Thrum Mittens

Keep your hands warm and cozy with these beautiful thrum mittens (or Thrummed Mittens as some say) made with Peace Fleece wool in your choice of 42 wonderful colours. Our kits contain everything you need to knit a pair of these for yourself or a couple of pairs for a child or toddler. We also sell the thrum material separately for other projects.

What are Thrums?

Technically "Thrums" are waste fibre from the Weaving or Knitting process. However, our thrums are pure 100% carded wool fleece that knitters can break into small thrums to knit into a garment like a set of thrum mittens.

What are Thrum Mittens?

Thrum mittens are produced in a similar fashion as conventional mittens, but with the ends of small pieces of raw wool or "thrums" knit into the design. A small bit of each of the wool thrums are visible on the outside of the mitten and appear as tiny white "hearts". The secret to thrum mittens is that the majority of the wool thrum, like an Iceberg, is hidden inside the mitten. Upon putting them on, the wearer experiences the ultimate in luxury as their hands are completely enveloped in the wonderfully soft wool thrums inside!

Ordering Information

Each Thrum Mitten kit comes complete with 1 skein of 2-ply Peace Fleece yarn in your choice of colour. Also included is a 2 ounce (56 gram) package of raw wool fleece to make the thrums. These are packaged in a handy zippered plastic bag along with a full set of instructions for knitting the thrum mittens in three different sizes. We have also put together another kit that includes the set of Addi 4.0 mm (US Size 6) Double Pointed needles you will need for this project.

Each Thrum Mitten kit contains enough material and the instructions to make an adult pair of mittens or two pairs of children or toddlers sized mittens. All three sizes are shown, using the colours Violet Vyehchyeerom, Father's Grey and Ukrainian Red, in the picture at the top. Note that the toddlers size do not have thumbs. There is enough yarn in the kit to attach the mittens together to ensure your child will not lose them.

Part Number Price
Thrum Mitten Kit KIT-THRUM $22.35 CDN
$18.50 US
Thrum Mitten Kit
with Needles
$33.45 US
1.5 Ounce (42 gram)
Package of Thrum Material
$3.95 US

Note: Please specify the colour of Peace Fleece to be included in the kit using the Description field of our order form. The colors are shown below:

Baku Black (PF-01)
Baku Black

Father's Grey (PF-03)
Father's Grey

Siberian Midnight (PF-02)
Siberian Midnight

Kalinka Malinka (PF-04)
Kalinka Malinka

Zarya Fog (PF-05)
Zarya Fog

Tundra (PF-07)

Antarctica White (PF-12)
Antarctica White

Chickie Masla (PF-15)
Chickie Masla

Glastnost Gold (PF-20)
Glastnost Gold

Sheplova Mushroom (PF-18)
Sheplova Mushroom

Amaranth (PF-58)

Brownie (PF-82)

Yellow Butterfly (PF-14)
Yellow Butterfly

Kamchatka Sea Moss (PF-30)
Kamchatka Sea Moss

Baltic Blue (PF-32)
Baltic Blue

Blue Jay (PF-34)
Blue Jay

Latvian Lavender (PF-40)
Latvian Lavender

Sakhalin Salmon (PF-61)
Sakhalin Salmon

Ukrainian Red (PF-60)
Ukrainian Red

How to Order:
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Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. US credit card purchases are billed directly in US funds eliminating any foreign currency conversion charges by the credit card company.

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Last Updated: Thursday October 26th, 2023