitting" with Circular Needles and Double-pointed Needles; "Color Knitting" with Fair Isle Knitting, Intarsia, Horizontal Stripes and Vertical Stripes; "Assembling" with Seaming, Grafting, Picking Up Stitches and How to Attach & Hem; "Design Details" with Short Row Shaping, Selvages, Plackets, Buttonholes, Bands, Borders & Edges, Crochet Edges, Hems, Pockets, Inset Pockets, Buttons, Finishing Touches, Using Elastic and Zippers; and "Embellishments" with Embroidery, Knitting with Beads, Knitting with Sequins and Additions (cords, fringes, tassels & pompoms).

Complete with detailed instructions illustrations and photographs to lead you step by step through the most-used knitting, finishing and embellishment techniques, this book is the perfect companion for knitters of every skill level.

Vogue Knitting - The Ultimate Knitting Book

edited by Trisha Malcolm
10 1/2" x 10 1/2" Hardcover (280 pages)
2002, Sixth&Spring Books
$47.95 Canadian ($39.95 US)

From the editors of internationally renowned Vogue Knitting Magazine comes the first and last word on knitting, incorporating in one volume elements that previously could be found in one volume, elements that previously could be found only in a virtual library of knitting books. This wonderfully comprehensive book is an invaluable reference at any stage of a knitter's career. Its uses will multiply as the knitter progresses from the basics through the designing of an original knitted garment from scratch.

From the history of knitting to the details of constructing a sleeve cap, there has never been a knitting book as complete, as lavish, as easy to use and understand as Vogue Knitting - The Ultimate Knitting Book. Just some of the topics covered in this comprehensive book include: The history of knitting, which dates back to the ancient Egyptians; Knitting supplies, including a complete survey of types of yarns, needles and other knitting tools; Basic techniques, from how-to's for beginners to specialized applications for more experienced knitters; Precise explanations of knitting instructions - terminology, symbolcraft, abbreviations and clarification of some of the most commonly misunderstood instructions; Correction of errors - diagnostics and techniques; Circular and double-pointed knitting; Color knitting, covering intarsia, stranding, weaving and mosaic knitting; Professional blocking, assembling and finishing techniques and tricks; The proper care and treatment of the finished product; A stitch dictionary, including 120 of the most popular stitches, with charts and instructions; How to design a knitted garment - plan and execute an original design, starting with a specially devised worksheet; Embellishments - embroidery and knitting with beads and sequins.

Loaded with information on every conceivable aspect of technique, Vogue' Knitting also has two fashion sections - one a selection of up-to-the-minute designer sweater patterns including a "DKNY Fair Isle Top and Scarf", "Isacc Mizrahi Twin Set", "Oscar de la Renta Wrapped Cardigan", "Oscar de la Renta Pullover", "DKNY Tree Motif Cardigan" and a "Girl's Argyle Twin Set". The other set of designs is a modular system of sweaters written in 15 sizes for men, women and children.

Vogue Knitting - Caps & Hats

edited by Trisha Malcolm
5 3/4" x 7 1/4" Hardcover (95 pages)
1999, The Butterick Publishing Company
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

This little book includes 22 patterns for headwear of all shapes and colours. In Vogue Knitting - Caps & Hats you will find designs with names like: "Swirl Cap", "Beaded Pillbox", "Cabled Beret", "Oversized Cabled Hat","Stocking Cap", "Peruvian Cap", "Chenille Helmet", "Tasseled Ski Cap", "Scottish Tam", "Woolly Derby", "Tasseled Pull-On Cap", "Mosaic Fez", "Pansey Beret", "Cloche Hat", "Summer Straw Hat", "Harlequin Beret", "Watch Cap", "Cabled Hat", "Fisherman's Hat", "Jester's Cap", "Afghani Cap" and "Basketweave Cap".

Designs are presented, each with a full colour picture, detailed instructions and colour charts where required. There is also a section on the Basics of Knitting to help new knitters.

Vogue Knitting - Chunky Knits

edited by Trisha Malcolm
5 3/4" x 7 1/4" Hardcover (96 pages)
2001, SOHO Publishing Company
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

What could be more satisfying than knitting a complete garment - even an adult-sized one - in just one weekend? How about turning out a smart accessory in one afternoon, finishing a gift before it's due or simply completing that project you've started? Knitting with chunky yarns can make all these dreams - and more - come true. Like all designs featured in the Knitting on the Go series, the chunky-knits projects in this book make the most of busy schedules and precious spare time - and provide instant gratification, too!

This little book includes 23 designs with names like: "Colorblocked Turtleneck", "Woman's Vest", "Kilim Tote", "Back-Buttoned Top", "Striped Pullover", "Cashmere Cabled Hat", "Argyle Vest", "Cap-Sleeved Top", "Striped Pillows", "Turquoise Turtleneck", "Textured Turtleneck", "Hounds-Tooth", "Weekend Pullover", "Fringed Bag", "Child's Cabled Jacket", "Easy Sleeveless Turtleneck", "Child's Sweatshirt & Hat", "Marled Turtleneck", "Easy Scarf", "Braided Cable Pullover", "Cabled Sleeveless Turtleneck", "Helmet Hat" and "Entralac Wrap". Each design includes a full colour picture, detailed instructions and colour charts where required. There is also a section on Knitting Basics to help new knitters.

Vogue Knitting - Mittens & Gloves

edited by Trisha Malcolm
5 3/4" x 7 1/4" Hardcover (80 pages)
1999, The Butterick Publishing Company

This little book includes 20 patterns to keep your hands warm. In Vogue Knitting - Mittens & Gloves you will find designs with names like: "Basic Mittens", "Classic Gloves", "Short Ribbed Gloves", "Cashmere Cabled Gloves", "Three-Quarter Length Rib Gloves", "Fingerless Gloves", "Split-Finger Gloves", "Turkish Pattern Mittens", "Braided Gloves", "Embroidered Evening Gloves", "Cable Trellis Mittens", "Buttoned Rib Gloves", "Gauntlet Mittens", "Cable-Front Gloves", "Peruvian Patterned Gloves", "Felted Mittens", "Chevron Mittens", "Houndstooth Mittens", "Zebra-Print Gloves" and "Pom-Pom Mittens".

Designs are presented, each with a full colour picture, detailed instructions and colour charts where required. There is also a section on the Basics of Knitting to help new knitters.

Vogue Knitting - Pillows

edited by Trisha Malcolm
5 3/4" x 7 1/4" Hardcover (95 pages)
1998, The Butterick Publishing Company
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

This little book includes 20 patterns for pillows, bolsters and sachets. In Vogue Knitting - Pillows you will find designs with names like: "Berber Pillows", "Nordic Pillow", "Autumn Leaves", "Aran Pillows", "Cactus Flower Pillows", "Pom-Pop Pyramids", "Entrelac Pillow", "Chair Pillow", "Log Cabin Pillows", "Ruched Velvet Pillow", "Brocade Bolsters", "Navajo Pillows", "Chenille Cubes", "Lace Overlay", "Oak and Acorn Pillows", "Beach-House Pillows", "Safari Pillows", "Over-Embroidered Fulled Pillows", "Silk Lavender Sachets" and "Linen and Lace Pillows".

Designs are presented, each with a full colour picture, detailed instructions and colour charts where required. There is also a section on the Basics of Knitting to help new knitters.

Vogue Knitting - Scarves

edited by Trisha Malcolm
5 3/4" x 7 1/4" Hardcover (80 pages)
2002, Sixth & Spring Books

This little book includes 26 patterns for scarves, shawls, wraps, boas, and stoles. In Vogue Knitting - Scarves you will find designs with names like: "Pom-Pom Scarf", "Mock Cable-Ribbed Scarf", "Cabled Cashmere Scarf", "Diamond Leaf Scarf", "Textured Stripe Scarf", "Reversible Appliqued Wrap", "Fur Boa", "Triangular Scarf", "Cabled Cowl", "Ribbed Bias Collar", "Chevron-Patterned Scarf", "Geometric Scarf", "Sideways Scarf", "Lace and Leaves Wrap", "Antique Fan and Feather Stole", Rose Lace Stole", "Mosaic Stole", "Diagonal Block Scarf", "Gossamer Shawl", "Ribbon and Eyelet Scarf", "Hooded Scarf", "Leaf and Cable Scarf", "Fringed Turkish Scarf", ,"Child's Sheep Scarf", "Fair Isle Scarf" and "Dragonfly Shawl".

Designs are presented, each with a full colour picture, detailed instructions and colour charts where required. There is also a section on the Basics of Knitting to help new knitters.

Vogue Knitting - Socks

edited by Trisha Malcolm
5 3/4" x 7 1/4" Hardcover (95 pages)
1998, The Butterick Publishing Company

This little book includes 20 sock patterns ranging from heavy-duty winter socks to tennis and lacy socks for the summer. In Vogue Knitted Socks you will find designs with names like: "Turkish Socks", "Leaf Socks", "Lealt Socks", "Hiking Socks", "Argyle Socks", "Heathered Fair-Isle Socks", "Wimbledon Socks", "Boot Socks", "Baby Argyles", "Lumberjack Socks", "Zigzag Socks", "Ladybug Socks", "Girl's Lacy Socks", "Cabled Knee-Highs", "Nordic Knee-Highs", "Holly Leaf Socks", "Abstract Anklets", "Yoruba Man's Socks", "Bed Socks" and "Corrugated Socks". Designs from the Middle East, Africa, Scotland and other parts of the world are presented, each with a full colour picture, detailed instructions and colour charts where required. There is also a section on the Basics of Knitting Socks to help new knitters.

Vogue Knitting - Socks Two

edited by Trisha Malcolm
5 3/4" x 7 1/4" Hardcover (88 pages)
2002, The Butterick Publishing Company
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

This sequel to the book above includes another 20 patterns to quence the socknitters thirst. In this book you will find designs with names like: "Penguin Slipper Socks", Domino Square Socks", "Lavender Lace Socks", "Two-Needle Socks", "Striped Patchwork Socks". "Girl's Anklet Socks", "Diamond Lattice Socks", "Striped Sheep Socks", "Slipper Socks", "Rib and Panel Socks", "Basic Ribbed Socks", "Zig Zag Socks", "Child's Bee Slippers", "Baby Eyelet or Cable Socks", "Textured Socks", "Child's Fair Isle Cuff Socks", "Men's Cable Socks", "Kid's Striped Socks" and "Medieval Knee Socks". Like the first book, each pattern includes a full colour picture, detailed instructions and colour charts where required. The section on the Basics of Knitting Socks is also included to help new knitters.

Vogue Knitting - Teen Knits

edited by Trisha Malcolm
5 3/4" x 7 1/4" Hardcover (95 pages)
2001, SOHO Publishing Company
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

The sweaters, cardigans and delightful accessories in this book have been designed with a keen eye on what it means to be a teen - and how an age group that spans only a few years can include such an enormous variety of personalities and tastes. From funky to feminine, bold to basic, these designs have risen to the challenge of providing something to suit every teen's style. But they don't stop there. Each pattern offers a starting point from which you can let your imagination - and your teen's - run wild. Experiment with yarns, colours, stitch patterns, shapes and lengths until you create the piece that is as one-of-a-kind as your teen!

The 21 patterns in this book include: "Drawstring Top and Skirt", "Fingerless Glove", "Crop Top", "Chunky Turtleneck", "Striped Stocking Cap", "Easy Garter Cardigan", "Houndstooth Vest", "Embroidered Cardigan", "Sleeveless Mohair Pullover", "Cropped Cable Pullover", "Boy's Weekend Pullover", "Spiral Cap", "Pink Pullover", "Tube Top", "Flower Power Pullover", "Cozy Scarf and Hat", "Boy's Ribbed Pullover", "Drawstring Lace Cardigan", "Mohair Jacket", "Felted Bag" and "Graphic Pullover". Each design is shown in a full colour picture, detailed instructions and colour charts where required. There is also a section on the Basics of Knitting to help new knitters.

Vogue Knitting - Vests

edited by Trisha Malcolm
5 3/4" x 7 1/4" Hardcover (95 pages)
2001, SOHO Publishing Company
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

What great outfit can't be made better with a vest? Each of the 21 projects in this book have been designed to capitalize on colour, texture and above all, the moments in each day - perhaps on the train, on a lunch break or during a favorite TV show - that can be devoted to a few rows of knitting. Whether knitting for yourself, your spouse, your child or a friend, you'll find inspiration within these pages.

The designs in this book include: "Pattern Stitch Vest", "Man's Fair Isle Vest", "Kid's Terrier Vest", "Red Vest with Lapels", "Bi-Color Vest", "Textured Toggle Vest", "Baby Fair Isle", Hooded Vest", "Boy's Cable Vest", "Diamond Lace Vest", "Fourth of July Vest", "Checked Pullover", "Cable Vest", "Belted Tabard", "Double-Zippered Vest", "Striped Basketweave Vest", "Kangaroo Pouchvest", "Traditional Man's Vest", "Man's Tweed Vest", "Girl's Fair Isle Vest" and "Christmas Vest". Each design is shown in a full colour picture, detailed instructions and colour charts where required. There is also a list of resources and a section on the Basics of Knitting to help new knitters.

Wee Knits

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 8 1/2" Softcover (35 pages)
2000, Mission Falls

What greater joy is there than knitting for a baby? Whether for your own, or a friend's; a hand-knit for a "wee one" will be cherished long after it has been outgrown. Babies are so wonderful to design for. They don't worry if a sweater goes with their winter coat or ... if they have shoes to match or if it's "cool". They just enjoy all the cooing and cuddling caused by looking do adorable in a snugly, soft knit.

The author's main objective in producing this book was that all of "Wee Knits" designs be fun and easy. When knitting for babies odds are that you are on a deadline. It ought to be fun, fast and look ahhh-some!

The 12 patterns in this wonderful book will enable you to build a wardrobe for the little ones in your life and who knows? You might even learn a new technique or two. Knitting these small items are a perfect way to stretch your knitting wings.

This pattern book from Mags Kandis at Mission Falls includes full instructions for the original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn. Alternatively Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn can be substituted to make a heavier garment. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, Duet, East + West, For Him and Her, Harvest, Homecoming, The Illustrator, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.

Wee Knits Too

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 8 1/2" Softcover (30 pages)
2002, Mission Falls

Mag Kandis has done it again! The response to the original Wee Knits pattern book was incredible and she has answered the call from knitters all over the world for more. The small pieces, fun colours, simple shapes and whimsical motifs percolate all the "warm & fuzzy" feelings that knitting brings.

The 12 patterns in this wonderful book will enable you to build a wardrobe for the little ones in your life and who knows? You might even learn a new technique or two. Knitting these small items are a perfect way to stretch your knitting wings.

This pattern book from Mags Kandis at Mission Falls includes full instructions for 10 original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn and 2 with 1824 Wool yarn (Moo & Ribby Bits). The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, Duet, East + West, For Him and Her, Harvest, Homecoming, The Illustrator, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits and Wee Knits 3.

Wee Knits 3

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 8 1/2" Softcover (34 pages)
2007, Mission Falls

Mag Kandis has added 12 more patterns with this third book in the Wee Knits saga. The response to the original pattern books was incredible and once more she has delivered more beautiful baby designs.

The 12 patterns in this wonderful book will enable you to expand your babies wardrobe. As in previous books, knitting these small items are a perfect way to stretch your knitting wings.

This pattern book from Mags Kandis at Mission Falls includes full instructions for 12 original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, Duet, East + West, For Him and Her, Harvest, Homecoming, The Illustrator, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits and Wee Knits Too.

Weekend Knitting: 50 Unique Projects and Ideas

Melanie Falick
9" x 10" Hardcover (176 pages)
2003, Stewart, Tabori & Chang
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Knitting is more popular today than it has been for decades - it's been called "the hot new hobby" and even "the new yoga." Modern knitters are rediscovering this age-old craft - sprinkling it with their own brand of individuality - and basking in the joy of making something beautiful with their hands. The latest generation of knitters thrives on quick projects that are creative and relaxing and balance out their fast-paced lives. Knittinbg has become a lifestyle choice - a low-tech antidote in a high-tech culture.

For Weekend Knitting, best-selling author Melanie Falick brings together a treasure trove of unique and innovative projects, many of which can be completed in a singe weekend. She rounds out the collection of projects with quotes about knitting, creativity and balanced living from such diverse sources as Virginia Woolf, Pablo Picasso and Saint Francis of Assisi, plus special features on fun and stress-reducing activities like watching a knitting-themed film festival, reading books with knitting characters, giving a soothing hand massage and making decadent, French-style hot chocolate and butter cookies from scratch.

Contributed by an international team of toip designers, including Debbie Bliss, Jo Sharp, Deborah Newton, Kristin Nicholas, Pam Allen and Nicky Epstein, the projects in Weekend Knitting range from soft chenille washcloths, whimsical egg cozies, colourful backgammon and checkerboards, and lace chair seats to cozy socks and mittens, fluffy mohair shawls, sophisticated hemp baby sweaters, curly-toed booties, a felted farmer's market bag, and a luxurious cashmere pullover. All of the instructions are written in a clear, detailed format that assures satisfying results for the beginner to the advanced knitter.

Weekend Knitting is beautifully and simply photographed by Ericka McConnell in and around real homes to evoke the perfect weekend most knitters long for - a calm pause for lovely scenery, fresh air, good friends, delicious food, and plenty of time for knitting.

Weekend Knitting collects 50 unique, innovative projects and ideas for the beginning and intermediate level knitter, many of which can be made in a weekend or less. The list of designs include "Reverse-Bloom Flower Washcloths", "Turtleneck Egg Cozies", "Fluffy Afghan Lap Blanket", "Lace-Edged Pillowcases", "Argyle Slippers", "Diamond Chair Cushions", "Willow-Lace Chair Seat", "Floral-Oat Pillow Pair", "Farmer's Market Bag", "Backgammon and Checkers Travel Sets", "Lopi Lace Scarf", "Brioche Scarf, Hat and Neck Warmer", "Unisex Knock-Around Cashmere Pullover", "Berkshire Pullover", "Cache-Coeur Bergamo", "Perfect Pie Shawl", "Union Square Shawl/Poncho", "Fluffy Lace Camasole and Pull-Off Cowl", "Fingerless Mitts", "Garter-Cuff Gloves and Mitts", "Super Mittens", "Cozy Armchair Socks", "Petticoat Socks", "Look-Back Leggings", "Felted Stash Accessories Bag", "Uptown Scarf", "Almost-Famous Luggy Bonnet", "Curly-Toed Elf Slippers", "Baby Blanket and Pig-Tailed Dolly", "Baby's Pure & Simple Pullover & Cardigan", "Denim Family Tunic" and "Nursery Rhyme Finger Puppets".

The author has also written America Knits, Handknit Holidays, Kids Knitting and Knitting in America.

Weldon's Practical Needlework - Volume 2

PieceWork Magazine
9 1/4" x 12" Hardcover (152 pages)
2000, Interweave Press, Inc.

This book opens a window on another time and another place. The time is the turn of the twentieth century and the place is London, England. In an effort to bring needlework to a then emerging middle class, several companies in the late 1800s in London began publishing patterns and instructions for various needlework projects. Unlike other magazines available at the time, which ran one or two needlework projects in an issue filled with other editorial (including fiction, recipes and housekeeping hints), these new publications were devoted solely to needlework.

Weldon's began publishing monthly newsletters in 1885, each 14 pages long and covering one technique. These were available by subscription for 2 pence and were later in 1888 were combined into a series of books titled Weldon's Practical Needlework, each consisting of 12 issues of the newsletter bound together with a cloth cover costing 2 shilling/6 pence.

PieceWork magazine is pleased to present this limited edition, exact reproduction (neither alterations nor corrections were made in the original) of Weldon's Practical Needlework, Volume 2. It is a fitting example of needlework and history, hand in hand.

Volume 2 includes the following newsletters: "Practical Stocking Knitter (3rd series)", "Practical Cross-Stitch (1st series)", "Practical Crewel Work (1st series)", "Practical Bazaar Articles (1st series)", "Practical Knitter (5th series)", "Practical Crochet (4th series)", "Practical Smocking (1st series)", "Practical Applique Work (1st series)", "Practical Netting (1st series)", "Practical Macrame Lace (3rd series)", "Practical Crochet (5th series)" and the "Practical Knitter (6th series)". Many black and white line drawings illustrate this volume which provides a fascinating glimpse into the past.

If you like these knitting patterns, you may be interested in Knitting Vintage Socks - New Twists on Classic Patterns.

Weldon's Practical Needlework - Volume 3

PieceWork Magazine
9 1/4" x 12" Hardcover (152 pages)
2000, Interweave Press, Inc.

This is the third volume is the Weldon's series (see above for more information) and includes the following newsletters: "Practical Knitter (7th, 8th and 9th series)", "Practical Crochet-Macrame (1st, 2nd and 3rd series)", "Practical Netting (2nd and 3rd series)", "Practical Smocking (2nd series)", "Practical Patchwork (2nd series)", "Practical Decorative Needlework (1st series)" and "Practical Crochet (6th series)".

If you like these knitting patterns, you may be interested in Knitting Vintage Socks - New Twists on Classic Patterns.

Wendy Knits - My Never-Ending Adventures in Yarn

by Wendy D. Johnson
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (224 pages)
2006, Plume Publishing
$18.95 Canadian ($15.95 US)

In this warm, wise, and witty memoir, Wendy D. Johnson takes a look at her lifelong obsession with "casting on" as she chronicles her journey from a crudely self-taught, left-handed beginner to one of the world's most prolific knitters - not to mention premier knitting bloggers.

From the virtues of learning how to knit the perfect sock, to the compulsive need to stash exquisite skeins of yarn in every crevice of one's home, this is the perfect book for every knitter. Wendy also offers tips for avoiding errors, thoughts on knitting gifts for others, and more than twenty original patterns for knitters of every level of expertise: from the ridiculous and irreverent (a cell phone cozy) to the absolutely sublime (your very own luxurious Nordic style pullover).

Winter White Knits - 5 Designs to Knit

by Nicky Epstein
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover Pamphlet (8 pages)
1998, Carolina Country House

If you are a very experienced knitter and a devoted fan of the author, you may have fun with this leaflet of instructions for the "White on White Afghan", "Cross Cable Pullover", "Adult Hat and Mitten Set" and "Child's Hat". The afghan has wonderful details on each of the individual blocks and the arrangement of the blocks themselves is striking.

The author's other books include: Cover Up, Fabulous Felted Bags, The Knit Hat Book, Knits for Barbie Doll, Knitted Flowers, Knitting Beyond the Edge, Knitting for your Home, Knitting Never Felt Better, Knitting on the Edge, Knitting on Top of the World, Knitting Over the Edge and Nicky Epstein's Knitted Embellishments.

Woolcraft This Morning - 32 Fabulous Designs

edited by Liz Bloor
7 1/2" x 9 3/4" Softcover (136 pages)
1993, BBC Books
$18.95 Canadian ($15.95 US)

All the Beautiful and original designer patterns you ever dreamed of making are gloriously presented here, as featured in Britain's top daytime program This Morning. Detailed step-by-step instructions guide you through this fabulous collection of different woolcrafts from machine knitting, embroidery, crochet and cross-stitch to rugs and patchwork. Illustrated throughout in colour and black & white, this stylish and imaginative collection of 32 superb designs will enable you to look elegant or decorate your home beautifully, and provide wonderful ideas for gifts for friends and family. The book is broken down into sections for Handknitting, Machine Knitting, Crochet and Stitching.

The Handknitting section of the book features some of Britain's best knitwear designers and shows a vast array of techniques and designs. Using traditional techniques are Alice Starmore with her beautiful Fair Isle "Marina" design, Rohana Darlington with her " Rose Trellis Sweater" Aran Sweater and Debbie Bliss, who brings a new twist to Aran using unusual colours in her design for little ones with her Baby Aran Cardigan, Hat & Shoes". Lesley Conroy concentrates on the original wools with her stunning animal knit " Irish Moiled Jacket" and Marion Foale brings a high fashion element with her simple "Bill Cardy" gansey for men. Jamie Seaton's "Saints Design Cardigan" uses intarsia to stunning effect whilst Melinda Coss takes a fresh took at mohair with her "Triangle Coat". Gary Kennedy's simple but very effective "Postman Pat" jumper design is one that all children will love.

The Machine Knitting section includes 8 unique designs. Children's designs are very popular and Sally-Anne Elliott has a beautiful "Baby Guernsey" while Anna Davenport has some clever mouse designs called "The Happy Couple". The Fair Isle tradition has given inspiration to John Allen for his "Classic Fair Isle Cardigan" while Sophie Schellenberg's " Fritillary Jumper" design shows the influence of the Yorkshire countryside in which she lives. Both Hilary Highet with her "Botany Waistcoat" and Ruth Herring with her "Lamberan" vest have gone for a high fashion approach whilst Mary Davis uses sumptuous silks to create her stunning "Machine Knitted Jacket with Silk Fabric Woven In" design. There is also an opportunity for those wanting to experiment with yarns and their machines, to create Vikki Haffenden's "Machine Knitted and Felted Cushion Cover" which is a visual delight.

The Crochet section includes 4 patterns from well known designers. Lesley Conroy has been an avid enthusiast of crochet since she was five and this is revealed in her distinctive "Yoked Mungo Jacket" design. Julia Jones brings back memories of the sixties with her bright fun "Fuchsia Pink Camisole" and Linda Parkhouse shows the versatility of crochet with her warm chunky Ladies' Crochet Jacket. Mary Konior is a leading specialist in the traditional art of filet crochet and her work like her "Collar in Filet Crochet" is very intricate and beautiful.

The Stitching section of this book includes: "Autumn Rose Cushion" by Kaffe Fassett, "Strawberry Tea Cosy" by Glorafilia, "Hooky Rug" by Ann Davies, "Victorian Tile Patchwork" cushion by Freda Parker, "Appliqued Drawstring Bag" by Jane Walmsley, "A Small Treasure Bag" by Gail Harker, "Fabric Picture" by Ariella Green, "Velvet Embroidered Collar" by Paddy Killer, "Daisy Cushion" by Lois Vickers, "Embroidered Picture" by Linda McDevitt, "Christening Sampler" by Angela Wainwright and "The Lion and the Unicorn" by Julie Hasler.

Woolly Thoughts - How to Unlock Your Creative Genius

by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer
7" x 9 3/4" Softcover (128 pages)
1994, Souvenir Press

If you are put off by all the rules that most knitting books impose on you, forget them and try knitting in squares. Step-by-step instructions and drawings show you how to cast on, knit, cast off and sew up. If you have never knitted before you will be able to make yourself a jersey after reading the first section. If you are an experienced knitter, you will find hundreds of ideas for designs, yarns and textures. The possibilities are endless, and the more you explore the more inventive you will become.

Written by two mathematics teachers, one a keen knitter, the other an illustrator, Woolly Thoughts uses mathematical principles to make knitting in squares work every time. Everything you knit will be the right size, no matter how tightly or loosely you knit. Forget about conventional knitting patterns. Turn to patchwork knitting and give your imagination free rein.

Other books by the author's include: Creating Knitwear Designs, Making Knitwear Fit and No Pattern Knits - Simple Modular Techniques for Making Wonderful Garments and Accessories.

Work in Progress Journal

by Franklin Habit
8" x 11" Softcover (112 pages)
2010, Interweave Press
$12.95 Canadian ($10.95 US)

The Work in Progress Journal provides everything a knitter needs to keep track of knitting patterns, yarns, and even original designs.

The first half features blank pages for sketches and notes, and the second half includes knitter's graph paper for charting motifs and designs. A satin ribbon marks the page when the journal is stowed.

World of Knitted Toys

by Kath Dalmeny
7 1/2" x 10 1/2" Softcover (128 pages)
2001, David & Charles
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

Welcome to a World of Adorable Knitted Animals!

Animals from every corner of the globe have inspired this wonderful collection of more than 50 toys designed to be knitted in two sizes - Clutch, perfect for a child's hand to hold and Cuddle, big enough to be hugged. From penguins to parrots and rhinos to kangaroo, these cheerful creatures are just waiting to become someone's best friend.

The 50 designs in this book are broken into 7 themes: In the Jungle: "South American Indian", "Spider Monkey", "Snake", "Tiger Cub", "Gorilla", "Orang Utan", and "Parrot"; Australian Outback: "Australian Sheep Farmer", "Merino Sheep", "Koala", "Duck-Billed Platypus", "Wombat" and "Kangaroo"; Down on the Farm: "Farmer", "Highland Bull", "Pigs and Piglets", "Cat", "Mallard Duck" and "Chicken"; The Deep Blue Sea: "Pearl Fisherman", "Dolphin", "Shark", "Killer Whale", "Turtle", "Octopus" and "Clownfish"; Forest Friends: "Canadian Mountie", "Grizzly Bear", "Beaver", "Racoon", "Chipmunk" and "Moose"; On Safari: "Park Ranger", "Zebra", "The Lion Family", "Rhinoceros", "Elephant" and "Warthog"; The Snowy Regions: "Eskimo", "Husky Dog", "Fish", "Penguins", "Seal", "Walrus" and "Polar Bear". The author also explains how with slight pattern/colour variations of the other designs, additional creatures can be produced. A design for a "Sea Lion" and "Panda" are used as examples of this.

The clear instructions, easy-to-follow knitting patterns and step-by-step guide to the main knitting techniques and basic stitches bring every one of the designs within the reach of even a complete beginner.

Wrap Style: Innovative to Traditional - 24 Inspirational Shawls, Ponchos, and Capelets to Knit and Crochet

by Pam Allen & Ann Budd
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (160 pages)
2005, Interweave Press
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

You're seeing them everywhere lately, from magazine covers to high-fashion runways - shawls, ponchos, and capelets are all the rage because they look fabulous on everyone, no matter the occasion!

Following in the footsteps of the extraordinarily popular Scarf Style, Wrap Style is a collection of 24 classic and contemporary wraps from 18 knitwear designers, including Lily Chin, Teva Durham, Nicky Epstein, Norah Gaughan, Deborah Newton, and Jo Sharp. The designs for these ponchos, capes, stoles, and capelets vary from simple to challenging and explore shape and silhouette possibilities in a host of techniques including stitch patterns, color work, lace, beads, crochet, and felt.

The designs in this book include: "Asymmetry", "Rap on Stripes", "Spiral Shell", "Moon Beads", "Green Sleeves", "Tzarina Wrap", "Chanson en Crochet", "Shetland Triangle", "Grand Plan Top-Down Capelets, "Nordic Lights", "Wandering Aran Fields", "Off-Center Argyle", "Tapestry Garden", "Shoulder Cozy", "Cashmere Crossings", "Viva la Poncho", "Wrapped in Tradition", Fluted Ribs", "Twisty Turns", "Guinevere", "Shadow Dance", "Enchante", "Tailored Froth" and "Victorian Velvet".

Also included is a "grand plan top-down capelet" ahtt gives the reader a template for choosing their own yarn and stitch pattern. In addition it includes an in-depth chapter on designing and a clearly illustrated glossary that provides all the information necessary for even a novice knitter to successfully create one-of-a-kind fashions. This book is richly illustrated with 120 color photographs, 30 color illustrations and 24 diagrams.

Pam Allen has also written Bag Style, Knitting for Dummies and Scarf Style while Ann Budd wrote: Bag Style, Knitted Gifts, The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, The Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, The Knitter's Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements, Knitting Green and Simple Style.

The Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits

by Julie Carles & Jordana Jacobs
7 3/4" x 10 1/4" Hardcover (160 pages)
2002, Clarkson Potter
$36.95 Canadian ($30.95 US)

In their bustling New York City yarn shop, Julie Carles and Jordana Jacobs - a.k.a. the Yarn Girls - have helped thousands of new and lapsed knitters rediscover the pleasure of knitting. Forget frumpy worsted wools and tiny needles; here are the gorgeous, wearable styles you've been looking for, with patterns that knit up so fast even inexperienced knitters can start a project on Saturday and wea it to work on Monday morning. Made on big needles (sizes 9 to 36) and with a wide range of the chunky, luxurious new yarns that are now available, they couldn't be easier to create, or more fun to wear.

The yarn girls have selected thirty of their most popular basic-but-beautiful projects in a range of must-have styles, from trendy funnel-necks and classic cardigans to sexy tanks. Each project includes pointers to ensure that the finished project will fit properly and look like a million bucks. There are also patterns for creating accessories such as hats and scarves, as well as something for the guys and cozy throws for the home. Each pattern is designed to reinforce the fundamentals of knitting and help tentative knitters gain confidence. Clearly illustrated sections on techniques, plus a glossary and the Yarn Girls' helpful tips throughout, practically guarantee a successful outcome the very first time

While the designs in this book are instant classics, the names shown the imagination of the designers. Projects in this book include crewneck pullovers like: "don't be a football widow", "the weekend warrior" and "trick or treat"; cardigans like: "the problem solver", "give the people what they want" and "a craving to knit"; funnel-neck pullovers like: "even daniele did it", "a tempting turtleneck" and "funky funnel-neck fun"; v-neck pullovers like: "stripes are stars", "not your standard-issue sweatshirt" and "bare that belly"; tank tops like: "oooh baby", "sexy summer tank" and "summer in the city"; men's sweaters like: "he'll wear it every day", "the compromise" and "the exception to the rule"; hats like: "jeff's striped hat", "the knitting club's hat" and "feeling fuzzy"; scarves like: "hole-in-one", "airy wrap" and "the chunkiest of the chunky"; ponchos like: "easy, breezy, beautiful", "winter poncho" and "rectangles only"; and throws like: "bulky blanket", "design your own throw" and "how deena got her ooohs and aaahs".

Yarn Harlot - The Secret Life of a Knitter

by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
5" x 7" Softcover (220 pages)
2005, Andrews McMeel Publishing
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

Over 50 million people in America knit. The average knitter spends between $500 and $1,700 a year on yarn, patterns, needles, and books. No longer just a fad or a hobby, knitting has advanced to a lifestyle.

Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter moves beyond instructions and patterns into the purest elements of knitting: obsession, frustration, reflection, and fun. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's humorous and poignant essays find humor in knitting an enormous afghan that requires a whopping 30 balls of wool, having a husband with size 13 feet who loves to wear hand-knit socks, and earns her yarn harlot title with her love of any new yarn-she'll quickly drop an old project for the fresh saucy look of a new interesting yarn. Other knitting escapades include fleeing from a yarn thieving squirrel, dismantling a car to find a vital needle, and what it feels like to wrap a newborn baby in the work of your own hands, this book exposes the extreme sport of knitting, an adventure that can be fulfilling, exasperating, and wickedly funny.

Since the upsurge in knitting began in the early '90s, the number of women under 45 who knit has doubled. Knitting is no longer a hobby for just grandmothers - women and men of all ages are embracing this art. Describing its allure is best left to the author who explains: "It is a well-known fact that knitting is a sparkling form of entertainment, as spiritual as yoga, as relaxing as a massage, and as funny as Erma Bombeck trapped in a PTA meeting."

Other books by the author include At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much, Casts Off - The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting, Knitting Rules - The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks and Things I Learned from Knitting ... whether I wanted to or not.

Yarns to Dye For - Creating Self-Patterning Yarns for Knitting

by Kathleen Taylor
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (101 pages)
2005, Interweave Press
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

Create self-patterning yarn like the pros!

Do you love those expensive, imported yarns that magically knit up into graduated bands of color, stripes, Fair Isle and zigzag patterns? Yarns to Dye For offers an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to dye your own self-patterning yarns-no other book details this intriguing process. Kathleen Taylor guides you through each step: selecting yarns and equipment, wrapping and tying skeins and balls for dyeing, painting and dyeing yarns, and knitting quick and simple garments that show off your marvelous yarns.

Projects in this book include: "Cute as a Button" child's hat mitts and scarf, "Winter Frost Hat and Mittens", "Autumn Sparkle Mittens, Headband & Scarf", "Wine-Stained Cables Hat and Scarf", "School's Out Summer Shell", "Cool Blues Summer Shell", "Garden Colors Pillow Tops", "Harbor Lights Leg Warmer Set", "Child's Watermelon Socks", "Ladies' Watermelon Socks", "Autumn Stripes Socks", "Spring Stripes Socks", "Forest Trails Socks", "Midnight Garden Socks", "No-Slip Slipper Socks", "Keyhole Scarf", "Tassel-Top Earflap Hats", "Wee Winter Mittens", "Asymmetrical Vest", "Carnival Colors Fingerless Gloves", "Carnival Colors Gloves" and "Carnival Colors Wristbands".

Each pattern shows the finished design in a full page colour photograph and then provides complete dyeing and knitting instructions. In addition design ideas for variations and improvising are included.

YNotKnit: Step-by-Step Instructions for Continental Knitting & Knitting Basics

by Jill & Susan Wolcott
6" x 9" Spiralbound Softcover (107 pages)
2006, Y2Knit
$21.95 Canadian ($17.95 US)

This book is the must-have guide for new or experienced knitters wanting to learn the Continental knitting method.

Continental knitting, or knitting with the yarn in your left hand, is more ergonomic and easier on your hands and arms, as well as more accommodating when knitting in small spaces, making it the perfect method for knitting on airplanes, public transportation, or while waiting anywhere.

YNotKnit contains over 100 pages of step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, and exercises and projects that are easy to follow, making this the perfect guide for any knitter.

This book is perfect for all knitters whether they are a beginner or experienced. Small enough to take along anywhere, the illustrations, step-by-step instructions, exercises and projects make learning the art of "picking" a breeze. Also, for beginners, there are great tips for casting on, binding off, starting new yarn, knitting in the ends and much, much more. For experienced knitters, this skill is a must have for two color knitting.

A Yorkshire Fable

by Kim Hargreaves
8 1/4" x 11 3/4" Softcover (99 pages)
2003, Rowan Yarns

This book contains 30 superb ROWAN tweed knitting patterns from the Yorkshire textile region of England, featuring renowned designers Kim Hargreaves, Sasha Kagan, Louisa Harding, Lucinda Guy and more. Includes knitwear and accessories for men and women.

Designs in this book include: "Bilberry", "Bobbie", "Breeze", "Bronte", "Cable Rose", "Charlotte", "Col", "Ernest", "Hepworth", "Home Sweet Home", "Honesty", "Jane", "Jess", "Joseph", "Kirkby", "Love Birds", "Merry", "Miller", "Mist", "Moor", "Oakworth", "Perkins", "Renaissance", "Sailor Stripe", "Sampler", "Stocksmoor", "Tiny Flower", "Wetherby", "Willow", "Windswept" and "Wispy".

Other books by the author include The Kim Hargreaves Collection, Pipsqueaks and A Season's Tale.

Zen and the Art of Knitting - Exploring the Links Between Knitting, Spirituality and Creativity

by Bernadette Murphy
5 1/4" x 7" Softcover (212 pages)
2002, Adams Media Corporation

Knitters, their loved ones, and others who are curious about the power of the craft of knitting will be rewarded with answers in this enjoyable and enlightening book. Drawing on the stories of scores of knitters, her personal experience, and scientific and religious research, the author succeeds in her goal of painting "a broad picture of what it means to knit" and "the many ways knitting can enhance a life" and be used as a path to one's higher self.

The ten chapters in this book include: "Knitting Myself Back Together", "Feeding the Soul", "Resting the Mind", "Ripening the Intellect", "Contented Soul", "Creative Spirit", "Wise Heart", "Warming the Body" and "Grateful Nature". Each is introduced with a simple pattern stitch and concluded with "Try This" an interesting idea for a project that connects with the chapter theme. The appendix includes helpful suggestions for neophytes on "How to Get Started", "Finding a Local Knitting Shop", "Learning Through Others" and a "Basic Get-Going Pattern for a sleeveless, seamless roll-neck sweater.


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