Detailed Knitting Book/Video Descriptions

Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply is pleased to offer hundreds of books on Fibre Arts related topics. Below (and at the other links above) are detailed descriptions for a subset of the books available. The full list of books can be found at:

Also note that occasionally books become unavailable or a new source for out of print books is located. While we will try to provide books out of our inventory and/or can order them from our suppliers, sometimes this may not be possible. We will advise if a situation like this exists when you place your order, or you can contact us and we will verify availability before you order.

Danish Lace Treasures - featuring the work of Anna Marie Jensen

by Gloria Penning
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (35 pages)
2007, Hermann Printing Co.

This collection of lace knitting patterns, revised in 2007, will really challenge the lacer as these designs are true masterpieces. The patterns go from more novice designs, typical lace sets, some large centrepieces, on to the most challenging of all, two very intricate ovals. Lace knitters, you will not be disappointed with this folio. Most of the 21 patterns in this collection were created by Anna Marie Jensen, originally from Denmark, whose patterns were first published in 1951 and sold in Woolworth stores. Some 9,000 of them have been sold and for a number of years, women have written her about the prizes they won in various state fairs and even from Belgium, a country famous for it's lace.

This book includes the following patterns: "Judith", "Judy", "Meta", "Nancy", "Patrice", "Patricia", "Rona", "Ingfrid", "Ingfrid Square", "Oline", "Margeret", "Lina", "Janet", "Marg", "Ella", "Anke", "Clara", "Doretta", "June", "Saturn" and "Sybelle". Each is photographed in black and white and accompanied by a full set of instructions.

The author's other lace pattern books include: Knitted Heirloom Lace II, Knitted Heirloom Lace III, Knitted Lace in Miniature, Old World Treasures and Patterns for the Art of Lace Knitting.

Deborah Newton's Cable Collection

by Deborah Newton
8 1/2" x 10" Softcover (128 pages)
2010, Leasure Arts
$27.95 Canadian ($22.95 US)

Rediscover your passion for knitting!

These 19 refreshingly original sweaters, coats, and accessories by renowned designer Deborah Newton offer something for every creative mood and each fashion need. Whether you want to knit something casual, dressy, elegant, or fun, the projects will delight you with stylish, curvy cables.

Try your hand at knitting a cabled cardigan, a cropped sweater, a lush mohair hoodie, a hobo-style shoulder bag, a beret with matching fingerless gloves, or other exciting designs. Deborah offers knitters such professional details as toggle closures, raglan sleeves, cap sleeves, zippers, slit pockets, and more. You'll love them all!

Decade - 10 Years in Review

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover
2002, Mission Falls
$10.95 Canadian ($8.95 US)

After 10 years in business, Mags Kandis of Mission Falls celebrates the aniversary with the release of this pattern book with a collection of new and unique designs.

The book includes full instructions for 17 original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn. Alternatively Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn can be substituted to make a lighter garment. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Dreamer 136, Duet, East + West, For Him and Her, Harvest, Homecoming, The Illustrator, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.

Derek the Knitting Dinosaur

by Mary Blackwood
8 1/2" x 11" Hardcover (32 pages)
1987, Carolrhoda Books, Inc.


Derek's a lover not a fighter; he'd rather sit and knit and knit. Sometimes he longs to be ferocious like the other dinosaurs - but see who saves the day when the Ice Ages comes! This is a wonderful story, full of warmth (no pun intended) and heart. The illustrations are just magical. Told in rhyme, this book is appropriate for young children, about 3-6.

Designer Knitting with Kitty Bartholomew

by Kitty Bartholomew & Kathy Price-Robinson
9" x 9 1/4" Hardcover (144 pages)
2005, Sterling/Chapelle

The top television interior decorator shares her other passion with you: knitting. This talented designer explains how she alters patterns to create one-of-a-kind designer garments, whether it's sizing a sweater differently or varying the colors, yarn, necks, and ribs. The author also presents 30 of her own exquisite sweaters for you to create and adapt to your own taste. Below is the book description in her own words:

The purpose of this book is convey the joy the author gets from knitting gorgeous and well-fitting sweaters, in order to inspire the reader to embrace this same joyful and productive activity. As the reader will see, the patterns in this book are pretty basic. The author has also knit a few sweaters that are more complex, and she is proud of those sweaters. But she left them out of this book because she wants to share with the reader the easy, fast, fun and chic sweaters that are her favorites.

Designer's Choice: The Viking Knits Collection - Book 1

by Elsebeth Lavold
8" x 10 3/4" Softcover (63 pages)
2003, Ingen Konst AB

Inside this wonderful pattern book you will find 16 contemporary and timeless designs for women, men and children, all with their pattern elements originating from Viking Age objects. All with the beauty and careful attention to detail that is the trademark of Elsebeth Lavold's designs ... and all in the lovely Silky Wool yarn.

The 13 designs in this collection are previously unpublished or were published only in Swedish and include the "Aud" sweater for the whole family, the "Jarngerd" cardigan with unique unconventional cable pattern, "Ljod" a beutifully feminine jacket, "Trud" medieval sweater, "Liv" sweater or zippered cardigan, "Gyrid" sleeveless design with Four-Knot motif, "Menia" wide collar body shaped sweater with raglan sleeves, "Herdis" cardigan for women, "Ran" funnel neck pullover, "Tyra" knotted hat, "Torgeir" childs/adults pullover, "tordis" sweater and "Gram" hat and mittens.

Each design is beautifully photographed in colour and full instructions are provided along with pattern graphs and an explanation of what Viking artifacts inspired the designer.

The author has also written the book Viking Patterns for Knitting.

Designer's Choice: The Take Five Collection - Book 6

by Elsebeth Lavold
8 1/2" x 10" Softcover (63 pages)
2005, Ingen Konst AB
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

For the first time ever, Elsebeth has made a mother/infant combo, inspired by a "smock", a rural English garment. The womans sweater is designed to be equally wearable during pregnancy and after the baby is born, and the infants adaptation shares many of the design features with the adult version in shape and pattern. And thats just two of the fifteen new designs you will find in this book.

Yarns used are Angora, Silky Tweed, and Silky Wool. The list of designs include: "Sue", "Sara", "Val", "Martha", "Ngaio", "Dorothy", "Ellery", "Anne", "Patricia", "Margery", "Ruth", "Frances" and "Lyn".

Lavold is known for her spectacular study of Viking design and transposing them into fabric through the use of cables and other design features. She is a leading authority on cable patterns and a skilled and creative designer of beautiful knitwear as well as world famous for her Viking Knits Project.

The author has also written the book Viking Patterns for Knitting.

Designing Knitwear

by Deborah Newton
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (264 pages)
1998, The Taunton Press, Inc.
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Master Designer Deborah Newton takes the mystery out of the design process and shares the trade secrets she has accumulated in over 18 years of design experience. In this classic book, Newton creates the ultimate guide to designing knitwear. Learn how a designer creates a sweater and find dozen of partial schematic patterns to develop into original patterns. Instructions for 16 finished garments are also featured as well as in depth information on such topics as: finding design inspiration, creating exciting textured fabrics, shaping and fitting garments, working with colour and graphics and using dressmaker details for knitwear.

This book is a must for anyone looking to develop their own patterns for knitted garments and is a fascinating look into the creative process that results in beautiful knitwear designs. All level of Knitters will find ideas and inspiration in Deborah's excellent explanation of the design process.

Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose & Knickerbocker Stockings

collected by Veronica Gainford
6" x 8 1/2" Softcover (76 pages)
2006, Schoolhouse Press
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

This low-key book by the Dowager Lady Veronica Gainford has grown in popularity in the years since 1978 when it first became available. This expanded reprint preserves the original book's low-key black & white format.

The book includes the same droll humor and the same gold-to-be-mined in the form of traditional Top Turnover designs that decorate the upper reaches of authentic Scottish Kilt Hose. The stockings themselves are not Lady Gainford's focus - any of your favorite stocking instructions will do - it is the top of the stocking that is scrutinized for authenticity. The book covers over two dozen different motifs plus full instructions for several stockings.

In this book the author documents over 50 designs for traditional Scottish top turn-overs, she has gathered, including textures, cables, colour-patterns, lace and diced hose. In additon to the instructions there are 25 b&w photographs and 21 line drawings.

Dog Sweaters to Knit

by Mary Ellis
8 1/2" x 11" Folder (4 pages)
Best Friends
$10.95 Canadian ($8.95 US)

This guide includes full knitting instructions for a sweater designed to fit most standard sized dogs as well as a design for long dogs. The standard sized sweater is modeled by a Golden Retriever on the cover, while colour photos and specific versions for a Corgi and for a Dachshund are also included. In addition to the animal garments, instructions for a child's hat, scarf and stuffed animal sweater, designed to match the standard dog sweater, are provided. Notes about sizing, needles and materials can be found at the beginning of the guide.

Dog Sweaters to Knit for Small Dogs

by Mary Ellis
8 1/2" x 11" Folder (4 pages)
Best Friends
$10.95 Canadian ($8.95 US)

This guide includes full knitting instructions for three variations of two dog coat patterns: Style A - "Four Sleeves Sweater For Small Dogs", Style A - "Four Sleeves Sweater for Miniature Dachshund" and Style B - "No-Sleeve Sweater for Small Dogs". There are 7 colour photographs of the designs, knit in different colours and being modeled by a Chihuahua, a Chinpoo, a Lhasa Apso, a Shih Tsu, a Toy Poodle, a Miniature Dachshund and a Yorkie. Information about sizing, needles and materials are included at the beginning.

Dogs in Knits - 17 Patterns for our Best Friends

by Judith L. Swartz
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (96 pages)
2002, Interweave Press
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

When Interweave Knits magazine ran a dog sweater pattern in its Winter 2000 issue, the yarn company that originated the pattern was inundated with orders. The demand for patterns like this inspired this unique and beautiful collection of sweaters and blankets for our faithful friends by expert designer Judith Swartz, who brilliantly combines ethnic knitting traditions and a clean, modern sensibility to create sweaters that dogs can "wear with dignity."

Every loving K1, P2 that goes into a sweater for your dog is paid back many times over in companionship and devotion. You think your dog doesn't understand all those yarn balls, all those evenings you spent curled up on the couch wiggling a pair of sharp sticks? Don't be so sure!

Knitters and dog lovers will love these 17 appealing patterns, photographed on unforgettable models - canine styles for all skill levels, with basic patterns in both knit and crochet as well as instructions for measuring your dog and sizing patterns correctly. Patterns include: "Basic Knitted Dog Sweater", "Basic Crocheted Dog Sweater", "Garter Stitch Topper with Easy Embroidery", :Soft Basketweave Cardigan", "The Jean Jacket", "Native American-Inspired Blanket Sweater", "Classic Cabled Aran Sweater", "Icelandic Beauty", "The Party Dress", "Tweedy Funnel-Neck Ribbed Sweater", "Arabian Nights Afghan", "Peruvian Treasure", "Crazy Quilt Sweater", "Field of Dreams Balnket", "Fetching Fair Isle Jumper", "Folk Art Plush Pillow" and "Bigfoot Christmas Stocking". The book includes colour photographs of each of the designs along with charts and illustrations.

The author's other books include: Getting Started Crochet and Hip to Knit - 18 Contemporary Projects for Today's Knitter.

Domino Knitting

by Vivian Hoxbro
6" x 7 1/4" Softcover (88 pages)
2002, Interweave Press


It is deceptively simple and simply dynamic, this clever technique, and has been the rage among European knitters for several years. Called Domino Knitting because of its modular nature, this inventive method provides color and pattern intrigue for sweaters, afghans, and projects of all kinds. "But watch out", the author warns, "domino knitting is addictive. Once you've started, it's hard to stop!". This is the ultimate take-along way of knitting, since pieces are worked in small squares.

Beginning with clear, well-illustrated basics, Domino Knitting includes step-by-step instructions and patterns for striking fashion designs and home accessories. A key to help select yarns for any project is included, as well as stitch variations and instructions for project care. The reader can look forward to many happy hours of knitting with amazing results.

Vivian Haxbro has had the passion to knit ever since her grandmother taught her how to knit doll clothes at age 4. As a professional knitwear designer for nearly 20 years, she has designed for various Scandinavian yarn companies and magazines, and spends her days giving workshops on knitting, color and design. She lives outside Copenhagen, Denmark and has also written the books Knit to be Square! and Shadow Knitting.

Double Knits - Pairs of Patterns for Babies and Toddlers

by Zoe Mellor
9" x 9" Hardcover (96 pages)
2000, Trafalgar Square Publishing
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

This lively book of patterns from Zoe Mellor responds to the need of today's knitters by offering a flexible, innovative approach to knitwear. Each project can be made up in two different ways - patterns are offered with a choice of colourways, styles and motifs. You choose: knit the windproof fisherman design as a sweater or jacket; the cable-stitch sweater with or without the collar; the booties plain or patterned, with or without ties. Give your child a choice between yellow and blue, hearts or stars. Or you can make both designs for siblings eager to maintain their individuality.

Each pattern includes instructions for sizes ranging from birth to 3 years, and the stylish designs are suitable for beginners as well as advanced knitters. Among the 20 projects are a blue patchwork blanket with stars (or pink with hearts); a wool teddy bear (or tiger) hat with ears; a sweater adorned with big (or little) strawberries; a Fairisle jacket (or sweater). A collection of designs that will please both children and adults with each delightful creation modeled by twins.

The full list of projects in this book are: "Daisy Sweater & Cardigan", "Patchwork Blanket", "Inca Hats", "Heart & Star Patch Sweaters", "Breton Sweater & Cardigan", "Baby Sundress & All-in-one", "Nursery Sweaters", "Moss-stitch Cardigan & Tunic", "Candy-striped Sweater & Cardigan", "Little People Sweater & Cardigan", "Aran Sweater & Cardigan", "Bear & Tiger Hats", "Duffle Coats", "Jester Booties", "Stripy Bag", "Mexican Cardigan & Sweater", "Fairisle Sweater & Cardigan", "Lacy Sweater & Cardigan", "Fish Sweater & Cardigan" and "Flat Cats". Full directions are included for each design and many wonderful colour photographs are used to illustrate the finished works.

The author's other works include: Animal Knits, Colorful Knits for You and Your Child and Head to Toe Knits.

Double Knitting Reversible - Two-Color Designs

by M'Lou Baber
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (157 pages)
2008, Schoolhouse Press
$35.95 Canadian ($29.95 US)

The fascinating technique of Double Knitting (which produces a two-faced, negative-image fabric) has been simplified by the author to enable you to work both sides in a single pass. M'Lou's stunning designs for coats, jackets, and shawls are all accessible through detailed charts as well as written out instructions. An extensive technique section and a chapter of assorted practice items will help you to fall into the rhythm of this increasingly popular type of hand knitting.

Designs in this book include a set of learning projects: "Swatches, Potholders, Headbands & Hats", "Animals from the Garden", "Cat Bag" and "Double Knit Bonnets". The main patterns include: "Camilla Fair Isle Vest", "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary" flower shawl, "The Highlands" Fair Isle Shawl, Moorish Tiles" child's cardigan, "Nordic Summer" child's cardigan, "Twice as Nice" child's raglan, "Double Exposure" jacket, "Calico Corners" patchwork jacket, "The Far East" shaped and flowered jacket, "Sonje Henie" Norwegian yoke jacket, "North Star", "Cat and Mouse" car coat, "Celtic Crossroads" coat, "Oceans to Cross" woman's coat, "Art Deco Coat", "Central Park" coat and cloche and "Crop Circles" coat.

Dreamer 136

from Mission Falls
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (26 pages)
2008, Mission Falls
$10.95 Canadian ($8.95 US)

This is the first book of patterns for the new Mission Falls Merino Superwash 136 DK wool yarn. It includes patterns for hoodies, sweaters, coats, vests and a Hat/Scarf set.

The book includes full instructions for 10 original DK (double knitting) weight designs from Mission Falls and is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Duet, East + West, For Him and Her, Harvest, Homecoming, The Illustrator, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.


by Stefanie Japel
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (42 pages)
2009, Mission Falls

Welcome to Duet!

Included in this pattern book are 13 remarkable designs which showcase both the new and incredibly soft 136 Merino Superwash and the popular 1824 Wool. The Duet designs range from a bright and beautiful Fair Isle pullover to a simple tunic knit in the round. I think that you will love wearing these contemporary garments as much as you will love creating them.

The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, For Him and Her, Harvest, Homecoming, The Illustrator, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.

East + West

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (34 pages)
2000, Mission Falls

The colourwork in this collection is definitely inspired by the textiles of India and beyond. Saris, carpets, ancient embroidered robes ... Simple geometrics that are timeless in design. Spicy colours that warm and thrill. Embellishments of stitchery and shisha mirrors.

The West is certainly evident in all the solid coloured garments. Lush Celtic cables and textures are hallmarks of the British Isles. The traditional comfort of a counterpane quilt transformed. For a bit of fun, the author threw in, what she felt was the most Western of symbols ... the Cow.

The book includes full instructions for 19 original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn. Alternatively Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn can be substituted to make a lighter garment. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, Duet, For Him and Her, Harvest, Homecoming, The Illustrator, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.

Easy Knits - Over 25 Simple Designs for Babies, Children and Adults

by Debbie Bliss
8 1/2" x 11 1/2" Softcover (80 pages)
2002, St. Martin's Griffin
$20.95 Canadian ($20.95)

Easy Knits is a collection of simple knits for adults and children: easy knitting, easy wearing, easy living. For the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life, first choose your style, then pick up your needles and relax. Debbie's latest book has over 25 designs that are simple and quick to knit from a mohair cushion, simple striped scarf, a fairisle edged dress to an adults belted cardigan.

The author's other works include: Baby Knits, The Baby Knits Book, Baby Style, Bright Knits for Kids, Celtic Knits, Classic Knits for Kids, Essential Knits for Kids, Family Knits, Great Knits for Kids, How to Knit, Kids Country Knits, Kids' Knits for Heads, Hands & Toes, Nautical Knits for Kids, New Baby Knits, Nursery Knits, Quick Baby Knits, Simply Baby, Teddy Bears and Toy Knits.

Easy Knitted Socks - Fun and Fashionable Designs for the Novice Knitter

by Jeanette Trotman
7 1/2" x 9 3/4" Softcover (128 pages)
2007, St. Martin's Griffin
$17.95 Canadian ($17.95)

Knitting socks has never been so easy! Soft and snuggly hand-knit socks are one of life's little luxuries, and this user-friendly book features twenty simple and stunning designs, many of which can be made up in a weekend.

Each design in the book has step-by-step photos showing every stage in the process and additional diagrams to help with the tricky stages. The reader will learn basic stitches and failsafe construction methods - from the simplest techniques using two needles to easy ways with double pointed and circular needles. The extensive set of designs means you can choose from chunky, funky, cute and cozy designs for all the family. Tools, materials and core techniques are clearly explained - with additional advice on making extra-special socks using luxury yarns and embellishments.

Patterns in this book include: "Textured Baby Booties", "Stripy Toddler Toasties", "Buttoned Baby Booties", "Butterfly and Bumble Boots", "Felted Sunday Boots", "Side Seam Socks", "Beaded Argyle Socks", "Basic Tubular Socks", "Spiral Heelless Socks", "Pompom Bobby Socks", "Love-Heart Slippers", "Ribbon-and-Lace Stockings", "Lace-Panel Socks", "Top-Seam Socks", "Stripy Lace Socks", "Knee-High Socks", "Beaded Legwarmers", "Mock-Cable Socks", "Stripy Fair Isle Socks" and "Slip-Stitch Rib Socks".

The book starts with an introduction to the tools and techniques that clearly demonstrates all you need to know to start knitting socks including, how to hold the yarn; holding needles - two needles, three needles, circular needles; how to shape and do short rows; and how to bind off. The patterns include, top-seam sock, beaded Argyle sock, basic four needle 4-ply sock, stripe and lace sock and even ribbed leg warmers. From the novice to the expert to the twenty-something knitters who have embraced knitting socks - Easy Knitted Socks is bound to have a many-legged appeal.

The Eclectic Sole - Socks for Adventurous Knitters

by Janel Laidman
7 1/2" x 9 1/2" Softcover (96 pages)
2008, Rustling Leaf Press
$21.95 Canadian ($21.95)

The Eclectic Sole is a collection of exciting and diverse sock patterns that will delight both new and experienced sock knitters with a little something for everyone.

Styles range from lace to stranded colorwork to cables with an occasional touch of whimsy. Some socks feature unusual construction, others beautiful graphic elements. One pattern even comes with holes built in (no darning necessary)!

The 14 patterns included in this book are: "Simplicity", "Niagara", "Rivendell", "Monterey", "Hydrangea", "Nordic Lights", "Hypnosis", "Biological Clock", "Hope", "Migration", "April Fool", "Kristallen", "Koi" and "Josephine".

Each chapter is beautifully illustrated with pictures of the socks, and an inkling of the inspiration behind the pattern. Detailed yarn information, including color recommendations and WPI information, make it easy to substitute yarns from your own stash so you'll be able to sit down and begin one of these lovely patterns right away.

The Elegant Knitter - Simple Techniques for Beautiful Results

by Gina Macris
8 3/4" x 11 1/4" Hardcover (128 pages)
2007, Sterling Publishing
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Ready to take your knitting to the next level?

From a lacy leaf-patterned scarf to a dazzling ribbon yarn evening clutch, these designer projects set new highs in style. There are a stunning variety of accessories to choose from - even a few for your favorite pooch. Some of the projects will catch your eye with their intricate stitch patterns; others will attract you with their glorious colors. And every one is small enough to take with you wherever you go.

Projects in this book include: "A Chic Cloche", "A Child's Colorful Cap", "A Soft Baby Hat", "Perfect Pom-Poms" topknot hat, "A Dreamy Spiral Scarf", "Focus on Fringe" warm winter scarf, "Big in Style" scarf, "Beautiful Boucle" scarf, "A Shibori Scarf", "Medallion Motif for a Man's Scarf", "A Creamy Cable Scarf", "A Luscious Lacy Scarf", "Modern Muffatees" (arm warmers), "Wow-Factor Dog Sweater", "Glamorous Leg Warmers", "A Fair Isle Dog Sweater", "A Soft Band of Roses" headband, "Accessorize with Color" clutch, "Gorgeous Gloves", "Kid's Stuff" mitts and "Fingertip Freedom" gloves.

Easy-to-follow diagrams and comprehensive instructions help you master the techniques, and expert tips make stitching easy. So get started on a wide-brimmed felt cloche, mittens with a "flip top" to turn them into gloves, a brilliantly colorful clutch, and more!

Enchanted Knitting - Charted Motifs for Hand and Machine Knitting

by Catherine Cartwright-Jones and Roy Jones
8" x 10" Softcover (96 pages)


Authentic ancient motifs--natural, mythological, ethnic, and imperial--are the basis for the charted designs in this new book. Here you'll find patterns based on the Romanian beast-man Silvanus, figures from the Paleolithic caves of Europe, tattoos from the famous Pazyryk woman of central Asia. Native American culture, Ancient Chinese embroidery, Mexican hand-woven fabric, and a gentleman's robe from Nigeria are among the many other fascinating sources in Enchanted Knitting.

The Encyclopedia of Knitting

by Lesley Stanfield and Melody Griffiths
9" x 9" Hardcover (160 pages)
2000, Running Press
$34.95 Canadian ($28.95 US)

A Step-by-step Visual Guide with an Inspirational Gallery of Finished Works

Nothing can be more relaxing than spending a quiet hour knitting a pillowcase, or more satisfying than completing your very own cable-knit sweater. Whether you're picking up the knitting needles for the first time, or want to learn new techniques to add to your knitting repertoire, The Encyclopedia of Knitting is your guide to twists, bobbles, ribs, ladders, darning and colour work. You'll find over 200 step-by-step instructions, charts, tips and examples of completed work, grouped into three handy sections.

In "The Essentials" the author provides an introduction for beginners or a refresher for the pros. This is your guide to the materials of the trade - selecting needles, markers and yarns - and how to use them. The authors then ask the question "Do knitting instructions leave you scratching your head?". Here you can learn to read knitting charts while you learn techniques both simple and complex, as well as the special effects to add that certain flair. In "The Stitch Collection" you will learn numerous basic, traditional and original stitches grouped according to technique and difficulty presented with extensive illustrations. These include everything from the basic knit and purl to Stranded and Intarsia colour knitting and knitting with beads and sequins. In the final "Design and Inspiration" chapter the authors provide ways to personalize knitted garments and help the reader design his/her own patterns and colour schemes. A gallery of knitting styles including the works of famous name designers that will give you ideas for your projects, whether you're making socks, a scarf, a sweater or a rug.

Complete with more than 250 illustrations, colour photographs and helpful diagrams, The Encyclopedia of Knitting is a valuable resource for pursuers of this beautiful craft.

Enjoy Entrelac Knitting

by Brenda Horne
8 1/4" x 11" Softcover (41 pages)
1996, Kangaroo Press


Entrelac knitting is based on squares, squares knitted not from a straight line base but from one corner, and combined in the knitting (not sewn together afterward) to make fascinating basketweave effects. This book gives detailed instructions for the technique, and twelve patterns to suit everyone from beginners to advanced knitters.

The patterns include a cushion cover, jumpers for children, women and men, an all-in-one women's jacket, hats and headbands, a bag, shawls, waistcoat and elegant batwing sweaters (designed particularly with the larger woman in mind). Those people familiar with the author's inventive designs in her earlier very successful book Oddball Knitting will not be disappointed by this one - easy-to-follow dramatic designs, cheerful photography and, for each pattern a layout diagram, so you can fill it in with colours of your choice. All of the finished projects are shown using colour photographs and black and white photos and diagrams are used to show stitch patterns and needlework.

The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques

by Margaret Radcliffe
9" x 11 1/4" Hardcover (320 pages)
2008, Storey Publishing
$35.95 Canadian ($29.95 US)

Multicolor Yarns Plain and Textured Stripes Entrelac and Double Knitting Stranding and Intarsia Mosaic and Shadow Knitting

Imagine a softly striped crib blanket knit in the comforting colors of baby's nursery. Or an sophisticated cashmere wrap featuring rich jewel tones that set off a favorite black dress. How about a comfy-cozy pair of socks, knit in school colors for your college-student daughter?

Margaret Radcliffe unravels the intricacies of combining two or more yarn colors, clearly explaining all the techniques that transform simple knitted items into fabulous, colorful masterpieces. From the easy trick of working with multicolor yarn to the intricate details of stranding and intarsia, here are all the beautiful possibilities for playing with color in knitting. With Radcliffe's clear instructions as a reliable road map, every knitter will discover his/her inner color designer.

Throughout, knitters will find creative solutions for handling life's little stitching difficulties. Tight stitches, loose stitches, curled edges, messy ends, and twisted yarns -- Radcliffe helps knitters put them all in the past with practical tips and tricks that bring out the best in every project.

There are complete chapters on stripes, stitch effects, knitting with multicolor yarns, stranded knitting, and intarsia, covering both the theory and the how-to behind each method. Additional chapters offer advice on modifying existing one-color patterns and designing new patterns that use two or more colors in a rainbow of designs.

Every time two or more yarn colors are in play, knitters will turn to this easy-to-use reference for questions large and small.

The author has also written The Knitting Answer Book.

Essential Knits for Kids - 20 Fresh, New Looks for Children Two to Five

by Debbie Bliss
9 1/4" x 9 1/4" Hardcover (144 pages)
2008, Trafalgar Books
$27.95 Canadian ($22.95 US)

For the first time ever, renowned knitwear designer Debbie Bliss presents a fantastic new collection of contemporary projects styled specifically with boys and girls aged two to five in mind.During these formative years children experience a wide range of activities: pre-school, birthday parties, play dates, music and dance lessons, and (quite often) getting dirty! Debbie's comfortable, fashionable and rugged creations using natural fiberr, machine washable yarn are not only fun to knit, they keep your child looking great while addressing the very practical needs of parents everywhere: easy on, easy off, and easy to clean.

The designs are cleverly organized into three sections: Down Time, Special Time, and Time Out. Within these categories you'll find gear to outfit your kids from head to toe, whatever the occasion: adorable shrugs, coats, and cardigans; charming dreses, vests and hoodies; plus bags, satchels, scarves, and hats. Stripes, beads, buttonsan ,d Fair Isle patterns abound, giving classic looks a new twist and edgy designs a polished appeal.

The full list of designs includes: "ballet top", "Cozy sweater", "tv blanket", "ragdoll", "alphabet pillows", "zipped vest", "fair isle jacket", "party shrug", "polo shirt", "smock dress", "striped tie", "beaded bag", "pea coat", "classic cardigan", "v-neck vest", "anorak", "hoodie", "pencil case", "satchel" and "scarf coat".

With projects to suit all levels of knitters, you can add to your child's wardrobe as the seasons change and your skills progress. The crystal clear step-by-step instructions and gorgeous color photography Debbie Bliss's books have come to be known for make knitting these projects truly a joyful experience - just like watching your children grow, change, and develop.

The author's other works include: Baby Knits, The Baby Knits Book, Baby Style, Bright Knits for Kids, Celtic Knits, Classic Knits for Kids, Easy Knits, Family Knits, Great Knits for Kids, How to Knit, Kids Country Knits, Kids' Knits for Heads, Hands & Toes, Nautical Knits for Kids, New Baby Knits, Nursery Knits, Quick Baby Knits, Simply Baby, Teddy Bears and Toy Knits.

Ethnic Knitting Discovery - The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and the Andes

by Donna Druchunas
7" x 10" Softcover (176 pages)
2007, Nomad Press
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

Do you ever get tired of blindly following patterns? Ever wish you could design your own sweaters from scratch? Ever want to learn about knitting techniques from around the world? If you've answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, then Ethnic Knitting Discovery is for you.

This book teaches the reader how to design their own sweaters using techniques from Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, and The Andes. Beginning with four simple, skill-building projects and eight master patterns for drop-shoulder pullover sweaters, learn how to: knit in the round, understand charts, center patterns, manage repeats, use texture patterns, start with welts, shape half-gussets, design with color patterns, handle multiple colors, stitch-and-cut armholes & necklines, knit in the Andean style, have fun with puntas and tackle steeks.

The reader can choose from three different styles of worksheets - quick notes, a visual plan, or detailed guidelines. For adventurous and advanced knitters, the author provides a schematic where the knitter can fill in their measurements and stitch counts as you go.

For those knitters who want more details, the author includes a spreadsheet to help the reader do all of the calculations they will need for their project.

For those who have never designed a sweater, or who want a little more hand-holding, there are step-by-step instructions for working up each project (with the knitter's own numbers).

The 12 projects in this book include: "Seaman's Scarf", "Pullover with Single Motif", "Sampler Pullover", "Cap", "Pullover with Simple Patterns", "Fitted Pullover with All-Over Pattern", "Headband", "Boatneck Sweater with Optional Turtleneck", "Crewneck Sweater", "Monedero (Change Purse)", "Unisex Pullover" and "Girls Only Pullover (with Boys" Alternative)".

Other books by the author include: Arctic Lace, Ethnic Knitting Exploration - Lithuania, Iceland and Ireland and The Knitted Rug.

Ethnic Knitting Exploration - Lithuania, Iceland and Ireland

by Donna Druchunas
7" x 10" Softcover (176 pages)
2009, Nomad Press
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

This is an unusual knitting book, because you're an unusual knitter. These pages don't contain lots of inspiring color photos because there's heaps of inspiration at your favorite yarn shop or spinning wheel.

What you'll find here is solid information on how to build three classic sweater shapes-raglan, circular yoke, and saddle-shoulder-in the yarn that's caught your fancy. You'll also discover ways to use color patterning, build an Aran-style design, and turn a pullover into a cardigan.

It also offers you three small projects that will help you build your independent-knitter skills quickly and easily before you launch into a sweater. The complete list of projects includes "Fingerless Gloves", "Raglan Pullover with Border Pattern" and "Raglan Pullover with Multiple Patterns" from Lithuania; "Capelet", "Pullover with Horizontal Bands on Yoke" and "Cardigan with Horizontal Bands" from Iceland and "Poncho" and "Aran Pullovers with Saddle Shoulders" from Ireland.

This book's goal isn't to give you one sweater idea and then sit on the shelf. It's to help you discover the joy and satisfaction of knitting without patterns when you want to. And to increase your understanding and sense of control and pleasure when you do use patterns.

Other books by the author include: Arctic Lace, Ethnic Knitting Discovery - The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and the Andes and The Knitted Rug.

Ethnic Socks & Stockings - A Compendium of Eastern Design & Technique

by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts
9 1/2" x 11 1/4" Hardcover (120 pages)
1995, XRX Books

Years of research have culminated in this phenomenal sock book for intelligent knitters. The author explains and diagrams construction, provides easy-to-read colour charts and teaches us to create within the tradition rather than follow a specific pattern. There is no line-by-line text, yet we learn numerous diagramed construction and design techniques. Structurally, none of the 26 pairs are alike although most start at the toe leaving choice of finish at the top to us. A must have!

The book begins with a chapter on "Historical Roots" then travels through Europe and Africa by showing and discussing 26 designs from different countries in a chapter called "Socks and Stockings". A set of excellent illustrations are used to show various techniques in chapters called "Construction Techniques" and "Design Techniques". The "Samplers" chapter provides instructions for 7 sample patterns designed as learning exercises, "East Meets West" discusses sizing issues and "Yarns" shows you how to card and spin your own wool. The author completes her text with a table of abbreviations, a Reference list and a good index. This book is extensively illustrated with numerous colour and black & white diagrams, photographs and drawings.

Other books by this author include: High Whorling - A Spinner's Guide to an Old World Skill, Knitting in the Old Way and Simple Socks, Plain and Fancy.

Everyday Knitting - Treasures from a Ragpile

by Annemor Sundbo
6 3/4" x 9 1/2" Softcover (213 pages)
2001, Torridal Tweed
$59.95 Canadian ($49.95 US)

All over the world where people have time to knit, literally tons of wool garments have been produced by hand, by home knitting machines, and industry. One of the questions answered in this book is: what happens to all this wool fiber?

In Scandinavian countries, frugality dictates that it be recycled. The author is a Norwegian knit designer and instructor, and the operator of the last wool garment recycling center, a "shoddy factory." Suffice it to say that when a knitter gets 16 tons of discarded wool garments that have accumulated since the turn of the last century, she sees the heap of history therein. So she has sorted out examples that she uses to illustrate 'everyday knitting' of her country's diverse knitting history. When she embellishes the illustrations with archeology and printed commercial patterns, the result is a unique glimpse of knitting.

This book is a treasure trove of knitting patterns and cultural history. The author unravels the fascinating history of traditional knitting, a story revealed by investigations in a pile of knitted rags left behind in the storage bins of the factory. This ragpile reveals the close historical ties between everyday knitting in Norway and traditional knitting in Europe. Everyday Knitting provides a glimpse of creativity in the everday life of knitters. Anyone with a genuine interest for knitting is sure to find this a wealth of inspiration and ideas.

The book's diagrams and patterns give advice on howthe reader can develop their own patterns from traditional motifs. This is an unusual book for creative readers with cultural interests.

Fabulous Felted Bags - 15 Bags to Knit and Felt

by Nicky Epstein
11" x 8 1/2" Softcover (84 pages)
2006, Unicorn Press
$27.95 Canadian ($22.95 US)

This wonderful book includes 15 handbag patterns that go from wildly imaginative to everyday chic. There is something for everyone. These are NOT patterns for your everyday felted handbags. The bags are all knit in either Jamieson's Double Knitting and/or Heather Aran 100% wool yarn.

Camilla Valley Farm can provide any of the designs in this book in kit form. Click Here to see all the designs in this book or use the links below to take you directly to pictures and ordering information for a specific design:

Striped Houndstooth
Bobbles & Brambles
Cat & Mouse
Yei Figures
Queen's Ball
Purple Roses

The author's other books include: Cover Up, The Knit Hat Book, Knits for Barbie Doll, Knitted Flowers, Knitting Beyond the Edge, Knitting for your Home, Knitting Never Felt Better, Knitting on the Edge, Knitting on Top of the World, Knitting Over the Edge, Nicky Epstein's Knitted Embellishments and Winter White Knits.

Other Jamieson pattern books include Jamieson's Shetland Knitting Book and Jamieson's Shetland Knitting Book 2, Jamieson's Shetland Knitting Book 3, Simply Knit, Simply Shetland,Simply Shetland 2, Simply Shetland 3, Simply Shetland 4 and Simply Shetland 5.

Fair Isle Knitting Patterns - Reproducing the known work of Robert Williamson

by Mary Macgregor
8 1/2" x 11 3/4" Spiralbound Softcover (90 pages)
2009, The Shetland Times Ltd.
$34.95 Canadian ($28.95 US)

Robert Williamson (1885-1954) was by all accounts a master of many crafts and an early entrepreneur. Adding to all this, he was interested in Fair Isle knitting, and possibly knitted himself. He collected patterns during the first half of the 20th century and printed them in standard exercise books using stencils. The patterns were usually printed in red and green bands, and these would have indicated to the knitter ehre a colour change usually occurred. Interspersed with these traditional patterns are "fantasy" patterns and he even printed the letters of the alphabet.

In this book the author has reproduced 60 pages of traditional patterns from his collection which includes over 350 individual charts. As well as geometric patterning they include letters, birds, animals, teapots, houses, butterflies, people, symbols and even a Viking ship! They are probably from the 1930's and are organized into families (repeats, allover, fantasy, alphabet and the Tartan Patterns) to be immediately accessable to the knitter. This is a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys Fair Isle knitting.

Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified

by Ann and Eugene Bourgeois
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (128 pages)
2000, Fibre Studio Press

Now traditional Fair Isle Knitting is updated with a technique that guarantees a smooth finish inside and out! Using an easy two-handed method, two colours of yarn are woven together (rather than stranded) to produce intriguing, colourful patterns while leaving the inside of sweaters smooth and loop free. Plus, each sweater is knit in the round on circular needles, making for extra-speedy knitting - there's never a need to purl!

The book includes 16 gorgeous patterns ranging from traditional to contemporary designs, such as Alligator Teeth, Colour Your Own, Fin & Feather Together, Fractured Diamonds, Garden Patch, Jenna Louise (child size), Killim Jacket, Rainbows (child size), Southwest, Squares Around, Stained Glass, Stars, Timber Frame, Trillium, Tradition and Windows. It also includes 11 full page pictures of all the patterns grouped in the Fire, Naturals, Woodland, Cool Colours, Fall, Pastel ,Navaho, Night Sky, Black and Blue, Peacock and Deep Sea colourways to let you pick the colourway first and then the pattern (see picture at right).

There are 20 pages of instructions with easy to understand diagrams on how to knit in the round, introducing colour, determining fit, knitting steeks and ribbing, adding pockets, assembling the sweaters, fixing mistakes, cutting open a pullover to make a cardigan, what to do when you run out of yarn and techniques for making sweaters larger or smaller, longer or shorter - even after sweaters are finished. The book includes 150 glorious colour photos featuring each project in several striking colourways. In addition, there are pictures of almost 200 Philosopher's Wool unique sweater variations including pullovers and cardigans being modeled with the Philosopher's Wool farm and surrounding countryside in the background as well as close-ups of the pattern stitches.

Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified is a must for every knitter who has knit or thought about knitting one of the Philosopher's Wool beautiful sweaters. In addition to the sweater, you can knit socks that match many of the most popular Philosopher's Wool sweater designs with the book Foot Notes - Socks to Make Your Feet Dance!

NEW! Our Canadian Collection 2-ply worsted weight yarn is perfect for any of these designs. Our handy Colour Conversion Chart provides the information required to substitute the yarn in any pattern in this book.

Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting - Celebrating the Gift of Knitting with 24 Beautiful Patterns

by Lorna Miser
9" x 9 3/4" Hardcover (144 pages)
2009, Watson-Guptill Publications
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

In Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting, the author celebrates her passion for knitting as a wonderful, exciting gift from God. Because it's so much a part of who she is, Lorna knits virtually everywhere she goes - but it isn't about using her time productively.

Knitting gives her something far more precious than anything she can make with yarn and needles: a way to express her faith and love for others, and the blessings that have come from the priceless connections she's made with people. Each person has been at the right place at the right time, for a reason - and Lorna has been there, knitting, with a story to tell or an ear to lend, also for a reason.

In this book Lorna shares twenty-four of her most memorable stories, each inspiring a beautiful knitting project. The list of designs include "Grandma's Lace Shawl", "Sweet Baby Sweater", "Angora Gloves", "Stuffed Toy Bunny", "Friendship Booties", "Shanna's Cable and Lace Vest", "Comfy Sued-soled Slippers", "Michele's Southwestern-motif Sweater", "Heart Pillow", "Ladies Liberty Socks", "Kid's Two-tone Zippered Hood", "Three Cozy Kittens", "Memory Lap Throw", "Happy Birthday Ribbon Scarf", "Scout's Honor Beanbag", "Homemade Knitting Needles", "Square-a-Day Blanket", "A Fearless Girl's Poncho", "Men's Heavenly Cable Sweater", "Helping Hand Mittens", "Multidirectional Socks", "Charity Hat", "Silver Linings Tote", "Comfort Pillow" and "Feminine Stretch Tank".

Join Lorna as she visits with friends and family, laughs and sometimes cries - all while knitting.

Family Album - More Glorious Knits for Children and Adults

by Kaffe Fassett and Zoe Hunt
9" x 12 1/4" Softcover (200 pages)
1999, Taunton Press
$35.95 Canadian ($29.95 US)

Creative Designer Kaffe Fassett has made a tremendous impact on the world of knitting. Through his lectures, exhibitions, television series, and hugely successful books, Kaffe has brought his brilliant and colourful ideas to a worldwide audience and inspired knitters everywhere.

Following his highly successful book Glorious Knitting, Kaffe has now teamed up with fellow designer Zoe Hunt to produce a brilliantly colourful knitwear collection to suit all ages. The 33 basic patterns are grouped according to their motifs, which include squares and plaids, cirlces and dots, flowers and bows, and many more. Almost 80 variations on the basic patterns are illustrated in over 200 beautiful photographs by Steve Lovi.

In Family Album, Kaffe and Zoe form a dazzling design partnership that revels in the subtle and exciting use of colour and texture to produce a versatile inspiring collection of patterns for the whole family.

The book include the following Baby patterns: "Bright Squares Trousers", "Yellow Plaid Shorts", "Diagonal Stripe Dress and Hat", "Mosaic Jacket", "Cable Jumpsuit", "Flags Jumpsuit", and "Harlequin Button Shoulder Sweater". For Children there are: "Squares Button Shoulder Sweater", "Black Floating Circles Button Shoulder Sweater", "Green Floating Circles Button Shoulder Sweater", "Dot Stripe Jacket", "Brushstrokes Scoopneck Sweater", "Comb Dress", "Whorling Star Button Should Sweater", "Red Tulip Jacket", "Bow Scoopneck Sweater", "Cable Shawl Collar Jacket", "Harlequin Shawl Collar Sweater", "Turkish Lattice Button Shoulder Sweater", "Split Diamond Button Should Sweater" and "Circle Square Skirt". In the Adult size, the book includes: "Squares Jacket", "Orange Plaid V-Neck Sweater", "Dot Stripe Turtleneck Sweater", "Bright Diagonal Box Stripe Crewneck Sweater", "Tweedy Diagonal Box Stripe Crewneck Sweater", "Brushstrokes Crewneck Sweater", "Comb Shawl Collar Sweater", "Tulip Shirt Collar Sweater", "Cable Jacket", "Turkish Lattice Sleeveless Sweater", "Split Diamond Crewneck Sweater" and "Circle Square Crewneck Sweater".

Other books by the author include: Kaffe's Classics and Kaffe Knits Again.

Farley Footwear - Sandal Socks from Sidna Farley

by Sidna Farley
8 1/2" x 11" Folder (6 pages)
1996, Sidna Farley
$7.95 Canadian ($6.95 US)

Here are 5 basic sock patterns using worsted weight or two strands of fingering/sock yarn so they work up fast. The traditional socks and the short socks come in six sizes, three for children. The colour photos give some unusual colour combinations for inspiration. Concise, easy instructions make this a definite "traveling project" or something to work on while chatting either in person or on the phone. The projects are: Basic Socks, Short Basic Socks with Stripes, Posy Socks, Cables and Ribs and Sailor's Rib Socks.

Favorite Mittens: Best Traditional Mitten Patterns from Fox Geese & Fences and Flying Geese and Partridge

by Robin Hansen
11" x 8 1/2" Softcover (128 pages)
2005, Down East Books
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

In 1983 a quiet phenomenon captured the attention of knitters all across North America. It came in the form of an unusual and charming book of traditional mitten patterns from Maine. Soon that collection was followed by another. Fox Geese & Fences and Flying Geese & Partridge Feet popped up in knitters' baskets everywhere, and handsome, well-fitting, extra warm mittens appeared on hands large and small.

Now, in Favorite Mittens the author has selected the best and most popular designs from those two classic books, perfecting the patterns and making her directions even easier to follow.

Other books by the author include Knit Mittens! - 15 Cool Patterns to Keep You Warm, Lost and Found Mittens and Sunny's Mittens - Learn to Knit Lovikka Mittens.

Favorite Socks - 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave

edited Ann Budd & Anne Merrow
7 3/4" x 9 1/2" Spiralbound Hardcover (128 pages)
2006, Interweave Press
$27.95 Canadian ($22.95 US)

They are a pleasure to create, easy to carry in the knitting bag, and oh-so-cozy to wear. In Favorite Socks, renowned sock designers including Nancy Bush, Ann Budd, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts and Evelyn A. Clark showcase their style in an inspiring collection of classic and innovative sock patterns from Interweave Knits.

Interweave Knits and other Interweave publications have offered patterns for knitted socks plain and fancy, eminently practical and arguably decadent, traditional and modern. These socks are made top-down, bottom-up, side-to-side and in every stitch pattern imaginable. Over the years, many of these pattterns have become unavailable as the original issues went out-of-print, although the socks themselves are timeless.

For this collection, we've chosen seventeen of our favorite designs, some of which were published before many current readers first picked up needles and yarn. You'll find socks from old issues, like "Meida's Socks" and patterns from more recent issues. Even the most dedicated readers of Knits probably haven't seen the "Anniversary Socks", also by Nancy Bush, which appeared in the tenth anniversary issue of Knit's sister publication Piecework, or the clever "Two-Yarn Resoleable Socks" from another sister publication Spin-Off. And because we can't resist an opportunity to create some new classics, we've included six entirely new sock patterns, so even if you have every issue since 1996, you're sure to find new inspiration.

The 19 timeless designs and 6 new patterns in this book include: "Retro Rib Socks", "Elegant Ribbed Socks", "Ilga's Socks", "Uptown Boot Socks", "Priscilla's Dream Socks", "Embossed Leaves Socks", "Ute Socks", "Merino Lace Socks", "Flame Wave Socks", "Two-Yarn Resolable Socks", "Austrian Socks", "Padded Footlets", "Mock Wave Cable Socks", "Meida's Socks", "Cable Rib Socks", "Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks", "Anniversary Socks", "Go with the Flow Socks", "Hidden Passion Socks", "Undulating Rib Socks", "Eesti Trail Hiking Socks", "Lace-Cuff Anklets", "Waving Lace Socks", "Eastern European Footlets" and "Up-Down Spiral Socks".

This blend of new projects and old favorites will keep your needles flying and your feet warm. Look through the pages of this book and share our wonder at the ingenuity of sock knitters everywhere.

Fearless Knitting Workshop - The Step-by-Step Guide to Knitting Confidence

by Jennifer Seiffert
9 1/4" x 9 1/2" Spiralbound Hardcover (159 pages)
2010, Interweave Press
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Be fearless and knit with confidence!

A workbook for the hands and minds of knitters, the Fearless Knitting Workbook will develop your skills and deepen your understanding of how yarn becomes fabric. In addition it will lead you over common obstacles that makes knitting seem difficult through gentle, targeted exercises and extensive explanations broken down into layman's terms. It will also give you the confidence to fearlessly approach any knitting pattern you might otherwise think was beyond your abilities and gain a sense of mastery to knit any commercial pattern you wish and much, much more!

Fearless Knitting Workbook offers classically designed swatch exercises in specific technical areas, such as knit and purl patterns, cables, shaping, and lace. By introducing the basic stitch movements, vocabulary, charts, and knitting math for each exercise, you are more likely to be successful. Plus, the exercise swatches you will create with this workbook can be used as washcloths or combined to create pillow covers, throws, or scarves.

As well as instructions for many sample squares, the book includes patterns for "Leaf Pillows", "Patchwork Pillow Cover", "DIY Scarf", "Step Around Pillow Cover, "Basic Cable Unisex Hat", "Scarf" and "Enchanted Cottage Pillow".

Throughout Fearless Knitting Workbook, the key emphasis is on teaching you how to read your knitting as well as the written instructions, and on explaining why things are done the way they are done in successful knitting. At the same time, the book encourages you to try your hand at any pattern your hands desire, regardless of your skill level.

Felt Frenzy - 26 Projects for All Forms of Felting

by Heather Brack & Shannon Okey
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (128 pages)
2007, Interweave Press
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

This is not your ordinary felting book! Felt Frenzy explores all the major techniques of felt making, from knit-and-shrink to wet felting, needlefelting, and "recycled felting"-turning salvaged wool sweaters into useful felt pieces - plus ways to combine techniques for creative and unique results.

Designed with the absolute beginner in mind, Felt Frenzy is packed with 26 projects and photographs of more than 50 before-and-after felted yarn combinations so readers can easily customize patterns with substitutions of their choice. You'll find instructions for the ever-popular felted bag, but it doesn't stop there - learn to make felted flowers, hats, jackets, scarves, wool sneakers, even a nuno felted skirt. As an added bonus, you'll find "design ideas" scattered throughout the book to give your projects an extra creative boost; these suggestions help integrate felt into other fiber arts, from embroidery to shibori.

Learn all about fiber types, tools for getting started, and the four major techniques needed to create the projects in the book. Armed with plenty of information and the authors' can-do spirit, any crafter can add felting to her repertoire with Felt Frenzy!

This book is well illustrated with 60 photographs, 3 charts and 10 schematics. A must for anyone who wants to explore the many facets of felting.

Felted Knits - The Art of Shrinking Your Knitting

by Beverly Galeskas
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (112 pages)
2003, Interweave Press
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

Just about anything you can knit can be felted - that is, shrunk with heat and agitation to create a thicker, more durable fabric. The knitting goes fast with fat yarn on big needles, and felting is easy and fun, but learning how to make all of it come together takes some skill.

Beverly Galeskas, a nationally recognized authority on felting, shares her secrets in Felted Knits. More than just a pattern book, Felted Knits shows you how to choose and test yarns, correctly size a knitted piece for felting, accurately shrink items by hand - and machine-washing, improve your results with blocking, and how to care for your felted knits. Knitters will find specific techniques and instructions for felting their knitting in this detailed step-by-step introduction, including how to felt on purpose and not by mistake and techniques for both hand and machine felting. They'll also learn whether knitting swatches is really necessary and how big to knit a piece before felting.

Novice and experienced knitters alike can choose from the book's 24 projects to create stylish bags and totes, hats, mittens, fuzzy vests and slippers, as well as pillows, placemats and coasters to complement your decor. Thelist of projects in this book include Bags, Gift Bags, Small Purse with Flap, Basic Everyday Purse, Everyday Purse with Flap, Pocket Purse, Easy Evening Bag, Envelope Clutch, Fur Trimmed Tote, Tab-Top Tote, Narrow-Brimmed Hat, Shaped-Brim Hat, Felted Beret, Angora Baby Hat, Mittens, Toddler's Mittens, Child's Mittens, Adult's Mittens, Fur-cuffed Mittens, Muff, Felted Vest, Slippers, Mohair Balet Slippers, Felted Moccasins, Baby Booties, Felted Rug, Pillows, Tea Cozy, Oven Mitt, Coaster and Trivet, Bedroom Dresser Tray, Dresser Scarf, Jewelry Bag, Eyeglass Case, Neck Cozy and Hot Water Bottle Cover

With a section on embellishing felting and felting on felt (needle felting), knitters will be inspired to create these beautiful projects for friends and family, from the baby's first felt hat to the furry slippers for cold winter nights.

Felted Treasures - How to Felt & Sculpt Wool with a Felt Needle

by Jean Paccagnan Armes
4 1/4" x 5 1/2" Spiral Bound Softcover (44 pages)
2002, Jean Paccagnan Armes


Transforming sheep's wool into felt, "drawing" with wool, and creating shapes and creatures - it is all possible with the felting needle and projects included in this book.

This wonderful little book is a quick course in needle felting that takes the reader through 7 projects of increasing complexity. Starting with the basic felting technique, flat objects are constructed before moving to balls, eggs, bowls and baskets and then on to animals, forest creatures and people. There is even a section on Kool-Aid dyeing and a list of material sources.

A beautiful book with colour photographs and diagrams showing technique and the finished projects.

Feltmaking - The Whys and Wherefores

by Sheila Smith & Freda Walker
6 1/2" x 9 1/2" Softcover (68 pages)
2005, Peter Turpin Associates

This detailed analysis of felt, wool and all its characteristics, is welcome because until a prospective feltmaker really understands the nature of wool it is impossible to grasp the full potential of making felt. The book contains different techniques of feltmaking for all purposes and uses, a useful set of graphs analysing the relationship between types of wool from the various breeds (there is no recent book containing this information), and a glossary of technical terms.

The chapters of the book are: "Sheep and Wool in History", "What is Felt?", "History of Felt", "Industrial Feltmaking", "Fibres and Feltability", "The Crimp Factor", "Making Hand-Rolled Felt", "Colour and Surface Design", "Further Techniques", "Three Dimensional Hollow Forms", "Making Felt Cones and Capelines for Hatmaking", "Felt for Garments", "Nuno Felt", "Testing Fleece for Feltability", "Record Keeping" and "Summary for the Serious Student". The book also includes a Glossary, Bibliography and Index and is well illustrated with colour and black & white pictures and diagrams explaining the techniques and the science.

This is the revised and updated edition of the book originally printed in 1995.

Feminine Knits - 22 Timeless Designs

by Lene Holme Samsoe
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (127 pages)
2009, Interweave Press
$27.95 Canadian ($22.95 US)

Fall in love with knitting again! This intriguing pattern collection blends captivating designs with flattering, feminine silhouettes that you'll be eager to start and delighted to finish.

With skirts, jackets, tanks, pullovers, and accessories, Feminine Knits showcases texture, lace, and unusual pattern construction. Inspired by current and vintage fashion and the mathematical aspect of design, Danish knitwear designer Lene Holme Samsoe features projects for every season, skill level, time commitment, and occasion. Samsoe's pattern collection is full of elegant finishing and the kind of impeccable detail that makes a piece a classic, such as crocheted edgings, flattering shaping, and tailored sleeves.

Although the book has previously been available only in Danish and Norwegian, the lovely lacy Circular Jacket caught the eye of American and British knitters, who struggled to follow the pattern with translation software. In addition to the complete translated patterns, you will now be able to use the book's additional resources, including yarn substitution and sizing guides.

The complete list of designs include: "Plisse Jacket", "Surplice Sweater", "Top with Pompon Ties", "Chevron Tank", "Short Jacket, Long Jacket", "Bolero", "Shawl with Leaf Lace", "Jaquard Jacket", "Lace Circle Sweater", "Aran Turtleneck", "Jacket for Everyone", "Flower Jacket", "Blackberries & Ribbon Cardigan", "Lace Tiered Skirt", "Diagonal Lace Jacket", "Frost Flowers Jacket", "Mohair-Edged Sweater", "Shawl Collar Jacket", "Lace Scarf", "Rib Knit Vest" and "Lapel Jacket".

The romantic design details and feminine silhouettes featured throughout the patterns in this book are showcased with beautiful photography and detailed knitting instructions. With 22 projects, Feminine Knits is packed to the brim with timeless yet fashionable patterns that are very wearable and interesting to knit.

A Fine Fleece - Knitting with Handspun Yarns

by Lisa Lloyd
9" x 11" Hardcover (160 pages)
2008, Potter Craft
$36.95 Canadian ($30.95 US)

Beautiful handspun yarns could be just what your knitting needs!

The pleasure of knitting can be that much greater when you know you're using the perfect yarn. In A Fine Fleece, designer, knitter, and spinner Lisa Lloyd explores the different qualities of handspun yarn and presents projects that show them to their best advantage. There is valuable information here for every knitter, even if you've never considered learning to spin (though you may find inspiration in this book to do just that).

While educating you on the differences in fibers (like Alpaca, Merino, Cormo, Rambouillet, and Suffolk) and the characteristics you can achieve in a handspun yarn by combining fibers according to certain recipes, the author also shares the three important concepts that enlighten her designs: the use of contrasting color and fiber; scale and perspective (chunky yarns with chunky cable stitches versus chunky yarns with delicate ones); and the creation of "poetic" sweaters that try to capture an emotion.

Patterns in this book include: "Rhinebeck" cardigan, "Corduroy" gansey pullover, "Fylingdales" cardigan, "Ancient Oak" lacy socks, "Town and Country" cardigan and pullover, "Kearsarge" pullover, "Road not Taken" scarf, "Espresso" feminine cardigan, "Twilight" scarf and stole, "Portland" pullover, "October Frost" sweater-jacket, "Amanda" pert little cardigan, "Le Smoking" ladies smoking jacket, "Tilly" scarf, "Saxony" cabled socks, "Narragansett Bay" socks, cap and scarf, "Halcyon" Aran sweater, "St. Patrick" cabled pullover, "Staghorn" Aran sweater, "Ruby" vest, "Harriet" Shetland cardigan, "Gaelic Mist" cardigan, "Ravensong" sweater, "Trinity" vest, "Cat's Eye" Shetland scarf and "Two Hearts" Celtic Knot sweater.

Each of the 26 projects in A Fine Fleece shows the finished project knitted in both a handspun yarn and a commercial yarn so that you can train your eye to understand how fiber and texture can truly transform a piece.

Finishing 101 - Easy Finishing for Pullover Sweaters

by Cheryl Brunette
Video (45 minutes)
Patternworks Inc.


Did you know ...
that some of the best sweater seams are not sewn at all?
that there's a "right side" to your cast-on?
that by making a few simple changes to some patterns you can save hours of finishing time?
that casting on the "right number" of stitches for your ribbings will make the sewing up easy and invisible?

Good finishing starts the minute you pick up yarn and needles. Finishing 101 is your personal guide through the process that starts with casting on and ends with sweaters you're proud to wear and give. Filled with tips and techniques that professional knitters use to make sweaters faster and better, Finishing 101 takes you through drop-shoulder, set-in, and raglan pullovers.

So cuddle up in your favorite chair with your best-beloved needles and some yarn, and travel to a small knitting school on a small island in the Pacific Northwest. You'll build your next sweater better. This is a "keep-it-simple" video class from the Marrowstone Knitting School.

Fishermen's Sweaters: 20 Exclusive Knitwear Designs for all Generations

by Alice Starmore
9" x 12 1/4" Softcover (128 pages)
1996, Trafalgar Square Publishing

Born into a fishing community, the popular handknit designer Alice Starmore is uniquely qualified to present this new knitwear collection. Inspired by seafaring themes from right round the world, the 20 versatile sweaters featured in this book are all within the range of the average knitter and come with full instructions and charts. All the designs are beautifully photographed against a backdrop of romantic coastal locations.

The author's other works include: Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting, Aran Knitting, Celtic Collection, Children's Collection, In the Hebrides, Pacific Coast Highway, Stillwater and Tudor Roses.

Fitted Knits - 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter

by Stefanie Japel
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (144 pages)
2007, North Light Books

Why settle for anything less than knits that fit? Whatever your shape, the patterns in Fitted Knits give you the ability to knit garments that are perfectly tailored to your unique form. Clear and simple instructions at the beginning of the book show you how to personalize patterns to your exact measurements by knitting more or fewer rows in each section of a sweater. In addition, the patterns are sized to specific measurements instead of to vague sizes like small, medium and large. Plus you'll find a helpful section at the back of the book featuring essential information, including instructions for properly finishing your handknits and an in-depth reference library filled with the must-have knitting books for your shelves as well as must-see web sites.

Fitted Knits features 25 projects, beginning with shrugs and simple T-shirts and moving on to more advanced cardigans, sweaters, and skirts.

Projects in this book include: "Split-Neckline Cap-Sleeved Tee", "Coquette Lace Tube Top", "Drop-Stitch Lace Tank", "Spicy Fitted V-Neck Tee", "Crisp Rectangle Tunic Top", "Two-Tone Ribbed Shrug", "Bold and Bulky Mini Cardi", "Carie Cropped Flared-Sleeve Cardigan", "Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties", "Airy Wrap-Around Lace Sweater", "Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan", "Short-Sleeved Cardigan with Ribbing", "Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan", "Back-to-School U-Neck Vest", "Perfect Periwinkle Turtleneck Tube Vest", "Keyhole-Neck Blouse with Eyelet Detail", "Cozy V-Neck Pullover with Deep Ribbing", "Boatneck Bluebell Sweater", "Textured Tunic with Side Buttons", "Alexandra Ballerina Top", "Thick-and-Thin Cardigan Coat", "Long Coat with Chevron Lace", "Tweedy V-Neck Jacket and Skirt Set" and "Saturday-in-the-Park Perfect Dress". Each project includes customization tips and tricks, describing to the knitter how to tell when and where increases and decreases should be placed to create the most attractive shaping.

The book also includes a comprehensive section covering the skills necessary to create a well-fitted garment, removing the guesswork from customizing patterns.

Whether you're tall or short, curvy or slender, you deserve clothes that fit you perfectly. Fitted Knits gives you patterns that create well-fitted garments designed to accentuate your positives!

Five & Dime Edgings - 30 Knitted Edgings from Vintage Pattern Books

by Sandy Terp
9" x 11 1/4" Spiralbound Softcover (43 pages)
1993, Sandy Terp

This self-published collection of lace patterns contains 30 knitted edgings from vintage pattern books. The author has reworked, redesigned and rewritten these in lace shorthand.

The only hard part about knitting lace is understanding and following the directions! It is after all, a matter of yarnovers and decreases. So many of the old patterns are unworked (some of them unworkable), because of the old fashioned "prose" directions. This book is an attempt to bring these patterns into the repertory of today's knitter.

All these patterns are classics that were old when the dime store booklets were published in the 40's. The author found a few out-and-out errors and some confusing instructions, but most of the changes she suggests are improvements in design or technique.

The author has included the original instructions and pictures in the first part of the book and then has put the rewrites for each pattern along with corrections in the second part along with a photograph of a sample she has knit. Each rewritten pattern stands on its own, so the reader can use this book to work selected edgings. The symbols and lace shorthand (as first introduced by Barbara Abbey in her book Knitted Lace) are quickly learned.

For knitted lace aficionados this book can serve as a course in knitting and designing edgings. Working through all the patterns will help you really understand how the lace is formed so that you can go on to work other old patterns or even design your own lace edgings!

Flawless Knit Repair

by Rena Crockett
8 1/2" x 11" Spiral Bound Softcover (19 pages)
1998, Rena Crockett

This book is designed to offer relief to anyone who has felt the frustration of finding a rip or moth hole on a beautiful sweater or other knit garment. Instead of throwing it out, it is relatively easy to actually re-knit the damaged area in such a way that the repair doesn't show - in some cases not even on the inside!. This book will explain how such repairs are made, with graphic illustrations of each step.

The book starts with an explanation of how to knit the basic stockinet stitch and will then expand to cover other stitch types such as Lace, Cabled, Knit & Purl, Tuck, Fair Isle, and Double Jacquard. The only tools the reader will need are pins, a crochet hook and a tapestry needle. The author even includes reversed diagrams for left handed knitters at the end of the guide!

Folk Bags - 30 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World

by Vickie Square
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (150 pages)
2003, Interweave Press
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

Bags are essential for living - whether walking to a neighbor's house or going to the store. And Vicki Square's contemporary interpretations of these 30 folk designs are truly extraordinary. Each one is inspired by traditional folk bags or folk art from 23 different countries including Nepal, Tibet, Japan, Ireland, Ecuador, and Guatemala.

In this book, you'll find bags in all shapes, colors, textures, and sizes for work, play, or for a special evening on the town. Included are the Guatemalan saddlebag, the Persian-carpet-inspired handbag, the fish-shaped Japanese felted bag, the Bolivian doll bag, and the Moroccan tile bag. A brief cultural history and how it inspired Vicki's design preface each pattern, all of which are accompanied by step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations. Knitters of every skill level are sure to be intrigued by the versatile and imaginative designs in this unique collection.

The extensive list of projects in this book include "Spiral Bag, Basketweave Drawstring, Small Origami Bag, Large Origami Bag, Fish of Prosperity, Fish Lips Purse, Folds of Function Pocket Pouch, Monk's Travel Satchel, Monastery Door Tassel Bag, Persian Carpet Bag, Napramach, Tea House Sling Bag & Coin Purse, Camel Bag, Kilim Carpet Bag, Irish Cables, Irish Creel, Dragon Ysgrepan, Market Bag, Colorful Tiles Bag, Yoruba Mask, Flaps of Distinction, Bushoong Zigzag, Doll Bag, Incan Figures, Shigra Zigzag, Shigra Diamonds, Shigra Floor Basket, Sizzlin' Stripes, Suede Saddlebqag, and Your Basic Black Bag.

Each pattern begins with a brief history describing the source behind these contemporary interpretations of folk designs. Folk stories also accompany many projects. Included are designs for bags for work or play, and bags of all shapes, colors, textures, and sizes. Using this collection, knitters can create bags for children, for market, for everyday, or for a special evening event.

This is the sixth book in the "Folk" series from Interweave. The author has also written Folk Hats, Knit Great Basics and The Knitter's Companion.

Folk Hats - 32 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World

by Vickie Square
9" x 9" Softcover (144 pages)
2005, Interweave Pres

Hats are magical. In the twinkling of an eye, a hat can transport us to another place or another state of mind. Folk Hats is the tour de force of knitted head gear!

Knitters of every skill level are sure to be intrigued by the versatile and imaginative designs in this eclectic collection. The irresistible, fun photography, trustworthy step-by-step instructions, and clear illustrations will have readers rushing for their knitting needles to try one of the 34 projects.

This book has something for everyone. If you are chilly, try the seriously warm Russian-inspired Cossack or the toasty Irish Cables. If you are feeling silly, check out the more light-hearted Yoruba Bird hat or Lapland's Four Winds. The reader will also find felted cowboy hats, smart pillboxes, historic derbies, sporty caps and sassy cloches, and darling baby bonnets from nearly every corner of the planet including Canada, Panama, Nigeria, Italy, China, and Japan.

The complete list of hat designs in this book include: "Deerstalker Hat", "Cowboy Hat", "Baseball Hat", "Hut Hat", "Bolivian Derby", "Panama Hat", "Raffia Pillbox", "Gourd Baby Bonnet", "Yoruba Bird", "Ruffled Dignity", "Cordobes with Scarf", "Gondolier's Boater", "Frontiere", "Renaissance Beret", "Hunter's Fedora", "King Edward VI Brimmed Beret", "Glengarry", "Cable Braid", "Soft Winter Snowflakes", "Four Winds Hat", "Zigs and Zags Stocking Hat", "Cossack", "Big Cossack", "Velvet Pillbox", "Beaded Cloche", "Pakul", "Striped Baby Hat", "Xinjiang Baby Hat", "Knot-Topped Calotte", "Folded Bloom", "Dancer's Hat" and "Samurai Kabuto".

Grab your knitting needles and join in on all the fun! Other books by this author include Folk Bags, Knit Great Basics, Knitted Lace of Estonia and The Knitter's Companion.

Folk Knitting in Estonia - A Garland of Symbolism, Tradition and Technique

by Nancy Bush
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (120 pages)
1999, Interweave Press
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Folk Knitting in Estonia explores the knitting, history, culture and people of this remarkable country. There's a library of Estonian knitting patterns and clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions for 16 gloves, mittens and socks. Both historic and contemporary, these projects use traditional patterns typical to Estonian knitting. Chapters of this book include: "A Brief History of Estonia", "Estonia's Folk Culture", "Events in Life", "Knitting Traditions", "Estonian Patterns", "Techniques", "The Designs", "Bibliography", "Yarn Sources". As well as the wonderful patterns this book is filled with many wonderful photographs, drawings and insights into the everyday life of the Estonian culture. A colour photograph of each pattern is accompanied by detailed instructions for knitting the garment along with a colour chart.

The author has also written Folk Socks: The History and Techniques of Handknitted Footwear, Knitted Lace of Estonia and Knitting on the Road - Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter.

Folk Mittens — Techniques and Patterns for Handknitted Mittens

by Marcia Lewandowski
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (120 pages)
1997, Interweave Press, Inc.
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

Mitten knitting has always been, to its very roots, a practical craft grounded in utility and common sense. Folk Mittens elevates the practical to the artistic. Along with thirty-eight exquisite patterns inspired by knitting traditions around the world, author Marcia Lewandowski offers inspirational glimpses into the world of folk knitters of yore.

Other books by this author include: Andean Folk Knits - Great Designs from Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador & Bolivia.

Folk Shawls - 25 Knitting Patterns and Tales from Around the World

by Cheryl Oberle
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (144 pages)
2000, Interweave Press
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

Folk Shawls is the first book of its kind. Tapping on knitting and other textile traditions from around the world, Cheryl Oberle has produced a superb collection of 25 unique shawls. Knitted in wool, cotton, cashmere and various luxurious blends, these are shawls for today, each one more wearable than the last. To those who say "But I don't wear shawls," Cheryl says, "You just haven't met the right shawl." We're sure you will find it here.

There are knitted shawls from 12 different geographic regions of the world included in this book. The countries and patterns covered include: The Faroe Islands ("Litla Dimun Shawl", "Stora Dimun Shawl"), Ireland ("Irish Diamond Shawl", "Kilkenney Cable Shawl", "Aran Pocket Shawl"), Japan ("Kimono Shawl"), The American Heartland ("Heartland Shawl", "Simple Garden Stitch Prairie Shawl", "Lacy Prairie Shawl"), Iceland ("Feather and Fan Shawl", "Feather and Fan Triangular Shawl"), Victorian England ("Wool Peddler's Shawl"), Russia ("Domovoi Shawl"), Scotland ("Fir Cone Square Shawl", "Highland Triangle Shawl", "North Sea Shawl"), Mexico and South America ("The Reboozo", "Knitted Ruana"), Norway ("Box-Lace Shawl"), Native America ("Butterfly Shawl"), The Himalayas ("Bird's Nest Shawl") and Spain ("Spanish Christening Shawl"). The author has included information on Folk shawl variations ("Sampler Shawl", "Sarah Blanch Shawl", "Basic Black Shawl") to help you design your own unique knitted shawls. The book includes a comprehensive list of yarn suppliers, and full color photos and charts for each shawl as well as a section on knitting techniques.

This is the fourth book in the Interweave "Folk" series. The author has also written Folk Vests and Knitted Jackets.

Folk Socks — The History & Techniques of Handknitted Footwear

by Nancy Bush
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (120 pages)
1994, Interweave Press, Inc.
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

The evolution of footwear from the eighth century B.C. to the present provides fascinating social history. Nancy Bush has delved into museum archives to find the best socks from a host of folk knitting traditions. She has designed eighteen delightful pairs of socks inspired by these traditions, and the result is patterns for sturdy boot socks, handsome knicker socks, lacy stockings, kilt hose and more. A section on techniques includes an unsurpassed collections of heel turnings and toe shapings — and it’s all here for knitters of all levels of experience.

The author has also written Folk Knitting in Estonia and Knitting on the Road - Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter.

Folk Style - Innovative Designs to Knit

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (160 pages)
2007, Interweave Press, Inc.
$25.95 Canadian ($21.95 US)

Folk Style explores and celebrates the joys of living-and knitting-in an ever-shrinking world. Just like food, knitting inspiration has gone global; the idea of fusion has leapt confidently from the dinner plate to the knitting needles. Join talented top designers including Kristin Nicholas, Kate Gilbert, Annie Modesitt, Pam Allen, Leigh Radford, and more as they reinterpret ethnic and global influences into today's fresh styles.

Within the pages of Folk Style knitters will find items for women, children, babies, and the home. Patterns include a patchwork jacket, felted mukluks, a Slavic stovetop hat, a tribal baby carrier, Fair Isle socks, Nordic star pullover, shibori neck wrap, felted gauntlets, a Mexican floor pillow, Peruvian tunic, and much, much more. Filled with luscious lifestyle photos and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, Folk Style has everything the knitter needs to create amazing styles.

The most special feature of the Interweave Press Style series is the Design Notebook section, and Folk Style will not disappoint. This chapter will share author Mags Kandis's distinct take on color, motif, detail, and style, all drawing reference from the contributed designs. Special focus will be placed upon simple how-to and will include Fair Isle and intarsia knitting, felting, duplicate stitch and embroidery, and various other embellishing techniques.

Designs in this book include: "All Buttoned Up" child's sweater, "Patchwork Jacket", "Modern Quilt Wrap", "Child's Tibetan Jacket", "Grand Tour Waistcoat", "Burma Rings Scarf", "Bunad Mukluks", "Annie Oakley Jacket", "Appalachian Gathering Basket" felted tote, "Sunny Flower Fez", "Shanghai Surplice" quilted vest, "Tribal Baby Carrier", "Nordic Star" playful pullover, "Felt AppliquŽd Skirt", "Algonquin Socks", "Paisley Shawl", "Urban Hand Warmers", "Indian Silk Pillow", "Gansey Toque and Mitts", "Shibori-esque Neckwrap" and "Bogolanfini Pullover"

Whether it be a simple one-colored, textured pair of mittens, or a multicolored tunic, Folk Style has it wrapped up in fabulous ethnic influence.

Folk Vests - 25 Knitting Patterns & Tales from Around the World

by Cheryl Oberle
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (135 pages)
2002, Interweave Press

Vests - they're festive, warm, easy-fitting and practical - and they're an important part of folkwear traditions world-wide. Contemporary knitters will delight in these 25 traditional and innovative patterns collected through the ages and from around the world.

These wonderful projects for men's and women's vests are accompanied by folk stories and regional histories from the countrs of origin. Designs in this book include patterns from Scotland: "Crofter's Slipover" and "Lichen Waistcoat"; Germany: "Clock Vest" and "Many Buttoned Vest"; Africa: "Kasai Vest"; Nepal: "Sari Silk Vest"; Ireland: "XO Cardigan", "Celtic Lattice" and "Stone Walls"; Peru: "Bayeta"; Japan: "Sakiori I", "Sakiori II" and "Kasuri Chanchanko"; Scandinavia: "Scandinavian Star" and "Winter Star"; North America: "Dineh Blanket Vest" and "Bookworm Vest"; Switzerland: "Swiss Collar Vest"; China: "Chinese Red Vest"; England: "British School Slipover" and "Prince of Wales Slipover" as well as variations like: "Wildflowers Waistcoat", "Simply Garter", "Basic Black" and "Cottonwood".

More than a pattern book, this is a book of inspiration, appreciation and history. Readers will feel connected to the cultures behind the projects as they bring these traditional designs to life.

This is the fifth book in the "Folk" series from Interweave. The author has also written Folk Shawls and Knitted Jackets.

Foot Notes - Socks to Make Your Feet Dance

by Joseph Madl "The Sockguy"
5 1/2" x 8 1/2" Softcover (34 pages)
2002, Timber's Fibres & Forests

What would happen if someone took the Philosopher's Wool patterns and adapted them to sock designs?

The answer is this wonderful book of sock patterns! Working with Ann and Eugene Bourgeois of Philosopher's Wool, the author has adapted the Squares Around, Alligator Teeth, Garden Patch, Colour Your Own, Fractured Diamonds, Timber Frame, Tradition, Kilim, Stars, Rainbows, Trillium and Circus designs to produce a unique and beautiful sock design with each. In addition to these 12 patterns a basic sock pattern and "Rose's Hose", a traditional kilt hose design are included. To get a better view of the designs, click on the book cover to see a larger version.

This is a gorgeous little book packed with 35 brilliant colour photographs of the designs taken against the backdrop of the Philosopher's Wool farm. The instructions are clear with charts and suggestions for creating design and colour variations. This is the perfect companion book to Ann and Eugene's Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified and the perfect way to turn those extra scraps of wool into great accessories for your Philosopher's Wool sweater!

NEW! Our Canadian Collection 2-ply worsted weight yarn is perfect for any of these designs. Our handy Colour Conversion Chart provides the information required to substitute the yarn in any pattern in this book.

For Him and Her

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover
2002, Mission Falls
$10.95 Canadian ($8.95 US)

This 16th book by Mission Falls includes 12 wonderful patterns. As the title suggests the designs are evenly split between those for men and for women.

The book includes full instructions for a dozen original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn. Alternatively Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn can be substituted to make a lighter garment. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, Duet, East + West, Harvest, Homecoming, The Illustrator, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.

45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit

by Anna Zilboorg
8 1/4" x 9 1/4" Softcover (112 pages)
2005, Lark Books


If you appreciate quality, innovative knitting and sophisticated styling, you will treasure this book, 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit contains an inspiring variety of great hats to make, each one a collectible in its own right. The book opens with simple instructions reviewing the basics of knitting hats, and then moves on to specific instructions for knitting nine completely different hat styles. Choose a classic beret or a snug-fitting toque for a classic look, or try an Egyption hat or a cone shape for fun variations of traditional classics. For the high-spirited and adventurous, make a pentagon, an onion dome, a star, a stacked, or an Angela hat.

Each hat is shown in full colour and is accompanied by easy-to-follow pattern charts. Portions of the hats are interchangeable, allowing knitters to customize their creations. Fun detailing, such as balls, braided bands and bobbles, can also be added. Adapting the hats to fit a much larger or smaller head is simple: just change to a different weight of yarn. (no complicated pattern modifications to make!) The hats are made on circular needles; there's no purling so you're always looking at the right side of the knitting, making it much easier to follow patterns.

Filled with beautiful colour photographs, this book has everything a knitter needs to create a spectacular array of hats.

The author's other books include Magnificent Mittens & Socks and Fancy Feet: Traditional Knitting Patterns of Turkey

A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns

by Barbara G. Walker
8" x 9 1/4" Softcover (241 pages)
2001, Schoolhouse Press
$36.95 Canadian ($30.95 US)

Knitters, Rejoice yet again!

Barbara G. Walker's classic trilogy of indispensable stitch-pattern books has become a quartet. In these pages you will find the 100 charts and complete text from Barbara Walker's 1973 book, Sampler Knitting plus 82 new, heretofore unpublished designs and a brief autobiography.

The stitch patterns in this book are grouped in 5 chapters with the titles: "Basic Shapes in Garter Stitch", "Mosaic Samplers", "Lace Samplers", "Cable Samplers" and "82 New Stitch Patterns". The final chapter is further subdivided into "Knit, Purl and Texture Stitches", "Cables and Traveling Stitches", "Lace" and "Uncharted Miscellany".

The author includes a large amount of instructional text to accompany the groups of stitch patterns. Each pattern is photographed in black and white and shown as a line drawing stitch guide. This is a wonderful addition to the Barbara G. Walker series.

The author's other books include the three other "Treasury" volumes: A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns and Charted Knitting Designs: A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns as well as Mosaic Knitting, Learn-to-Knit Afghan Book and Knitting from the Top.

French Girl Knits - Innovative Techniques, Romantic Details and Feminine Designs

by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes
9" x 9" Softcover (160 pages)
2009, Interweave Press
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, known in the knit and crochet community for her pattern company, French Girl, utilizes inventive combinations of texture, color, and stitch patterns in her fashion-forward, seamless design work featured in her new book, French Girl Knits.

The book includes classy, feminine designs fashioned in luxurious yarns that achieve suberb figure-flattering fit with seamless construction - the need for sewing has been eliminated with Kristeen's one-piece designs.

Also included are four thematic vignettes inspired by French daily life, film, and history: Enfant Sauvage (Wild Child), la Boutique Parisienne (A Vintage Dress Shop in Paris), Dans La Rue (Street Wear), and Creatrice (Creative Woman).

A design workshop is provided featuring in-depth tutorials that teach seamless construction methods featured in French Girl Knits, providing valuable technical information for both beginning and seasoned knitters. You'll learn how to design in a more organic way, either from the top down, from the hem up, from the back out, and by picking up live stitches when possible.

All of the designs featured in French Girl Knits are body conscious and figure flattering. Many designs include curve-friendly waist shaping, empire-waist detailing, and stitch details that emphasize the feminine form. Inspired by historical costume, Kristeen uses unique detailing such as lacing, openwork, lace edgings, and bell sleeves to further highlight the woman's silhouette.

The complete list of designs in this book are: "Satine" floaty tunic tank, "Sophia" cable-edged cardigan, "Anjou" lacy tie-hem tunic, "Paloma" cap-sleeve blouse, "Nadine" tunic tank, "Wrenna" leather laced cardigan, "Stella" cable and lace jacket, "Cybele" lace-up tank, "Ondine" knitted skirt, "Delphine" lacy cap-sleeve top, "Niobe" lacey bell-sleeve pullover, "Celeste" lingerie wrap, "Simone" snuggle-worthy cowl, "Viola" short-sleeved cardigan, "Martine" comfy yet stylish hoodie, "Louisa" lace tunic, "Veronique" airy shrug and "Bijou" cropped cotton cardigan.

French Girl Knits invites you to be immersed in a world filled with imagination and creativity, using knitting as a vehicle for self-express and encouraging experimentation through your medium.

The Friday Night Knitting Club

by Kate Jacobs
6 1/2" x 9" Softcover (352 pages)
2007, Putnam Adult
$18.95 Canadian ($15.95 US)

As a single mom in her late 30s, Georgia has her hands full juggling the demands of running the Walker & Daughter knitting store with the challenges of raising her spunky teen daughter, Dakota. Georgia's regular customers gather once a week to work on their latest projects and chat - and occasionally clash - about love, life, and everything else.

The members of the Friday Night Knitting Club are as varied as the skeins of yarn in the shop's bins. There's Peri, a pre-law student turned handbag designer; Anita, a silver-haired uptown matron; Darwin, a somewhat aloof grad student; K.C., an out-of-work editor looking for inspiration, and Lucie, a petite television producer with a few surprises up her sleeve. But soon their quiet Friday nights are shaken up: James, Georgia's ex, wants to play a larger role in Dakota's life - and possibly Georgia's as well. Cat, a former high school friend, uneasily renews her bond with Georgia. And when the unthinkable happens, all of Georgia's customers are forced to realize they've created not just a knitting club, but a sisterhood.

Kate Jacob's wonderful first novel about the bond formed between a group of women who meet in a New York City Knitting shop is soon to be released as the movie The Friday Night Knitting Club starring Julia Roberts.

Funky Knits - knitting know-how for hip young things

by Carol Meldrum & Julie Marchington
7 1/2" x 9 3/4" Softcover (128 pages)
2006, Interweave Press
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

If you think knitting is too square for you, think again! Here's the most fun collection of fresh, innovative projects ever to hit the pages of a book.

Funky Knits is organized into themed sections to suit you and all your hip friends from domestic goddesses to skater boys: Urban Playground, Night Owls, Home Comforts, Punk Garage Rocks, and Festival Folk (not to mention introductory and technique chapters that get you down to the knitty-gritty with a minimum of fuss). It is extensively illustrated with 100 colour photographs and 30 illustrations.

Choose from more than 30 wild designs, like the super-easy (and strong!) key chain, the great knee pads, the kooky cacti (never needs watering!), and the fun-but-practical fruit protectors.

And there are some tried-and-true designs like hoodies, scarves, fingerless gloves, and hats-after all, if you gotta stay warm, why not look cool? You'll love the variety of soft, colorful yarns we've used, too - including the ecologically minded market bag to knit with plastic grocery bags.

It's all here: the techniques, the how-to, the yarn-selection advice, the photos and illustrations, and enough designs to get you itching to stitch. So stop twiddling your thumbs - grab your needles and some friends, and get together with Funky Knits!

Funky Knitting - 16 Fab Things to Knit

by Tracy Marsh
8 1/2" x 8 1/4" Softcover (64 pages)
2001, Tracy Marsh Publications
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

Get ready to cast away with this funky new book of knitting projects produced by Happy House, a bright young Australian company with a fun approach to designing art inspired projects. The first in a series of craft books, Funky Knitting (16 fab things to knit) is aimed at girls aged 7-14 and is written in a style of language that young girls will relate to.

In conjunction with Australian craft and design guru, Tracy Marsh, this book presents 16 exciting projects designed to awaken a renewed, current day interest in this traditional craft and give it a dynamic contemporary slant.

Projects include such things as beanies, scarves, poncho, tops, bags and mittens. Each project has a difficulty rating such as Heaps Easy! Easy As! and Try This!, and includes instructions regarding sizes, materials and general knitting jargon.

The back of the book contains an index of abbreviations used, a knitting needle size chart and instructions on various knitting stitches and special techniques.

The projects in this book would be ideal for stimulating a young girl's interest in creating something unique for herself, or making a truly special gift which has taken obvious thought and careful creation.

With knitting becoming so popular once again, including within the ranks of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss, it is to be expected that many young girls will get hooked on this great hobby and Funky Knitting would be a good place to start.


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