Weaver's Journal Magazine

Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply is pleased to offer a collection of Weaver's Journal back issues. We have a number of individual copies for the last few years of the magazine as well as a very limited number of sets that include 25+ issues of the magazine from the beginning back in July 1976, which we are selling as a group. These Weaver's Journal Sets are available on a first-come basis.

The Weaver's Journal was published four times a year and was an excellent source of information, ideas and inspiration for weavers worldwide. It lasted a decade from 1976 to it's final issue in the Summer of 1986 and over the years has seen contributions by well known experts in the field of weaving such as Clotilde Varrett, Jack Lenor Larsen, Janet Meany, Allen Fannin, Madelyn van der Hoogt and Else Regensteiner.

NEW! The Weaver's Journal - Ten Year Cumulative Index 1976-1986 is now available to help you organize your Weaver's Journal magazine collection.

Note that we also stock the current and back issues of Handwoven, Spin-Off, Vav Magasinet and Weaver's Craft magazine as well as Knitter's, Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits.

Weaver's Journal

Volume XII, Number 1

Summer 1987

Issue #45
  • Working with the Bias (Virginia West)
  • Tapestry Tips - Part I (Nancy Harvey)
  • Peruvian Technique for Dimensional Knotting
  • European Tapestry Collections: London's Victoria & Albert Museum
  • The Tapices of San Pedro de Cajas, Peru
  • Two Block Rug in Boundweave
  • The American Tapestry Alliance
  • Artwear/ACE Expo
  • Victor Jacoby: Rich Colors and Bold Designs
  • Dream Weaver: Joan Renne
  • The Ramah Navajo Weavers
  • Twelve Part Harmony: Taos Tapestry Collective
  • Desert Tapestry Vest
  • Letter from Japan
  • Tapestries from Indonesia
  • Textiles of Coptic Egypt

Weaver's Journal

Volume XI, Number 4

Spring 1987

Issue #44
  • Looming Thoughts (Allen Fannin)
  • Computer Aided Design Analysis
  • An Exerpt from Geometric Design in Weaving (Else Regensteiner)
  • Listening to Threads
  • Sprang on the Loom
  • Finn Weave (Clotilde Barrett)
  • Marketing Handwoven Fabric for Apparel & Interiors
  • Velvet Ikat
  • Margan Clifford: New Directions in Brocades
  • Name Draft Contest Winners
  • The Moebius Vest
  • Plaited Twill Projects
  • Haptic Visions
  • Klara Johnson: A Weaver's Vision Realized
  • Loom Maintenance (William Koepp)

Weaver's Journal

Volume XI, Number 3

Winter 1987

Issue #43
  • Loom Shaped Top with Inlaid Yoke
  • Half Shawl
  • Autumn Sunset Cape
  • Contemporary American Handweaving from an International Perspective
  • Creative Clothing: Surface Embellishment
  • In Pursuit of Plakhta
  • Kashmiri to Paisley: Evolution of the Paisley Shawl
  • Summer and Winter Garments
  • Chinese Brocades
  • Jacob Wool - A Handspinner's Delight
  • Beginner's Hat and Scarf
Weaver's Journal

Volume XI, Number 2

Fall 1986

Issue #42
  • Cotton: Legacy of Gods & Kings
  • Cotton Glossary
  • Spinning Cotton with the Linders
  • Simply Natural: Spun and Woven
  • Embellishments on the Rain Sash
  • Cotton Lace
  • Understanding Cotton Fiber & Yarns
  • Weaving Together: The Ayottes of Center Sandwich, New Hampshire
  • Soft & Cozy: Cotton Receiving Blankets
  • Brushing Cotton
  • Colorful Cotton Coordinates
  • Tapestry Weaving with Unspun Flax
  • European extile Collections: Textile Research in Paris
  • Borders
  • Antique Spinning Chairs
  • Looming Thoughts (Allen Fannin)

Weaver's Journal

Volume XI, Number 1

Summer 1986

Issue #41
  • Of Dreams and Transformations (interview with Noel Bennett)
  • Kate Peck Kent
  • Spanish Colonial Loom
  • Southwest Reflections
  • Designed for Narrow Looms
  • Contemporary Navajo Weaving
  • Trimming the Southwestern Look
  • Color Theory for Handweavers (Part IV: More visual illusions with color)
  • Twilled Cottolin Towels
  • Directory of Museums, Shops and Galleries in Arizona and New Mexico
  • Terra Nova: Jack Lenor Larsen
  • Fall
  • Navajo Saddle Blanket Patterns (Clotilde Barrett)
  • Chimayo - A Town of Weavers
  • Tie Your Own String Heddles

Weaver's Journal

Volume X, Number 4

Spring 1986

Issue #40

  • Clotilde Barrett: A Biographical Sketch
  • Multi-Harness Huck
  • Shaker Towels
  • Hemstitching for Linens
  • Looming Thoughts
  • Danish Twined Rag Rugs
  • Loom Woven Baskets
  • Color Theory for Handweavers - Part III: Visual Illusions with Color
  • Boundweave
  • Sock Top Bathmat
  • Sauna Towels
  • Summer
  • Custom Fabrics for a Classic Cadillac
  • Woven Inspiration from West African Textiles
  • Point Block Progression
  • Simple Ways to Hang a Weaving
  • Warp-Faced Double Cloth
  • Examining the Shed

Weaver's Journal

Volume X, Number 3

Winter 1986

Issue #39
  • Demystifying Complex Weaves: A Step-by-step Exploration from Four to Sixteen Harnesses
  • What's in a Name?: Name Drafts Drawn by Hand or Computer
  • Wearing Handwovens with Style
  • Vadmal: A Study Group from the Frozen North Warms up to an Ancient Technique
  • Finishes for Vadmal
  • Wearing Fine Thread Tapestries
  • Fashion Trends: Spring
  • Ribbon Wefts
  • Random Weft Dyeing: A Spontaneous Steam Dye Process
  • Color Theory for Handweavers - Part II: Visual Mix
  • Vestment Variations: A Weaver from Netherlands Creates Garments for the Ecclesiastical Calendar
  • Cannele: Create a Sumptuous Fabric that Drapes Beautifully
  • Clothing Change Through Contact: Traditional Guatemalan Dress
  • Notes of a Pattern Weaver
  • A Shed Regulator for Counterbalance Looms (William Koepp)

Weaver's Journal

Volume X, Number 2

Fall 1985

Issue #38
  • Equipment Forum
  • Is Complex Weaving for You? (Sigrid Piroch)
  • Looming Thoughts (Allen Fannin)
  • A Modern Loom from Medieval Sources
  • Card Woven Fringe
  • Winter
  • A 19th Century Tapestry in Billedvev
  • Simple but Effective - A Novel Stretcher
  • Churro Sheep in the Navajo Tradition
  • Planting a Dye Garden
  • Color Theory for Handweavers: Part I - The Basics
  • The Art of Silk Dyeing
  • Preparing Silk in Kumejima
  • Figures in Boundweave
  • Scaffold Weaving - A Contemporary Garment Inspired by an Ancient Technique

Weaver's Journal

Volume X, Number 1

Summer 1985

Issue #37
  • An Ounce of Prevention - Preservation and Storage
  • A Detective Story - Unravelling the Mystery of a 7-Loop Braid
  • Unusual Braids Produced by Loop Manipulation
  • Fall
  • Sweetgrass, Cedar & Sage - Portrait of a Southwestern Weaver
  • The Rabari Lodi - Creating Fabric Through Social Alliance
  • Qotny & Alaga - Traditional Striped Fabrics for the Middle Eastern Kaftan
  • Satin Weave Evening Bag
  • Greek Chemises - Cut and Construction
  • Designing for Narrow Looms - A Summer Shirt Inspired by the Macedonian Chemise
  • A King's Ransom - Contest Results
  • Fullus - Ikat Blankets of Tarabuco, Bolivia
  • Kumejima Kasuri - A Visit to a Remote Japanese Silk Center
  • Weft Ikat - An Introduction
  • Bergman - Notes of a Pattern Weaver
  • Index to Volume IX
Weaver's Journal

Volume IX, Number 4

Spring 1985

Issue #36
  • An Ounce of Prevention - Preventing Deterioration
  • Looming Thoughts (Allen Fannin)
  • Summer
  • Scandinavian Traditions
  • Reinterpreting Rya
  • Harts and Flowers
  • Firfletting: Fringe Treatment from Norway
  • Picture Lace
  • Immigrant Memories
  • Fabric Strip Design
  • Log Cabin Rag Rugs (Janet K. Meany)
  • Rag Rug Traditions (Janet K. Meany)
  • "I Wish I Had a Loom ..."
  • Double-Faced Krokbragd
  • Shaft-Switching on Rising Shed Looms using weighted floating heddles
  • Designing for an Interior: Notes of a Pattern Weaver
  • 3-Toned Blocks: Further Explorations with Long Eyed Heddles

Weaver's Journal

Volume IX, Number 3

Winter 1985

Issue #35

  • The Use of the Dobby Loom for Multi-Harness Weave Manipulation
  • A Unique Finish from an Amazonian Bracelet
  • The Wrist-to-Wrist Garment
  • Beginning with Bands: Tablet Woven Garments and Accessories
  • Applying the Pulled Warp Technique to Loom-Shaped Clothing
  • An Ounce of Prevention - Methods for Mounting
  • A Special Summer Vest
  • Symbolic or Sacred?
  • Tied Lithuanian
  • Cut and Sew Mittens
  • A Tailored Vest and Skirt
  • Man-made Fibers
  • Doublejack or Sink the Floating Selvedge
  • Chimayo - A Town of Weavers
  • Tie Your Own String Heddles
Weaver's Journal

Volume IX, Number 2

Fall 1984

Issue #34

  • A Chineese Drawloom: A Study in Weave Structure
  • Turned Drafts in Double Two-Tie Unit Weave (Madelyn van der Hoogt)
  • Looming Thoughts (Allen Fannin)
  • A Second Look at Soft Drink Mix Dyes
  • Mother-Wit and the Dyepot
  • Antique Fiber Tools
  • An Ounce of Prevention: Avoiding the Immediate Need for Textile Conservation
  • Fibers for Spinning
  • Japanese Weaving Tools
  • Handspun/Handwoven Ramie Blouse
  • A Spinner's Specialty: Heather Yarns
  • Divide ... and Conquer
  • Fiber Heritage of the Salish
Weaver's Journal

Volume IX, Number 1

Summer 1984

Issue #33

  • Knotted Chinese Button
  • Unravelling the Mysteries of the Jacquard
  • Fashion Trends
  • Decorative Techniques of the Sarakatsani
  • Weaving the Girdle of Rameses
  • Card Woven Belt of East Telemark - An Adaption of a Traditional Norwegian Technique
  • Each One Picked a Colour - 4th and 5th Graders Weave a Blanket
  • Shaft-Switching Combined with Harness Control (Clotilde Barrett)
  • Production-Wise Placemats
  • Smalands Weave on Eight Shafts
  • Felted Jacket
  • A One-of-a-Kind Garment in Beiderwand
  • Primary Patterns
  • Volume VIII Index
Weaver's Journal

Volume VIII, Number 2

Fall 1983

Issue #30

  • Weaving Towels as a Means of Learning the Basic Four-Shaft Weaves (Clotilde Barrett)
  • Handspun Yarns for Weavers
  • A Handspun Handwoven Saddle Blanket
  • An Introduction to Computers for Weavers - Part 3
  • Fashion Trends
  • Rainbow Dyeing
  • Merry Christmas! (Clotilde Barrett)
  • Name Draft
  • Transparent Weaving
  • Olwen's Buffalo
  • Onion Basket
  • Things to Know and Tell about Flame Retardants
  • Yarn Counts
  • Dipsacus Fullonum
  • Mothproofing Wool
  • Plant Fibers - Hard Fibers & Soft Fibers
  • Pina
  • Weaving with Ramie

Weaver's Journal

Volume VIII, Number 1

Summer 1983

Issue #29

  • Museum Textiles: How to Get at Them and Use Them
  • The Breath of our Grandmothers
  • Shaker Textiles
  • Hands to Work and Hearts to God
  • Aklae: Norwegian Geometric Tapestry
  • Gifts from Ancient Peru
  • Southwest Indian Twill Tapestry
  • Sumbanese Ikat
  • Tying Warp Ikat on the Loom
  • An Introduction to Computers for Weavers - Part 2
  • Inspiration - Does it Come Before or After?
  • The Art of Ixchel: Learning to Weave in Quatemala and Rhode Island
  • From Father Sky to Mother Earth: An Ethnic Inspiration (Noel Bennett)
  • Inspiration
  • A Special Piece - A Special Place
  • A Contemporary Use of Traditional Damask (Constance Lalena)
  • Four-Block Double Weave of Four Shafts (Clotilde Barrett)
  • How One Weave Leads to Another
  • Learning to Weave in Japan
  • Let's Put it Together
  • Space Dyeing with Fiber-Reative Dyes
  • Index of Volume VII

Weaver's Journal

Volume VII, Number 4

Spring 1983

Issue #28

  • Rep Weaves: Introduction
  • Rep Weave
  • Warp-Faced Tablerunner in Rib Weave
  • Four-Shaft - Two-Block Warp Faced Rep Floor Covering
  • Four-Block Warp Rep
  • Ken Weaver on Rep Weaving
  • Designing Rep Weaves with the Aid of a Computer
  • An Introduction to Computers for Weavers
  • Rug Weaving: One Weaver's Approach
  • The Result of Weaving Rugs
  • Fashion Trends
  • A Quick Thick Rug
  • A Handwoven Wedding Chuppa
  • Designing Four-Shaft Double Weaves
  • Double-Weave Pick-up with Stright Diagonal Lines
  • Color in Summer and Winter
  • Enjoy Threading Your Loom
  • Enlarged Patterns: A Fresh Look at Old Techniques
  • Table Tapestries
  • Plaited Twills
  • Soft Cotton Baby Blanket
  • Dyed Cotton Rug in Overshot

Weaver's Journal

Volume VII, Number 3

Winter 1982/1983

Issue #27

  • A Coat for Handwoven Yardage
  • Cylaine Handwoven Designs: Arlene Wohl and Lucy Matzger
  • Triangular Shawl
  • The Art of Fashion Design: A Handweaver's Twill Cape
  • Inspirations from Sweaters
  • Fashion Trends
  • Crochet - A Great Technique for Finishing Handwovens
  • Combine Techniques? Why Not?
  • A Versatile Vest and Matching Wrap Skirt
  • Whig Rose Study (continued)
  • Cotton-Linen Garment in Basket Weave
  • Inkle Bands as Finishing Details on Garments
  • The Simplest of all Tapestry Techniques Used in a Carrying Bag
  • Double Two-Tie Twills and Basket Weave (Clotilde Barrett)
  • 5 Block Double Weave Using the Glimakra Long Eyed Heddle Accessory
  • Complementary-Warp Weave
  • Textured Weave - An Alternative
  • From the Collection of Anne Poussart
  • From Elegance to Rag Weaving
  • Cotton Jacket with Pleat
  • An Elegant Plaid Shawl
  • For Anneliese Ammann, Simplicity is Key to Woven Garments
  • Silk
Weaver's Journal

Volume VII, Number 1

Summer 1982

Issue #25

  • An Interview with Jack Lenor Larsen
  • Trends for Fashionable Interiors
  • Interface: A Wire Weaving (Donna Sullivan)
  • Upholstery
  • Desk Chair with Subtle Plaid Pattern
  • Looming Thoughts (Allen Fannin)
  • Woven Felted Boots
  • 4-Shaft Twill Neck Scarf
  • Weaving a City Skyline
  • Different BUT Related
  • Double Woven Mailbag with Nametags
  • Stitched Double Cloth - Matelasse
  • Stitched Double Cloth Vest
  • Loom Controlled Quilted Fabrics
  • Simple Matelasse by the Pick-Up Method
  • Reversible Matelasse Jacket
  • Matelasse Double Cloth Stiched to Form the Design
  • Weave Analysis
  • A Cardwoven Selvedge for Weft-Faced Rugs
  • Linbogarn Shirt
  • A Braided Strap from Columbia
  • Backstrap Weaving for Penance and Profit
  • Song of the Sky Loom (A Poem)


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