Pre-Owned Leclerc Weaving
Looms and Accessories

Camilla Valley Farm occasionally receives previously owned Leclerc weaving looms and accessories. These looms are completely refurbished and any damaged or missing pieces are repaired with genuine Leclerc replacement parts to ensure they are in proper working order. Knowing that the cost of repairs can often exceed the actual purchase price on used looms, we are very picky on which models and what condition they are in.

The listings below show some of the looms and accessories available at the present time. We normally have more items not listed in the store. The price shown includes only what is shown in the picture unless otherwise noted. Also, depending upon your location in Southern Ontario, we may be able to offer delivery and installation services and possible trade-ins for used and new looms. Contact us to discuss this.

These products will often have some wear and scratches as would be expected on pre-owned equipment so we have included a number of large pictures to show the loom condition. All of these are available for store pickup and for some we may be able to disassemble pack and ship for an extra charge. For a shipping quote, contact us with your location and the loom you are interested in. (Click on any picture below to see a larger version)

Currently Available Products:

Table/Floor Looms Other

15 3/4" Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom

The Leclerc Dorothy is an excellent 4 Shaft Table Loom providing 15 3/4 inches of weaving width, in a very sturdy and portable design. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

The loom is light and easy to carry plus it folds down to a very small size, even when warped, allowing it to be easily transported and/or stored. A set of lease sticks (not shown) are also included.

When new this loom has a retail list price of $800 CDN. It is priced at $449 CDN ($375 US) and is available for store pickup or can be shipped (contact us for a quote).

45" Leclerc Fanny Floor Loom

The Leclerc Fanny is easily the most popular floor loom in the world. This sturdy 4 shaft counterbalance loom design has been manufactered by Leclerc for almost a century using Maple hardwood and is beautiful as well as highly functional.

This is a newer Fanny and incorporates the latest Leclerc Friction Brake design unlike many older Fanny models that may require an expensive brake upgrade. It also has the adjustable beater height and the newer adjustable upper roller support. The loom is in excellent condition and has a set of brand new canvas aprons on the warp and cloth beam making it ready to weave on. (Click on pictures to enlarge)

New models of this loom are available for almost $3,400 CDN. This pre-owned model is priced at $795 CDN ($695 US) and is available for store pickup

SOLD 45" Leclerc Nilus II 4 Harness Floor Loom

This Leclerc Nilus II is a 4 shaft Jack floor loom in almost new condition. It is a beautiful loom for weavers who want a 4 shaft loom with the ability to expand its functionality as their weaving ability grows!

The loom is in very good condition, looks new and includes inserted eye heddles. Follow this link to find more about the Nilus II loom.

Leclerc Open Ended Loom Bench

This Leclerc Open End Loom Bench provides solid support for the weaver. Constructed from Maple Hardwood, it has two 9 1/2 x 10 inch (4 1/2 inch deep) open storage areas for shuttles, yarn and other tools as well as a closed area (21 x 10 inch) under the 12 x 24 inch hinged seat. The bench is 23 inches high, 14 inches wide and 38 inches long.

While the bench can be used with any loom it is designed in such a way as to allow it to be stored out of the way under the breast beam of a Leclerc loom (45" or wider). It is designed for the standard Nilus, Fanny and Leclerc Floor looms and new versions are also available for $511 CDN (Click on pictures to enlarge).

This bench is priced at $349 CDN ($289 US) (shipping/packing extra)

Boat Shuttles

These Leclerc pre-owned Boat Shuttles are in good condition and are ready for weaving. They are designed to take the standard Leclerc 4 inch Bobbins which are also available for purchase. (Click on Picture to Enlarge)

These shuttles are priced at $42 new but these pre-owned shuttles are $29 CDN ($26.00 US) (shipping extra)

10 1/2 Inch Flat Heddles

Flat Metal Heddles are hard to find these days as most vendors have stopped manufacturing them! These are 10 5/8" long and fit standard Leclerc floor looms like the Fanny, Mira and Nilus. The dimension below can be used to determine if they will fit a loom by another vendor. The heddles are pre-owned but are in good condition. (Click on Pictures to Enlarge)

These heddles are priced at $14 Cdn ($12 US) per pack of 100. (shipping extra)

SOLD Hanging Beater Swords

This set of two swords is used with the standard beater sley and handtree (ie. the horizontal wood pieces that hold the reed) to convert a Colonial I, Colonial v2 or Weavebird to a hanging overhead beater. They are not required for the original Colonial model as the swords for the underslund beater are just reversed to convert to a hanging beater on that loom model. The swords are pre-owned but are in good condition. (Click on Pictures to Enlarge)

Weaving Books

These classic Weaving Books are pre-owned and have some wear and marks inside but are in generally good shape. There may be mark Some of these are now out of print. They provide a great way to expand your weaving library without spending a lot of money! (Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Currently we have the following used books in the store:

  • Davison's A Handweaver's Pattern Book for $39.95 CDN ($34.95 US)
  • Peter Collingwood's The Techniques of Rug Weaving for $49.95 CDN ($43.95 US)
  • Mary Black's New Key to Weaving for $49.95 CDN ($43.95 US)
  • Worst's Weaving with Foot-Powered Looms for $19.95 CDN ($17.95 US)
These are available for store pickup or contact us for a shipping quote.

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How to Order:
Orders may be placed using one of the secure online order forms we have for US , Canadian or International customers (this form should open in another window). Orders may also be placed by mail, fax or phone. Click Here for more information on how to place an order as well as our terms and conditions.

Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. US credit card purchases are billed directly in US funds eliminating any foreign currency conversion charges by the credit card company.

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