Leclerc Artisat vs Nilus
Weaving Loom Comparison

The Leclerc Artisat and Nilus loom models look similar in shape. Both are Jack Looms, use 10 1/2 inch heddles are upgradeable from 4 to 8 shafts with Front mount or Back-Hinge Treadles and offer a number of options but there are a number of very important differences between the two.


loom details and pricing


loom details and pricing

Available Weaving Widths

The Artisat 4 or 8 shaft models have a 36 inch (90 cm) weaving width.

The Nilus 4 or 8 shaft models can be ordered in 36 inch (90 cm), 45 inch (115 cm) and 60 inch (150 cm) weaving widths. In addition a 27 inch (68 cm) 4 shaft version is also available.

Loom Weight and Strength

The Artisat is a lighter weight loom designed for smaller spaces with the ability to be transported while fully assembled and stored when not in use. The 4 shaft weighs 95 pounds (43 kg) and the 8 shaft is 135 pounds (61 kg).

Built for smaller spaces, compact storage and easy transport, the Artisat frame is lighter and it and the fasteners are designed for more general purpose weaving. While occasional rugs can be woven on the loom, we recommend a heavier loom like the Nilus if rugs will be woven often or rug weaving is the primary purpose.

The Nilus is a more stationary loom with a heavier frame. The weight varies based on weaving width. The 36 inch version weighs 118 pounds (53 kg) for the 4 shaft and 168 pounds (76 kg) for the 8 shaft.

The Nilus loom is designed with a heavier, thicker frame and fasteners (ie bolts vs screws) enabling it to do everything from fine weaving to high tension rug weaving. The warp and cloth beams are thicker and the brake and take-up motion system are more heavy duty than the Artisat mechanisms. In addition options like Weighted beater bars and Flying Shuttle Beaters are available for the Nilus models.

Footprint (Open and Closed)

While having a similar width to the Nilus, the 4 shaft Artisat depth is 8 inches (20 cm) shorter. The depth of the 8 shaft when open is about the same as the Nilus.

When folded up for storage, because the front of the loom folds in, the Artisat depth drops to 14 inches (36 cm) for the 4 shaft and 17 inches (43 cm) for the 8 shaft. This means that the loom takes up a little over 40% less floor space than the equivalent Nilus model when not in use. This also makes it possible to transport it between locations in the back of a SUV.

The Nilus looms fold to a depth of 25 inches (63 cm) for the 4 shaft and 28 inches (71 cm) for the 8 shaft.

Like the Artisat, the back of the loom folds up for storage to a 25 inch depth for the 4 shaft and a 28 inch depth for the 8 shaft. This allows the loom to be moved through standard size doors but because the front frame of the loom is fixed it is not really considered transportable unless it is disassembled.

Loom Height (Front Beam and Overall)

The Artisat loom models have a 30 3/4 inch (78 cm) high front beam.

The loom is 44 inches (112 cm) in height when in use but when folded for storage the height increases by about 10 inches (23 cm).

The Nilus loom models have a slightly higher 31 1/4 inch (79 cm) high front beam like the Fanny and Mira models.

The Nilus models are 45 inches (149 cm) in height.

Warping Ease and Access

The folding rear frame of the Artisat which includes the Warp and Rear Thread Beam can be easily lowered to the floor to allow the weaver to get access to the shafts for threading the heddles.

By removing the two screws holding the castle cover, the shafts can be lifted out of the loom and heddles can be easily added, removed or transferred between shafts

The Warp and Cloth Beams as well as the front and back Thread Beams are easily removable on the Nilus loom models to allow the weaver access to warp the loom.

The Nilus models have the same castle cover that allows the shafts to be removed from the loom for easy movement of heddles.

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