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Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply is pleased to offer the following books on weaving and spinning related topics. These books range from ones providing the basics of weaving and warping for beginners to volumes describing advanced techniques for the experienced weaver to pattern books which provide suggestions on which project to attempt next. Links are provided from some titles to more detailed descriptions and pictures of the book.

Also note that occasionally books and videos become unavailable or a new source for out of print book/videos is located. While we will try to provide books out of our inventory and/or can order them from our suppliers, sometimes this may not be possible. We will advise if a situation like this exists when you place your order, or you can contact us and we will verify availability before you order. Prices are shown in both Canadian and US dollars. Other Master and Detailed Book/Video lists are available at:

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Book/Video Title Author Price
Beads & Braids Jacqui Carey $59.95 $49.95
Best of Weaver's - Thick'n Thin edited by Madelyn van der Hoogt $35.95 $29.95
Braids and Beyond - A Broad Look at Narrow Wares Jacqui Carey $23.95 $19.95
Brocade: Shuttlecraft Guild Monograph 22 Harriet Tidball $11.95 $9.95
Card Weaving Russell Groff $16.95 $13.95
Card Weaving Candace Crockett $34.95 $26.95
Cards for Cardweaving Set of 25 (quantity discounts) $9.25 to $6.50 $6.95 to $4.95
Color and Fiber Patricia Lambert, Barbara Staepelaere & Mary G. Fry $59.95 $49.95
Color and Texture in Weaving Margo Selby $33.95 $27.95
Contemporary Costume: Strictly Handwoven Harriet Tidball $12.95 $10.95
Contemporary Tapestry: Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph 12 Harriet Tidball $12.95 $10.95
The Crackle Weave - 1989 Revised Edition Mary Snyder $15.95 $12.95
Creative Kumihimo Jacqui Carey $47.95 $39.95
A Cut Above: Couture Clothing for Fibre Artists Virginia West $25.95 $21.95
Design and the Handweaver Mary M. Atwater $12.95 $10.95
Design Collection 4: Outerwear Handwoven Magazine $11.95 $9.95
Design Collection 7: Simple Styles Handwoven Magazine $11.95 $9.95
Design Collection 10: Terrific Table Toppers Handwoven Magazine $12.95 $10.95
Design Collection 12: Great Cover-Ups Handwoven Magazine $12.95 $10.95
Design Collection 13: Super Simple Tops Handwoven Magazine $11.95 $9.95
Design Collection 14: Weaving for Baby Handwoven Magazine $11.95 $9.95
Design Collection 17: Jackets and Pullovers Handwoven Magazine $11.95 $9.95
Design Collection 20: Weekend Weaving Projects Handwoven Magazine $25.95 $21.95
District Tartans Gordon Teall $23.95 $19.95
Double Weave: Plain and Patterned Harriet Tidball $12.95 $10.95
Extended Manifold Twill Weaves - editor V. Harvey W. Bateman $19.95 $16.95
Finnish American Rag Rugs - Art, Tradition & Ethnic Continuity Yvonne R. Lockwood $35.95 $29.95
Forgotten Pennsylvania Textiles of the 18th and 19th Centuries Marjie Thompson, Kathleen L. Grant and Alan G. Keyse $21.95 $17.95
From Weaving to Knitting Elizabeth Lang $23.95 $19.95
A Guide to Navajo Weavings Kent McManis & Robert Jeffries $12.95 $10.95
Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving Betty Linn Davenport $30.95 $25.95
The Handweaver's Pattern Directory - Over 600 Weaves for 4-Shaft Looms Anne Dixon $47.50 $36.95
A Handweaver's Source Book Marguerite P. Davison $39.95 $32.95
Handwoven magazine Back Issues Various Various
Handwoven Baby Blankets Tom Knisely $28.95 $23.95
Handwoven Design Collections Handwoven Magazine Various Various
How to Make Your Own Hammock!
(includes $10 Gift Certificate for Hammock Kit)
Lukas Meuter $16.95 $15.95
I Weave, You Weave - Book for Beginners Leclerc Looms $18.95 $16.95
The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers - Peter Collingwood Special Edition Peter Collingwood $19.95 $16.95
Kumi Himo: Techniques of Japanese Plaiting Jules & Kaethe Kliot $15.95 $12.95
Learning to Weave: Revised Edition Deborah Chandler $39.95 $35.95
Linen - From Flax Seed to Woven Cloth Linda Heinrich $55.95 $49.95
Magical Materials to Weave Lotte Dalgaard $30.95 $25.95
The Maker's Hand Peter Collingwood $30.95 $25.95
Making Kumihimo: Japanese Interlaced Braids Rodrick Owen $34.95 $28.95
Master Weaver Series - Volumes 1 to 22 S. A. Zielinski, edited by Robert Leclerc $18.95 each

$365 for 22 volume set
$16.95 each

$325 for 22 volume set
Mexican Motifs: Shuttle Craft Monograph 6 Harriet Tidball $10.95 $8.95
More Linen Heirlooms Constance D. Gallagher $21.95 $17.95
More Loom-Controlled Double Weave Paul R. O'Connor $31.95 $26.95
Navajo Weaving - Sharing the Technique and Tradition (DVD Video - 231 Minutes) Maloney & Clark $33.95 $27.95
Navajo Weaving Today Nancy Schiffer $16.95 $13.95
Next Steps in Weaving Pattie Graver $33.95 $27.95
Norwegian Tapestry Weaving Maria Brekke Koppen $59.95 $49.95
Park Weaves: Based on Dr. William Bateman's Manuscript V Harvey - editor $19.95 $16.95
Pattern Weaving Rabbit Goody $23.95 $19.95
Peru: Textiles Unlimited - Shuttle Craft Guild Monographs 25 & 26 Harriet Tidball $13.95 $11.95
Peter Collingwood Special Edition - The Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers Peter Collingwood $19.95 $16.95
Planned and Unplanned: Creative Handwoven Clothing Pat White & Isa Vogel $23.95 $19.95
Rag Rug Handbook Janet Meany $37.95 $29.95
Rep Weaves - 27 Projects Using New and Classic Patterns Laila Lundell $34.95 $28.95
Rural Pennsylvania German Weaving 1833-1857 Tandy & Charles Hersch $39.95 $32.95
Sectional Warping Made Easy R. E. Groff $15.95 $12.95
Shaped Tapestry Kathe Todd-Hooker $30.95 $25.95
Shuttle-Craft Guild Monographs various authors - -
Simple Weaves Birgitta Bengtsson Bjork $30.95 $25.95
Sprang Unsprung Carol James $30.95 $25.95
Tablet Weaving Cards Set of 25 (quantity discounts) $9.25 to $6.50 $6.95 to $4.95
Tablet-Woven Accents for Designer Fabrics Inge Dam $46.95 $38.95
Tartan Weaver's Guide James D. Scarlett $21.95 $17.95
The Techniques and Art of Weaving Marylene Brahic $46.95 $38.95
The Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding Peter Collingwood $72.95 $60.95
Textile Structure and Analysis: A Home Study Course Harriet Tidball $12.95 $10.95
Thick'n Thin - The Best of Weaver's Weaver's Magazine $35.95 $29.95
Time to Weave - Simply Elegant Projects to Make In Almost No Time Jane Patrick $25.95 $21.95
Undulating Weft Effects Harriet Tidball $10.95 $8.95
VavKalender 2005 VavMagasinet $22.95 $18.95
VavMagasinet Scandinavian Weaving Magazine Back Issues and Subscriptions Various Various
The Vertical Loom - Principles and Construction Jules Kliot $11.95 $9.95
Warp and Weave - Revised Edition Robert Leclerc $32.95 $29.95
Watercolor Felt Workbook Patricia Spark $34.95 $28.95
Watson's Advanced Textile Design - Compound Weave Structures Z. J. Grosicki $60.95 $50.95
Watson's Textile Design and Colour - Elementary Weaves and Figured Fabrics Z. J. Grosicki $57.95 $47.95
Weave Drafting the Easy Way - Part I (DVD Video - 69 Minutes) Constance LaLena $25.95 $21.95
A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns: From the Friends of Handwoven Carol Strickler $54.95 $45.95
The Weaver's Companion Handwoven Magazine $23.95 $19.95
Weaver's Craft magazines Back Issues Various Various
The Weaver's Idea Book - Creative Cloth on a Rigid Heddle Loom Jane Patrick $35.95 $29.95
Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory Anne Dixon $35.95 $29.95
Weaver's Journal magazines Back Issues Various Various
Weaving and Drafting Your Own Cloth Peggy Osterkamp $54.95 $45.95
Weaving for Beginners - An Illustrated Guide Peggy Osterkamp $63.95 $52.95
Weaving Made Easy - 17 Projects Using a Simple Loom Liz Gipson $30.95 $25.95
Weaving of the Southwest Marian Rodee $35.95 $29.95
Weaving Rag Rugs Tom Knisely $30.95 $25.95
Weaving Without a Loom Sarita Rainey $33.95 $27.95
Weft Twining: Shuttlecraft Guild Monograph 28 V. Harvey & H. Tidball $11.95 $9.95
Winding a Warp and Using a Paddle - Peggy Osterkamp's New Guide to Weaving Peggy Osterkamp $47.95 $39.95
Woolens and Tweeds: Shuttle Craft Monograph 4 Harriet Tidball $12.95 $10.95
The Woven Bag - 30+ Projects from Small Looms Noreen Crone-Findlay $30.95 $25.95
Woven Shibori Catherine Ellis $41.95 $34.95
You Can Weave - Projects for Young Weavers Kathleen Monaghan & Hermon Joyner $25.95 $21.95

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