Tablet Weaving Cards

High Quality Tablet/Card Weaving Cards at a Great Price (plus Quantity Discounts)!

Simple Weaving with Complex Results!

One of the simplest and most inexpensive forms of weaving, card or tablet weaving can be used to produce beautiful, colourful woven bands in an almost infinite number of patterns. By tensioning a group of warp threads with one of these cards on each, rotating the stack of cards will raise and lower a set of threads to create a "shed" that a shuttle can be fed through with weft.

By continually rotating and changing colours beautiful and complex patterns can be produced. The warp threads can be tensioned by connecting them to a door knob or around the weavers waist or they can be used on an Inkle loom like the Leclerc Cendrel, a Rigid Heddle loom like the Leclerc Bergere or even with a floor loom.


Our Card Weaving Cards are 3 1/2 inches square and are made from a high quality 24 point card stock with a smooth surface to minimize friction and extend their lifetime by reducing wear. The slightly rounded corners are clearly lettered and four different monochrome shades plus a set of band markings help the weaver quickly determine if there are cards out of position in the deck while looking at the cards from the side.

To give the cards a clean look we have not put our address, company name or any other unnecessary writing on them. They are also designed to match the hole position of "Unicorn" cards we previously sold so they can be mixed with decks of the older cards.

Quantity Pricing

While our price for a single deck of 25 cards is very good, we also offer quantity discounts for those instructors running courses our individuals purchasing for groups. Prices are shown below:

PN# Description Number of Sets Price
CARDS25 Set of 25
Card Weaving
1-4 Sets $9.25 CDN ($6.95 US)
5-19 Sets $7.75 CDN ($5.95 US)
20+ Sets $6.50 CDN ($4.95 US)

Tablet Weaving Supplies

As well as the Cendrel and Bergere looms, we carry a full set of Flat Shuttles. In addition, our UKI Supreme Mercerized (Perle) Cotton provides the Tablet Weaver with an amazing palette of colours to create one of a kind designs.

Card Weaving Resources

There are a number of books and videos available that teach Tablet Weaving and expand upon the basic concept. Unfortunately most of these are out of print but may be available through the local library or through one of the used book services on the Internet. There are also many videos and websites that explain the technique.

Tablet-Woven Accents
for Designer Fabrics
Card Weaving by
Candice Crockett
Card Weaving
Complete Instructions
plus 53 Patterns
Card Weaving
Video Workshop

(out of print)
The Techniques of
Tablet Weaving

(out of print)


(out of print)
Tablet Weaving in
True Nordic Fashion

(out of print)
Tablet Weaving

(out of print)
Anna Nuper's

(out of print)
Ecclesiastical Pomp &
Aristocratic Circumstance

(out of print)

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Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. US credit card purchases are billed directly in US funds eliminating any foreign currency conversion charges by the credit card company.

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