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Harrisville Designs
Shetland/Highland Wool
Weaving Yarn

Camilla Valley Farm is pleased to offer Harrisville 100% pure Wool yarn for weavers and knitters. Available in 64 gorgeous colours and 2 weights, Harrisville Classic Shetland and Highland Wool is a blend of the finest Merino Cross wools from New Zealand and soft Australian wool spun in the company's own 200 year old historic mill in the Eastern United States.


  • Black (050)
  • Ebony (085)
  • Charcoal (049)
  • Silver Mist (053)
  • White (044)
  • Oatmeal (046)
  • Suede (047)
  • Toffee (052)
  • Walnut (051)
  • Teak (038)
  • Adobe (054)
  • Camel (042)
  • Sand (043)
  • Pebble (055)
  • Jade (056)
  • Magenta (023)
  • Plum (022)
  • Black Cherry (057)
  • Blackberry (019)
  • Lilac (072)
  • Periwinkle (024)
  • Delphinium (058)
  • Violet (021)
  • Aubergine (018)
  • Hyacinth (071)
  • Iris (028)
  • Chicory (059)
  • Cornflower (027)
  • Azure (030)
  • Cobalt (031)
  • Midnight Blue (033)
  • Loden (015)
  • Peacock (013)
  • Aegean (025)
  • Seagreen (012)
  • Woodsmoke (014)
  • Evergreen (009)
  • Spruce (010)
  • Kiwi (060)
  • Lime (084)
  • Grass (083)
  • Hemlock (008)
  • Cyprus (069)
  • Tundra (007)
  • Straw (082)
  • Goldenrod (061)
  • Cornsilk (006)
  • Marigold (067)
  • Gold (004)
  • Mustard (081)
  • Foliage (080)
  • Melon (066)
  • Poppy (065)
  • Topaz (040)
  • Russet (039)
  • Zinnia (075)
  • Scarlet (063)
  • Red (002)
  • Garnet (036)
  • Chianti (035)
  • Raspberry (064)
  • Pink (088)
  • Aster (034)
  • Water Lily (062)

See the sample card shown below for the colour listing.

Harrisville Design History

Harrisville has always been a textile village. Woolen yarn has been spun in the waterpowered, brick mill town of Harrisville since 1794. This small village is nestled in the Monadnock Highlands of southwestern New Hampshire and is the only industrial community of the early 19th Century that still survives in America in its original form. In 1977, the Department of Interior designated Harrisville a National Historic Landmark.

Harrisville Mill Spinning Mill

The last surviving woolen mill in Harrisville closed in 1970 when the fashion world turned, temporarily, to synthetic double-knit fabrics. Harrisville Designs was established a year later with a goal of preserving the textile heritage and economic vitality that had sustained the village for almost two hundred years.

The distinctive look of Harrisville Design yarns is the result of care and attention to detail at every stage of the spinning process. The fleece is dyed-in-the-wool to maximize brightness and fastness and then two, three or sometimes four colours are blended together to create the beautiful heather mixes that the company is known for. Their colour consultant, Nell Znamierowski, carefully chooses the right combinations to give the yarns depth and interest without sacrificing brightness and variation.

The woolen system of yarn making is much like the process of handspinning in which the wool is picked, carded and spun as three distinct steps. Softness and strength are the two qualities that the company is careful to balance as the yarns are spun. Their goal is to produce yarn as soft as possible, but they must also have sufficient twist to make them strong. The resulting yarn is perfect for blankets, clothing and upholstery.

Yarn Information and Pricing

The Shetland yarn weight is 1,800 yards per pound (3,629 metres/kg) and the Weaving Sett is 10-15 epi depending upon the fabric beign woven. The Highland yarn weight is 900 yards per pound (1,814 metres/kg) and the Weaving Sett is 8-10 epi depending upon the fabric beign woven.

For the Shetland yarn, a sett of 10 epi is suggested for baby blanket weight fabrics and colour blankets as it will create light and lofty fabrics after being fulled. A sett of 12 epi is recommended for general clothing weight fabrics to create a light yet firmly constructed fabric. A sett of 15 epi is ideal for sturdy twill weight fabrics and great for upholstery type fabric structures.

Camilla Valley Farm stocks all colours of Harrisville "Shetland" and "Highland" weight wool for quick shipment. The yarn comes in 1/2 lb (227g) cones (900/450 yards on each) and pricing along with quantity discounts are shown below.

Type Shetland Highland
Packaging 1/2 pound Cone
(227 grams)
Yardage 1,800 yards/lb
3,629 metres/kg
900 yards/lb
1,814 metres/kg
(per cone)
900 yards/cone
823 metres/cone
450 yards/cone
412 metres/cone
Weaving Sett 10-15 epi 8-10 epi
Knitting Weight
and Gauge
Fingering Weight
Size 2-4 US Needles
6.5 st/inch
(26 sts = 4 inches)
Worsted Weight
Size 5-7 US Needles
4.5 st/inch
(18 sts = 4 inches)
Ordering Information Enter the PN# "HS-xxx"
(where xxx is the colour)
Enter the PN# "HH-xxx"
(where xxx is the colour)
Price 1-5 Cones $29.95 CDN ($23.95 US) $28.95 CDN ($22.95 US)
6-10 Cones $28.50 CDN ($22.50 US) $27.50 CDN ($21.50 US)
11+ Cones $27.50 CDN ($21.50 US) $26.50 CDN ($20.50 US)

Knitting with Harrisville Yarn

Knitter's should note that the only difference between Harrisville yarn on cones vs skeins is that the yarn on cones has not been washed to make the wool softer. The significantly lower price of the cones make them a more attractive option for knitters if a larger amount of yarn is required!

The "Shetland" is classified as a Sport Weight with 26 stitches per 4 inches using 2-4 US needles while the "Highland" is a Worsted Weight with 18 stitches per 4 inches using 5-7 US needles

Yarn Colour Swatches

Photographs of each of the colours are shown below. While they provide a fairly accurate reproduction of the colours, the accuracy can vary from computer monitor to computer monitor. Yarn Sample Cards that have a short piece of yarn for each colour are also available.

Black (050)

Ebony (085)

Charcoal (049)

Silver Mist (053)
Silver Mist

White (044)

Oatmeal (046)

Suede (047)

Toffee (052)

Walnut (051)

Teak (038)

Adobe (054)

Camel (042)

Sand (043)

Pebble (055)

Jade (056)

Magenta (023)

Plum (022)

Black Cherry (057)
Black Cherry

Blackberry (019)

Lilac (072)

Periwinkle (024)

Delphinium (058)

Violet (021)

Aubergine (018)

Hyacinth (071)

Iris (028)

Chicory (059)

Cornflower (027)

Azure (030)

Cobalt (031)

Midnight Blue (033)
Midnight Blue

Loden (015)

Peacock (013)

Aegean (025)

Seagreen (012)

Woodsmoke (014)

Evergreen (009)

Spruce (010)

Kiwi (060)

Lime (084)

Grass (083)

Hemlock (008)

Cypress (069)

Tundra (007)

Straw (082)

Goldenrod (061)

Cornsilk (006)

Marigold (067)

Gold (004)

Mustard (081)

Foliage (080)

Melon (066)

Poppy (065)

Topaz (040)

Russet (039)

Zinnia (075)

Scarlet (063)

Red (002)

Garnet (036)

Chianti (035)

Raspberry (064)

Pink (088)

Aster (034)

Water Lily (062)
Water Lily

Harrisville Stocking Dealer

Unlike many stores, Camilla Valley Farm is a stocking dealer which means that we carry inventory of all colours of the Shetland and Highland weight yarn and do not simply order it when a customer places an order with us. As well as faster delivery, this also means that customers visiting our store can make their selections while comparing the colours of the actual yarn. We normally maintain a least 500 tubes in inventory.

Harrisville Store Shelf

Yarn Sample Card

A Sample card that shows all of our Harrisville Wool Yarn colours is shown below. While it provides a fairly accurate reproduction of the colours and sizes, their appearance can vary from computer monitor to computer monitor. We suggest you verify colours with the sample card before ordering to ensure your project turns out as expected. See below for information on how you can receive our sample cards.

How to Order:
Orders may be placed using our secure Online Order Form (this form should open in another window). Click Here for more information on how to place an order as well as our terms and conditions.

Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. US credit card purchases are billed directly in US funds eliminating any foreign currency conversion charges by the credit card company.

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